What is the Japanese diet: a detailed description and results, photos before and after, reviews

First published by the Japanese diet in the émigré press is extremely popular for a very long time — the relative simplicity of compliance, it is very easy to carry and creates not only visible, but also long continued result.

Our compatriots it is advisable to start created in the hot Israeli diet Protasov, summer or spring, when abundant and cheap fresh vegetables. According to the developer of the diet, anyone on it will be able to lose weight «as necessary.»

Description Kim Protasov diet

Features diet:

  • Duration: 5 weeks (including 14 days with the correct diet).
  • The cost of weight loss: low, especially in harvest time.
  • Differences: diet protein and fiber with a small amount of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Required frequency: not more than twice a year.
  • Effect: slimming 6-25 kg.
  • Contraindications: gastritis, lactose intolerance, for people who suffer from allergies, and also syndrome of «irritable stomach» and diseases of the upper parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Not advisable for pregnant women and during breast feeding. Before the diet need to consult with your doctor.
  • Additional effect: getting rid of strong cravings for sweets, normalization of work of digestive tract, detoxification of the body.

Diet Protasov, known today as «Protasova», «came» to our country from Israel. In the 90-ies on the pages of a newspaper published an article authored by Kim Protasov.

Sane, the author described an original system new diet to get rid of the extra pounds that is so liked Russian immigrants in Israel, that the note began to cut or photocopied and sent by mail to relatives in the former Soviet Union. Since this article appears as the main manual of diet Protasov.

Since then, much time has passed, but the army of fans of this effective diet only increases: people organize communities where leave their feedback, and even thematic meetings in reality.

They do not care that the direct fact of the existence of Kim Protasov, as a real person, nothing to prove. Diet testing today is part of the national culture weight loss, and probably the lack of producing new books and a speaker on television the author of this diet is only good.

Described many years ago the menu for 5 weeks, not subject to any review and changes — and continues without interruption to work, allowing dieters to change for the better and your diet and your life.

Features of the diet Protasov

This diet is built on the principle of low-calorie diets, but has some peculiarities. The average daily ration, in this power circuit provides the body with energy in the amount of about 1250-1600 calories.

The menu consists of a huge number of fiber (allowed fruits and non-starchy vegetables) and protein (the first 14 days, the protein comes from boiled eggs and dairy products, then the menu is added to the meat).

In addition, in some cases the portion size on this diet is not limited. This facilitates the man and biochemically, and psychologically: the protein not only with energy costs and is slowly digested independently, but also slows the absorption of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.

The result is a comfortable feeling of fullness, uniform absorption into the blood sugar throughout the day and protection from insulin, which provokes the outbreak of appetite.

This principle is characteristic of any protein diet, but the main advantage of the diet Protasov in a given row lies in the fact that the menu includes a huge amount of fiber, which reduces the load on the kidneys (heavy load excretory systems — one of the risks protein power schemes).

Judging by the reviews, the diet Protasov is truly salvation for the big sweet lovers, who decided to deal with this bad habit: after 5 weeks of diet, the body wean from «flares» of sugar, which makes you reach for a new candy bar and begins to get pleasure from minimally heat-treated, juicy and healthy food.

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A change in diet is the key to a long lasting preservation result weight loss. A large number of fresh vegetable and dairy products gives you the ability to normalize the intestinal flora and improve his work — this ensures maximum absorption of all nutrients, and careful recycling of the protein.

Keeping a diet Protasov, and you even need to do fitness, sports, create any physical body and regular load — it makes a slimming effect faster, can help to permanently fix the result of diet and to tighten the muscles, and also to distribute proteins that come from food.

Duration of the diet Protasov

Diet meal plan suggested by the mysterious nutritionist Kim Protasov, calculated according to the duration of the 5 weeks directly weight loss and 2 weeks of consolidation of the results obtained and the gradual exit from the diet.

But, if you wish, the «phase of release» can be a new way of eating and last at least until the end of life.

When you diet, each week provided their requirements which must be adhered to in order to expect a positive effect. Diet Protasov can be divided into three stages:

  • vegetarian;
  • with the inclusion in the diet of meat;
  • fixing one.

Disadvantages of the diet Protasov:

This power system is most convenient to observe in the warmer time of the year when the range of fresh vegetables is very high, and the cost is relatively low. In addition, summer and spring are physiologically easier to eat mostly raw food and drink plenty of fluids.

Some people who lose weight on a diet of Protasov in the winter, said felt severe bouts of fever and a significant lack of hot food — soups, porridges. Certainly need to take this into account while making a final decision about weight loss.

Drinking diet with the diet Protasov

The Creator of potasovki made special emphasis on a large number of fluids, most of which have to be represented by pure non-carbonated water. Water you need to drink at least two liters daily.

Approximately polular water can safely replace green tea with no added sugar. Water not only contributes to the evacuation of food residues from the body and activates intestinal peristalsis, but also is indispensable for the proper absorption and distribution of proteins.

Without electrostatics of hydrogen bonds is impossible protein synthesis during the formation of protein molecules, water structure can provide not only flexibility, but also stable position. Because only necessary amount of liquid protein in this diet will be able to benefit.

To drink you must also correctly — often, but small portions (40-60 ml), otherwise the body will not have time to absorb the water and will just withdraw it.

On the diet Protasov coffee is also allowed, but only without any additives (honey, sugar, cream, milk, etc.).

Also you can (and should) use kefir, but it consumption on potasovka equates to more food than liquid, and the amount of alcohol consumed fermented milk product reduces the demand for conventional water.

