What is the use of oat oil: more harm or benefit, where used and how to take

A few years ago about the oatmeal oil, few people spoke. But with the introduction of a number of restrictions on the distribution of pharmaceutical dietary Supplements oats has suddenly acquired a unique medicinal properties.

Nobody argues that cereals are really useful to humans, have a long tradition of use in food. But whether the therapeutic effect of the oil extract of oats? And if so, how to make oat oil, so as not to hurt yourself?

Characteristics of oat oil

Oats are cultivated by man for millennia. To say exactly when the elongated grains have started to oil concentrate, impossible to say. But the legendary Cleopatra used oat derived in their beauty recipes, and the people oil has become a permanent feature of recipes.

In our day, cereal has become a constant subject of research by scientists and nutritionists. Experimentally confirmed by the complex chemical composition of oat ears.

Oil is a distillation of grains and bran, and represents a viscous suspension of a yellowish-cream color with a subtle sweet taste, a pronounced aroma of oat grains.

Get this product at a unique low-temperature extraction technology, preserving biological structure almost unchanged. When it comes to what oil oatmeal, its benefits and harms, and how to make the product worth more to talk about its composition.

Chemical composition of the product

The basis of the unique materials and the cause value oat product lies in high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the OMEGA class. It is known that omega-3, omega-6 acids are necessary for humans, but not produced endogenously in the body. Daily dose of 3-4 tablespoons will provide a daily rate of connections.

Another reason for the special use of the oil of oats — vitamins a, D, E, K, PP, group B in the optimal ratio and shape. These «particles of life» are effective radioprotectors and antioxidants. In addition, when the lack of fat-soluble complex suffer reproductive and visual functions of the body, the possibility of blood, malfunction in the nervous system.

Saturated oatmeal product of numerous macro — and microelements. The contents of sodium and calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron in 30-40 grams of butter close to almost daily norms. Feedback about the use of talking about the whole set of health problems.

And nature so picked up the part that each substance contributes to a better assimilation of the whole. Due to the unique characteristics of the product is actively used in two ways:

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  • in cosmetology;
  • for the recovery.

Application of oat oil in cosmetic

Not only the ancient recipes of the Egyptian Queen, but also reviews modern women regularly use the oil extract in the home of cosmetology, confirm the excellent cosmetic effect of the oil.

In addition to cosmetic effect, the composition of the oil helps to eliminate inflammation on the skin, delayed wounds and trophic ulcers. Due to the optimum ratio of the substances, the material has natural hypoallergenic properties, therefore ideal for people with immunological problems.

Effect on the skin:

  • Moisturizing is therefore recommended when dehydration of the skin, increased sensitivity. Beauticians recommend the use of oil after peeling: and aggressive cleaning procedures as part of the recovery.
  • Regenerating — recommended for skin aging, appearance of wrinkles, «crow’s feet» around the eyes. In addition, oatmeal composition perfectly refreshes the complexion.
  • Tonic. If you noticed the first signs of sagging dermis, the appearance of «flews», lowering the upper eyelid, corners of the mouth and other age-related problems, and money to visit expensive salons no cost to enter into the list of homemade beauty, oatmeal oil.

Rest assured, after some time, the result will be pleasantly surprised: by eliminating wrinkles periorbital area look will be more young and open, oval face will gain a clear «architecture».

The cosmetic industry has also «adopted» recipes using oat extract. Oil is part of hygiene and recipes decorative cosmetics.

To good effect industrial cosmetics on oatmeal butter adds another value to the consumer property. These shampoos and creams available and inexpensive. In the opinions of the adherents of the «oat» of beauty suggest in addition to the surface you use to take this product inside.

Treatment of oat oil

The use of oat oil for health will look at its impact on specific medical problems.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive organs. Active chemical compounds of the oil getting into the stomach reacts with gastric juice. The result is a special mucus, enveloping wall of the stomach and intestines, creating a natural protective film.

Recent studies have established the ability of this mucus tightening of trophic ulcers in the digestive problems. In addition to medical testimony, the oil is successfully applied in the preventive purposes, when there’s a festive feast. Spoon oat oil protects the stomach from the negative effects of alcohol, nicotine, spicy and fried foods.

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The solution of problems with vision. Part of the carotene improve eyesight as with myopia and hyperopia. But this is not the full beneficial effects of the product. The complex of vitamins and minerals oil extract restores the activity of the optic nerve, eye muscles, which reduces the likelihood of glaucoma or cataracts.

Cardiovascular disease. Then oat oil if it doesn’t, it is much easier to condition. Fatty acids optimize metabolism of fats in the human body, restores the endocrine and nervous system. Omega acids are strong antioxidants, so remove toxins, heavy metals, restores the protective mechanisms in cells.

Diseases of the thyroid gland. The composition of oat oil is discovered thyreostatics. They are directly involved in the activities of the thyroid gland. A lack of it often leads to problems.

Do not, of course, promise healing miracles with this product, but if you take oatmeal extract in daily doses of 2-3 tablespoons, you can significantly improve your condition. If the thyroid is running normally, the oil will act as a means of prevention.

Limitations on the use of oat oil

Despite the great benefit of a product for immoderate use of the oil structure is able to harm the body.

  1. If you seek to experience the miraculous power of oats, not its damage, you should not fry with oatmeal oil. When heated, the structure of the plant material forms a dangerous carcinogens. In this case, it is guaranteed not healing, and the emergence of problems after a while.
  2. Nowadays, every sixth person has problems with the immune status. In immunocompromised people oat oil can easily cause an allergic reaction. Note also that even if you don’t have allergies, after suffering respiratory diseases, in case of radiotherapy, treatment with cytotoxic drugs, all the charm of high reactivity can be tested to the full.
  3. Do not use vegetable oil in large quantities, if discovered kidney stones, gall bladder.
  4. Diseases of the liver and pancreas require very careful attention to oil recipes healthy.

Remember that in case of serious health problems any experiments without prior consultation with the doctor is dangerous. Medical reviews on the websites of clinics to eliminate the negative effects of oat oil suggest therapy examination, and then make the product according to the recommendations of traditional healers.

Reviews on the application of oat oil

Working at the newspaper. Have to spend much time at the computer in preparing materials. Recently had problems with eyes: pain when moving from side to side, difficulty focusing at fast change of distance to the subject, it is difficult to read small text, sometimes looking through a light haze.

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Advised course of oil from oats. Took 3 months for 2 tbsp. spoon three times a day. In the end, the problem went away almost completely. However, I took it to vegetable salads added and clover.

Anastasia, 29 years old. Moscow

I am suffering a «stomach» ulcer and other «charm». Going through drug treatment. The friend advised the oil from the oats. After consulting with the gastroenterologist, I started to take it regularly. This reduced the number of attacks and exacerbations. And to protect the gastrointestinal tract take 2-3 teaspoons before every meal.

Valentine Arkhipovna, 65. Barnaul

Regularly apply oatmeal oil to improve the condition of the skin on the hands. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a luxury hand cream and the store have recently become very poor quality. I found this. Once a week hands liberally smeared with oil, wearing oil-soaked thin cotton gloves on top — rubber, and then the thick of winter and sit down to watch your favorite TV series.

Then remove the «equipment» and admire their velvet handles. Even well before the home work in rubber gloves to grease your hands with a thin layer of oil. The effect also will be, and if the defense breaks the oil will protect from the caustic composition.

Mary, 42 years. Saratov