What is used diet for gastro and the principle power in the acute stage

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum is defined as the gastro. This disease often affects adults and children. Many of the adverse factors lead to the development of inflammation, but the main one is the improper diet. To facilitate the course of the disease will help diet in gastro.

Briefly about the gastro

The factors causing the disease

The gastroduodenitis is caused due to such reasons:

  • the contact with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori inside the stomach and duodenum and rapid development;
  • frequent nervous stress contribute to the reduction of protective forces, neurosis allow you to increase the inflammatory process;
  • the abuse of pills and some kinds of vitamins destroy and change the microflora of the stomach;
  • irregular meals when gastroduodenitis, exhausting diets, consumption of harmful products.

Division of disease

Gastroduodenitis after the acute manifestations pass into the chronic stage and can manifest itself from time to time a temporary aggravation. Chronic stage is divided into mixed, surface, erosive, and hypertrophic. The disease occurs in people with different secretion – low, normal and high acidity of gastric juice. Baby symptoms of disease are observed most often in the superficial stage, whereas the adult population meet all forms of gastroduodenitis.

Typical indicators of the disease

The symptoms of gastro are the following indicators:

  • the apparent feeling of constant heaviness and fullness in the stomach;
  • repeatedly recurring attacks of vomiting and nausea, sometimes just after waking up in the morning;
  • heartburn when bending over, sometimes in all positions, frequent belching;
  • dull pain in region of stomach after eating;
  • sudden transitions from the liquid stool, to solid and Vice versa, is not motivated, for a long time;
  • chronic stage during exacerbation causes fatigue, patients are easily offended.

The main points of the diet in the gastro

Eat small portions, but through shorter intervals. Fed day 4 to 6 times, and the food temperature is not much different from room temperature, too overheated or straight from the fridge to eat foods is not allowed. Before swallowing the food, make sure that all components are thoroughly chewed.

Forget about fried, fatty and smoked delicacies, spicy sauces, seasonings and marinades, nutrition includes only dishes steamed, boiled and baked products. Eat only food that has no irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the intestines and stomach, that is, close to neutral. When cooking the most finely cut products, pulverized in a blender or grind through a colander or sieve. To facilitate the chewing of food tenderize, solid foods are not consumed.

If the current is mild gastro-duodenitis, the diet is carefully monitored during the entire time until remission. Sometimes strict menu with a gastro for a week soothes the symptoms and then the diet becomes the usual food, follow the General recommendations.

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To defeat the disease requires a healthy behavior and nutrition are two factors that guarantee a long life and reducing communication with physicians. But the emergence of symptoms of gastro require seeking medical attention and compliance with its recommendations, including, and diet. To adhere to proper nutrition in times of heightened recommended for all patients with the disease gastroduodenitis, as neglect can cause the stomach ulcers.

Diet in gastro

The only path that leads a patient to recovery, the time to remove harmful products and to diet to relieve symptoms and improve the condition. You need to introduce food to a large number of cottage cheese and dishes from it, sour milk recipes. These products make up a significant advantage in the diet.

In second place on the importance put natural animal proteins in fish and meat, but the portions don’t contain even small amounts of fat. In the acute stages of the disease drink only boiled or steamed dishes, stew exclude. The most acceptable are vegetable and dairy soups, you are allowed to use black and brown bread, buckwheat and rice, potatoes consumed in small quantities.

Gastro is not treated in isolation from the diseases of liver and biliary tract, the above recommendations relate to diet number 1, but with worsening disease should follow a diet № 5.

Recommendations on diet No. 5

Power in this embodiment is designed to support the liver and normalization of the biliary tract, increasing the flow of bile in the intake of full composition of nutrients. Diet in gastro provides an exception refractory fat, but consumption of animal protein and carbohydrates is at the level of a healthy diet. All products eating boiled, sinewy meat is ground, vegetables containing starch, wipe.

Excludes consumption of beef, fatty pork, such as duck, goose, lamb and natural animal fats. Not suitable for use in food liver, kidney, heart and lungs of any animals and birds, is removed from the diet sausages, ham, canned, pickled, salted and dried fish. Diet gastroduodenitis in the acute stage recommends to eat low-fat meat products such as veal, rabbit, chicken, Turkey and lean pork fillet. Fish use lean varieties.