The basic rules of the diet Protasov

  1. Do not use sugar substitutes and try to avoid the «small sins» in the form of cookies, cough drops, candy and so on. Even this small weakness can thrill triggers insulin, with the result that you may face with the attack increase appetite and cravings for sweet foods.
  2. Listen to your body: often after jumps in blood sugar leveled hunger naturally is going to decrease. There is no need to use all of the above, if you don’t want.
  3. Choosing dairy products, look carefully at their composition in products should be not only dyes and sweeteners, and thickeners, starch and other chemicals.
  4. You also need to watch out for hidden salt: mix salted cheese and not overly abused soy sauce, which is believed, can be consumed in the diet Protasov. Large amounts of salt will contribute to fluid retention in the body and can cause heart disease.
  5. On the active diet phases (first and second stage) don’t strive to use only products BES fat: healthy fats are required for normal functioning of the body and even stimulate weight.
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The Stages Of The Diet Protasov

First stage: dairy products and vegetables. This ration must be observed in the first 14 days of the diet Protasov. Much dairy products and vegetables is not restricted, but it is necessary to monitor their proportion of the vegetables required to prevail (for orientation ratio of 2:1, 2 parts vegetables to one part milk).

Of dairy products need to select those in which the fat content is in the range of 4.5%: natural yogurt without additives, homemade cheeses, yogurt.

Vegetables in the initial phase of the diet Protasov need to pick a non-starchy — dill, parsley, leafy vegetables, «tops» celery, and Peking cabbage. Different types of onions, eggplant, paprika, cucumber, bamboo shoots, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, okra, artichokes.

You can eat them in any way, but the best small heat treatment or in extreme cases — cooking on the steam bath.

One day is allowed to eat one egg and 3 green apples. The best way to consume apples as a snack and with one of the major uses of food — this fruit has a fairly large glycemic ratio and being separately eaten, can provoke the feeling of hunger.

Second step: add the meat

Upon completion of the full 14 days of protasowicki, diet changes: dairy products and non-starchy vegetables is added 350 grams of lean meat poultry or animals, and you can also use fish fillet.

It is important, 350 grams is the weight of the meat in its raw state! The meat can be boiled, steamed, grilled or baked without fat.

With the addition to the diet meat amount of dairy products best to reduce by about one third. Three apples and one egg retain their former positions. The duration of the second phase lasts three weeks. Judging by the reviews losing weight, significant changes in weight are most often in the third week of the diet Protasov.

The third stage: out of the diet Protasov

The output of this power supply system is also a very important stage, as the first two «active» phase. It is at this stage is assigned the result, but losing weight slowly returns to the world of «normal food», increasing the calorie content and the diversity of consumed food, but without breakdowns, which very often leads to incorrect completion of the diet.

So, at the end of the fifth week of the diet Protasov need:

  • Replace with any other fruit two of the three apples of the same weight or volume (but not grapes, dates or bananas).
  • Start to eat the morning porridge, cooked with water, with the addition of nuts.
  • To reduce the fat content of dairy products and begin to salads add vegetable oil (camelina, olive, Flaxseed) in an amount of about 3 teaspoons daily.

These additions and replacements are required to be slowly and last for 14 days, that is, the sixth and seventh week. Upon completion you can go further:

  • gradually move from low-fat dairy products into the usual;
  • start adding to the diet rather weak meat and mild vegetable broth;
  • continue to change milk products fish or meat.

The first two months after completion of the main phase of the diet Protasov, it is desirable not to include in your menu potato, pasta, pastries and any other foods made from white flour.

Protasov’s diet: pictures, results and reviews

This power circuit is recognized as one of the most effective and comfortable. Approximate weight loss is around 10 kg. But if you read the reviews, according to them, diet testing helps to throw 7-18 kg overweight.

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Soft scheme of weight loss, after which the body actually starts to work with renewed vigor, getting rid of toxins. Despite dietary restrictions, orderly and gradual exit from the diet creates a comfortable transition to the usual menu.

Kind of losing weight up to diet Kim Protasov and after

Although for such a long period, the body receives many beneficial habits in terms of eating. The initial weight is not coming back. The maximum that can be expected is a plus 2-3 kilograms.

The only thing I think the lack of this diet, it received the habit abundantly fed. In the diet portion of the volume is not limited to, immediately after the transition to habitual diet you must control the weight and try not to overeat.

Regardless, in a lot of positive feedback, the developer of the diet does not recommend practicing this power more than once per year.

I was surprised that within 1.5 months left before this long-awaited vacation, I lost nearly 12 kilos. But before the diet Protasov I have tried many diets. Many of them even had a negative impact on my health. And Protasova just lovely – and you can eat what you want and when you want, the most important – is not everything.

I note from personal experience – the first week was pretty hard. In the second week, when it decreased the size of the stomach, appetite attack «from the corner». 10 minutes ago didn’t want to eat, and now want to die. Quickly eat allowed foods and felt fine.

Lena Moscow

Protasov’s diet is actually not difficult and quite effective option to lose weight. I’ve lost 14 pounds in 10 weeks! Now need to lose 6 more kg and I will achieve your ideal weight, which is all the time dreamed of. And, to be honest, I get «the boot» days. Then, of course, make unloading.

But if I was more disciplined, it is still be dealt with quickly extra latest weight, which I have, among other things, entrenched even after pregnancy! Now I plan to connect exercise and I’m sure I could manage that.

Marina Yalta

Actually, I’m not a fan of long-term pohudenii. I like to all at once and quickly, but this result is not long delayed. Many times lose weight Express diets, and then gained again. But suddenly decided – everything you need to take yourself in hand… sealed teeth (figuratively and literally) and completed all 5 weeks of the diet Protasov.

No wonder I put up with the extra weight completely as the hand was removed. And feeling much better than before the diet. No wonder so many good reviews about it on the Internet. Really healthy way to diet.

Lera Kiev