What you can eat before bed without harm to the figures: the products can and can not eat at night

Almost every night he begins to experience terrible hunger. This is especially true for those who are watching their figure and dieting. All day kept on the right food, in the evening begin to experience the pangs of hunger, which are literally not allowed to sleep. What to do in this case, and that you can eat at night so as not to harm her figure?

To eat or to starve?

About the evening meal opinions diverge nutritionists. Some say that dinner time should depend on the time when a person goes to sleep, others believe that, in any case, the last meal should be no later than 6 PM. In any case, it is recommended to eat 2-3 hours before sleep because at night, the body needs to sleep.

All occurring in the body physiological processes in the night be slowed down, and therefore eaten on the night the food lie in the stomach like a dead weight. Products begin to rot and the poor stomach in the morning they forced to digest. To cope with this it is difficult, therefore, our body begins to flow the toxins. The result is lowered immunity, appears unhealthy complexion, hair becomes dull and brittle. In addition, the produced calories are not burned and stored in reserve as fat in badrah and abdomen.

However hard evening hunger the body to make is also impossible. If you eat the last time at 6 PM, until about 7 a.m. the body goes without food. Large breaks from eating are stress, when the body begins to create reserves in the form of fat deposits. At this time aktiviziruyutsya enzyme known as lipoprotein lipase, which sends fatty acids into the under-skin adipose tissue.

To the body at 2 a.m. didn’t require you to refill the energy for three hours before bedtime is recommended to eat. If I wanted to eat just before going to bed, you should choose foods with a negative calorie content. That is, those that require more digestion energy than they produce themselves.

The negative calorie foods

These foods include mostly fruits and vegetables and low-fat yogurt, and flounder.

Beet. Salad with this vegetable, dressed with oil, will contain a minimum of calories. In addition, the composition of the beet comes curcumin and betaine that contribute to weight loss. Contained in the vegetable pectin cleanses the body of toxins, regulate intestinal flora, thereby normalizes the work of intestine.

Celery. Without harm for a figure you can eat the root of celery, which contains only ten calories. It is possible to make juice or light salad with carrots. Celery is rich in fiber and is a diuretic, which rids the body of excess fluid. So on the night of his lot is not recommended. In addition, it is contraindicated in pregnancy and breast feeding, varicose veins and certain diseases of the stomach.

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Citrus. In one fruit orange or tangerine contains not more than 40 kcal. Citrus is rich in vitamin C and fiber, they are able to normalize digestion, so they are allowed to eat before bedtime. However, in diseases of the stomach from the tangerines and oranges should be abandoned.

Apples. These fruits play an important role in weight loss, reduce cholesterol, normalize the gastrointestinal tract, contain approximately 10% of the daily value for fiber. Daily eat before going to bed, half of an Apple Kelly Osbourne believes that, together with diet was apples helped him to lose weight. But, if you have problems with the stomach, this fruit is contraindicated because it promotes gas formation.

Bananas. In 100 g of banana contains about 90 calories, however, one fruit before bedtime the figure is not exactly hurt. Australian scientists have proven that bananas promote better sleep, and a cocktail of them is able to get rid of snoring. They contain the amino acid tryptophan, which produces the hormone of joy, has a positive effect on the nervous system and helps to sleep.

Yogurt. Calcium-rich drink is a natural stabilizer and, therefore, nutritionists advise to drink it as a preventive measure against insomnia. Relaxing effect appears due to the small percentage of alcohol, which is a part of yogurt. In addition, the drink has a positive effect on the intestine, as it is easily digestible product. But we should not abuse the yogurt, if you have high acidity of the stomach.

Flounder. 100 g of this fish have only 83 calories and very little fat. But its well balanced amino acid profile and it is rich in proteins, vitamins E and A, phosphorus, iron, sodium, Niacin, potassium, thiamine, Riboflavin. So a little flounder at night not only hurt, but also saturate the body with valuable nutrients.

