What is the calorie value of banana per 100 g of product and per piece, how many calories in different varieties

Most diets involves excessive drinking of water and eating lots of vegetables and fruits. But to bananas nutritionists recommend be treated with caution because this fruit has a high calorific value, much higher than the rate in citrus. How many calories are in a banana and what are the useful properties of this fruit, you will learn below.

How many calories can contain a banana?

To say exactly how many calories contained in this fruit, only possible depending on his grades, because they differ in this respect from each other. Some species of banana have high calorie content, others moderate. Let us look at this in detail.

Caloric content of banana without peel

If you take an ordinary fruit, which is sold in the supermarket, then it will weigh on the average 200 grams, without skin – 50 grams less. Accordingly, the calorie content of the product will be like this:

  • immature fruit is from 70 to 120 kcal;
  • perespevshy fruit – about 180 kcal, energy value is equal to 120 grams chicken meat, boiled.

Immature fruits are green-yellow and have a pleasant aroma. Many people like to use them in this form, while the peel will not crack and lose flavor. And the banana in this form has a lower calorie content than perespevshey.

Perespevshey is the fruit, the skin of which is covered with dark spots. This kind he gets during long-term storage regardless of temperature and humidity. And the more spots, the more perespevshey will be a fruit. Despite the fact that it is sweet and soft, it has a large calorific value, so when you diet for weight loss prefer not ripe or fresh bananas.

The caloric value of dried bananas and chips

But as dried bananas, in terms of caloric content, they are above not only the usual ripe fruits, but perespevshey. There are 100 grams of product has 320 calories. One dried fruit weighs about 25 grams, equivalent to about 100 kcal. They can be eaten as a quick snack, but don’t expect to use them to remove the extra pounds.

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Other product – banana chips – chopped into thin slices pieces of fruit fried in palm oil. In finished form they can be found in stores. They are tasty, but diet is absolutely not suitable. The calorie content of these chips is about 500 kcal per 100 grams, and the amount of nutrients is minimized.

Banana juice

The least number of calories contained in the natural juice from the banana only 47 kcal per 100 g of product. And it has all the beneficial components of the fresh fruit, so this solution is perfect for those who are dieting. Real banana juice is hand-squeezed, but what is sold in the store with the same name, contains not more than 30 percent banana puree.

How many calories are in non-standard varieties of banana?

In the supermarket often seen in the sale of mini-bananas called «baby» and are sold in large bundles. One piece in length up to 12 cm bananas Are almost equally sweet as usual, but the aroma and flavor are slightly different.

They are also different in terms of calories. So, «baby» have a value of 90 kcal. In many countries-exporters of this variety are more popular than large ones, which they used as feed for animals.

There are a variety of bananas, Platano, how we meet the market very rarely. It differs from the usual minimum amount of sugar, characteristic acidity, and specific skin color (red or green). The caloric content of the class is only 60 kcal. Often, these bananas are fried or boiled.

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Nutritional value and useful properties of bananas

100 grams of fresh fruit you have:

  • 1.5 g of proteins;
  • 0.4 g of fats;
  • 21 g of carbohydrates.

It also contains:

  • potassium;
  • fiber;
  • vitamins C and B6;
  • fructose.

This product is no cholesterol and almost no fat. Even if diet banana you can afford for Breakfast, it will give you energy for the whole day, but in the evening, better to give him. For strict dieting the only valid fruit varieties of Platano with a minimal amount of calories.

Bananas are such benefits to the body:

  • potassium in large quantity good for the brain and heart;
  • protein tryptophan is able to be processed into serotonin, which is considered the «happiness hormone», helping to improve the emotional state and allow it to relax mentally and physically;
  • banana helps suppress the desire to smoke;
  • one or two bananas can help athletes and workers in the intellectual sphere to recharge for a few hours.

And yet this fruit is recommended for such ailments as:

  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • high cholesterol;
  • problems with the immune system;
  • the presence of toxins;
  • ulcer of the stomach;
  • hypertension;
  • renal and hepatic diseases;
  • enteritis;
  • problems with the nervous system.

Harm banana

Along with the positive features and health benefits, there is another side to this fruit, and it is not only its high caloric content. Remember that this fruit is tropical and is not typical for our latitude. It is not recommended to give children under 3 years because at this age, not every body is able to digest and assimilate foods that have been grown in another region. In adulthood, the body is able to adapt in terms of learning new products, but in children this can cause problems in the form of allergic reactions.

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Not recommended to use these fruits in a large number of those who suffer from a number of blood disorders. Banana is well able to withdraw fluid from the body, and in such a case, it may cause thickening of blood.

Despite the small number of contraindications and a high calorific value, its use is much greater than the harm. It is delicious and healthy, one piece of this fruit for Breakfast will charge you with positive energy for the whole day, your digestive system will be always in norm, and on weight it will not affect.