What is the most simple and effective diet at home for weight loss?

Every woman knows what a diet is. In pursuit of the dream figure of a woman willing to work hard to surrender these things to lose weight, get rid of pounds and inches in the waist. Then rejoice at the result, but over time the weight comes back. And again fight and again hardships. And why? The answer is very simple — a wrong diet and nutrition.

Diets for weight loss a huge amount. Try for yourself every pointless, because it is a risk to health.

The simplest and most effective diet for weight loss

Diet — a diet whose main objective is weight loss. And also this kind of power is the most practical way to maintain a normal shape, weight and health. Undoubtedly, many people are interested in diets that work fast and easy. To date, developed a countless number of diets. To the person who wants to lose weight, this begs the question — what diet to choose?

Recommendations diet for weight loss at home:

  • Weight loss should not only be fast but also healthy. The body should not feel stress while losing excess weight. Because when you lower your food consumption is reduced and the amount of vitamins received from food.
  • Focus on your will power. If you can’t sustain a strict diet, then do not choose it and do not hurt yourself. And give preference to a less strict and lenient mode.
  • The basis of all diets laid counting calories. Daily definitely need to eat at least 1200 calories. This is the average necessary to maintain normal functioning of the body.

If between the different diets you yourself find it difficult to accept, the recommendations may be referred to a specialist — a doctor-a dietitian. He is a professional will help you choose a diet based on individual characteristics.

You should pay attention to the diet. A sudden change of diet from the usual diet for you can be a hundred percent sure that the dropped pounds come back. Therefore, to avoid such situation, the solution must be gradual.

Kefir diet

Diet kefir is very simple, but nevertheless effective. Kefir diet is pretty strict. But also it is considered one of the fastest in the world. Diet yogurt hard way to lose weight, so stick to it allowed no more than three consecutive days. The essence of this diet is that all meals consist of yogurt. All the usual dishes that people ate for Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be replaced with the yogurt.

The consumption of kefir is unlimited.

Buckwheat diet

Diet refers to simple mono-diet. For the week the average person gets rid of five pounds. Buckwheat consists of complex carbohydrates, which for a long time to saturate the body, and dulls the feeling of hunger. Perfectly cleanses the body and eliminates toxins. Additionally, buckwheat has a beneficial effect on the skin.

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Buckwheat diet is simple, as it consists of only two foods. The menu is quite simple to remember, and dishes don’t require complex preparations.

Basic rules of diet:

  • Buckwheat in the evening washed and pour boiling water. In the morning, the excess liquid is drained. Buckwheat is ready to eat.
  • Consumption of buckwheat is unlimited. However, add in the spices is prohibited. Salt, but in small quantities.
  • From drinks are allowed tea and coffee without sugar. Porridge of buckwheat you can drink the kefir. The amount consumed clean drinking water needs to be at least three liters.
  • Acceptable fruit. About a pound a day.
  • Besides yogurt, you can drink low-calorie yogurt. Not more than 200 ml in laziness.
  • The last meal should be four hours before bedtime. But if you are haunted by the feeling of hunger, it is acceptable Cup of yogurt, which should be diluted by half with water.
  • Maximum buckwheat diet can last for two weeks. After it is necessary to take a break.

Thus, the main foods on the diet is buckwheat and kefir. All other allowed foods can be eaten in very minimal amounts.

Separate meals

Separation of power can not be attributed to diet, but it is a very easy way of losing weight.

As the name suggests this diet is clear that eating can have separately, but combining one with the other. You can eat almost any food. The main rule of a separate food — one meal to eat only foods that are allowed to combine, or stand two hours between consumption of food.

Features a separate food:

  • Not combine in one meal different types of protein.
  • It is strictly forbidden to combine fats and proteins.
  • Proteins don’t combine with acid fruits.
  • There is a separate category of products that are allowed to use only apart from the rest. These include milk, watermelon, melon, pears, tomatoes and so on.
  • For a separate food table that will be created, which are oriented adherents of a separate food when creating your diet. Table is easy to use and widely available on the Internet.

Effective weight loss at home for soups

Diet soups — very simple diet for a week. On average, this diet lose about five pounds. The amount of food consumed, however, allowed to eat only vegetable soups.

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To cook soups should be according to certain rules:

  • In vegetable soups, potatoes are added.
  • In the preparation of the broth are not used for meat products.
  • Do not add butter.
  • To give up salt. If this is not possible, to minimize its use.

This diet is very easily tolerated by the body, because the soup fills the stomach and immediately satisfies hunger.

During the diet is necessary to drink two liters of water a day, and immediately after eating the soup to drink it. Water, drunk immediately after eating, slows the metabolism and leads to an increase in the size of the stomach. That is, the stomach walls are stretched and the next time for satiety need a larger volume of food.

Hollywood diet

The diet received its name due to the fact that very popular among Hollywood stars. On average, after this simple diet plan person loses seven pounds. Food is based on seafood. It will have to abandon these products – bread, sugar, salt. On the Hollywood diet carefully control the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Actively it is necessary to use foods rich Beck — fish, eggs, white meat. Vegetables will have to choose the least carb.

The main rules of the Hollywood diet:

  • Complete rejection of a hearty Breakfast. Valid morning Cup of coffee/ tea or half a grapefruit.
  • To cook only steamed, baked or boiled.
  • Eat often, but little. That is, the day should be at least six meals.
  • Drink plenty of water (minimum daily volume of drinking two liters of clean drinking water).

Simple and effective diet after pregnancy at home

A woman after pregnancy and childbirth have to stick to a diet, even if she has no weight problems. Nursing mothers should choose a simple diet that will impact positively on the child and the woman. After sorts it is necessary to carefully monitor the health of the young mother.

Nutrition rules for women after pregnancy at home:

  • Cooking methods — steamed, braising, boiling, baking.
  • From the diet completely exclude sweet and starchy products.
  • Frequent meals, the portions are small in size.
  • The last meal three hours before bedtime.
  • Consumption of meat must be lean.
  • Pick foods based on their vitamin content. Get rid of consuming empty calories that serve no useful purpose.
  • Remove the smoked, spicy, spicy foods.

Reviews thinner

Moved out of my parents to study at University. Because studies sometimes do not have time even just to drink tea. Therefore, irregular, and not particularly proper nutrition I gained twenty-five pounds. Waking up, I realized that it is impossible to live. I even became difficult to breathe, not talk about how I moved. A friend advised me to go on a diet. Again, the Council chose to weight loss buckwheat diet. Honestly, I was hoping to get at least some effect. However, I was able to return to his original weight, to remove all the excess, and now enjoy life and buy nice fashionable clothes.

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Valeria, 25 years

Write a review about your experience weight loss, but that happened before my eyes.

Opinion about weight loss my husband through a system of separation of power. It is the second year eats this way. The result I saw with my own eyes on the scales or minus fifteen pounds. For him this is the best choice for weight loss. After all, in fact you can eat all the food, the main rule is the right combination. Looking at her husband want to try for myself separate meals, but the mode does not allow me to do that. But there is a need to adhere strictly to mealtimes.

Ian, 35 years

Kefir diet — that’s what will be my opinion. To lose weight I wanted to five pounds and will answer you in advance — I did it. I adhered to her nine days. Ate the following: first three days — kefir fat-free, the next three days — apples, approximately one kilogram per day. The last days — kefir, but more fat. During this time I cleaned the body. The body feels light.

It should be noted that yogurt is a very useful thing. It accelerates metabolism, normalizes digestion, and more importantly, it’s cheap and widely available.

Christina, 28 years.