All of these low-calorie foods in small quantities can be consumed before bedtime. But what if I wanted to eat something more substantial?

What can I eat before bed?

In some cases, to satisfy hunger, just drink a glass of warm water, green tea or tea of chamomile. Sure suppress appetite the infusion of rose hips, which are also still useful. Eating at night you can use:

  1. Porridge with a handful of flax seed and a spoon of honey.
  2. A small portion of lean meat, chicken or Turkey with fresh vegetables.
  3. Some fish with a salad of fresh vegetables.
  4. Boiled in their skins or baked potato, mashed with milk.
  5. Vegetable salads. Especially useful carrot-Apple and beet salad with walnuts. Fill them with lemon juice or low-fat yogurt. Oil or mayonnaise as a dressing, it is better not to use.
  6. An egg-white omelette.
  7. Vegetable soups.
  8. Dairy products low calorie. This can be yogurt, fermented baked milk, low-fat yogurt, kefir, warm milk.
  9. In the list of allowed night meals included even sandwiches. But instead of the bread should get bread from whole grains instead of bacon and sausage – small piece of chicken or Turkey.
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What not to eat before bed?

The basic principles of a healthy diet knows almost everyone, therefore, prohibited at night products can be long to spread. Before sleep is not recommended there are:

  1. Deep-fried, smoked and roasted dishes. You can’t eat at night even fried vegetables and fruits. This food is too heavy for the stomach, so until the morning can not digest.
  2. Fatty meat and fish stomach are also heavy food, so before going to bed to eat them nutritionists categorically prohibit.
  3. Contraindicated for the night any quickly cooked food, which includes dumplings, hamburgers, sausages.
  4. Mushrooms and cottage cheese rich in protein, which is digested very slowly. Therefore, they are considered heavy food.
  5. Any products with herbs and garlic stimulate the appetite. As a result, you eat more than wanted. So snacking is best done with Lenten food.
  6. Canned, pickled and salty foods at night is prohibited.
  7. Simple carbohydrates in the form of jam, condensed milk, sweets, cakes, cake and ice cream before bedtime can not eat strictly. Enough of them for a long time is impossible, and to dramatically increase the level of blood sugar. These are useless for saturation products badly affect posture and can cause the development of diabetes.

Except that at night you can not eat, you need to remember that bedtime is not desirable to drink some drinks:

  • sweet fruit drinks, jellies, teas, lemonades;
  • carbonated beverages;
  • strong coffee and tea;
  • alcohol;
  • juices that have a lot of sugar.

Causes night hunger

To desire to eat at night was gone, you need to understand the reasons why before going to sleep very hungry.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Some people tormented by such a strong famine, which in the stomach, even pain. After a meal the pain stopped. The reason for this may be gastritis or peptic ulcer disease.

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Without realizing it, people satisfy your hunger products with low acidity, which include cereal, milk, white bread, yogurt. After eating, the man calmly goes to sleep, but the main problem is not solved. In this case, you must consult a doctor.


Quite often, people under stress eat a lot, relieving this tension. Because in life a lot of stress, weight gain guaranteed.

An unpleasant situation may arise at any time of the day, including just before bedtime. Most often, the stress of seized products with a strong taste. It could be a cake or smoked sausage. To understand whether night snacks for you an antidepressant, be sure whether you want to eat at night, if stressful situations are not.

Malnutrition day

The most common cause of night hunger is to drink a day isn’t enough food. Many believe that a small sandwich and coffee in the morning is a normal Breakfast. Lunch is often eat once or have to eat on the go. As a result the evening comes the great famine, but one meal at dinner is not enough. Before sleeping again may want to eat.

Therefore, proper nutrition is needed throughout the day. Then in the evening hunger will worsen, and you will not overeat for the night. Worse, if the wrong diet will become a habit. Controlling hunger only not skipping of meals.

Night eating not only leads to deposition of fat and excess weight, but also to varicose veins, hypertension, diabetes. So if you want to be healthy, slim and looking good, follow above written guidelines.