For sandwiches and dressings applied as a fat butter with a small percentage of fat, refined vegetable. Use spices when cooking such as vanilla and cinnamon. You cannot eat fresh bread, fried and puff pastry, pastry. Resolved savoury jellies, mousses, dried fruit, honey, candy, jellies, sugar is used instead of sorbitol.

Dairy products are indispensable for the gastro, but their fat content should be minimal. You cannot eat the cream, sour cream SEL and drink fat milk. It is recommended to consume the cheese products, yogurt, low-fat cheese, whey. To prepare the soup you need on the secondary broth. Rich teas should be avoided.

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Diet with the chronic form of the disease

Diet for chronic gastro-duodenitis can be used to power in the period of exacerbation. The principle of supply is that the patient refrains from eating any food for a certain time, which is usually within several days. The patient is recommended to drink plenty of slightly sweetened broth hips or weak tea simple. The temperature of the drink should be slightly warm. After the relief of symptoms of gastro-duodenitis, the patient begins to eat, in accordance with the diet in the chronic stage of the disease.

For the treatment of an illness, the timeliness of diagnosis, but we must not forget that with the time that determined the diagnosis, the person can’t return to improper and irregular diet. If you neglect the recommendations of dietitian, untreated, the disease can return in a more aggravated form.

The chronic course of the disease is recommended to drink a lot and eat fractional portions, this excludes any products that can irritate the intestinal lining and stomach. Can not eat smoked, pickled, salty and sour, using sharp sauces, condiments, mushrooms. Allowed lean meat in powdered form.

Nutrition after the acute stage

At this time, come up with a menu so as not to destroy the result achieved:

  • mucous membranes are introduced cereal porridge semolina, oatmeal, pureed buckwheat, or rice;
  • vegetable soups on weak broth or water.

During the day you should eat 5 to 6 times in small portions. For drinking cooking the jelly from not sour fruit, vitamin concoctions. Fresh juices, coffee, cocoa and carbonated beverages are transferred to the rank of taboo, like alcohol of all kinds.

Diet gastroduodenitis with high acidity

The disease can place on the backdrop of low and high gastric acidity. The first form is slow with delayed motor skills. But if we talk about acidity, it is a manifestation provokes the appearance over time, open sores on the walls of the stomach, so this form of disease requires special attention and care. Should eat after equal intervals of time that the acid was not able to erode the mucous membrane. Steam and boiled dishes eaten slightly warm.

We recommend drinking enough fluid, as well as the body requires increased intake of vitamins, drinking plain water should not, better to replace it with unsweetened stewed fruit and jelly, rosehip tea or tea with milk. The products are used, as in the chronic stage, allowed qualitative boiled sausage, cooked or baked fruits. The soup is allowed to put green peas and dill.

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The menu at gastro, acute erosion

The purpose of the diet for peptic ulcer exacerbation of the disease is the saturation of the body with nutrients, while reducing harmful and destructive influence of acids and alkalis from food. The digestion must be rapid, for this eat as crushed products.

Food is broken down into 6-8 receptions a day, the diet completely salt-free and without seasoning. Recommended, as the bulk of dairy products, cream. Prepare viscous soups and porridge, dairy eggs, chopped lean meat, fish welded on pair. Vegetables eat cauliflower, carrots, and beets.

Food at a superficial gastroduodenitis

Basic rules of power often leads to acute gastritis and as a consequence, develops gastro. Fractional eat 5 times a day, advice on the products are the same as those for all forms of gastro – cheese, low-fat yogurt, cereal porridge, vegetables. All meals are served boiled, eliminates the raw food diet. The length of the ban lasts about 3 months.

Products in atrophic duodenitis

In this form of the disease is disturbed internal secretion of the stomach so the acidity of the internal environment is reduced. The menu introduces weak secondary broths. Their recipe is different in that the meat is boiled 15 minutes after boiling, then change the water and continue cooking the broth.

Allowed to eat yesterday’s bread from wheat flour. Rye bread has acidity, and its application is entirely excluded. As sweets recommended honey in the tea add a slice of lemon. Techniques pureed and chopped food alternated with firm.

In order not to get sick any kind of gastro, it is impossible to eat all kinds of semi-finished products of dubious production, meats, spicy sauces, pickles there are in rare cases. To preserve health it is advisable to abandon all types of alcohol, as it destroys not only the stomach wall, but detrimental effect on the entire body.