Wheat bran for weight loss: a recipe with rye bran and yogurt, before and after photos and testimonials thinner

Today the problem of effective loss excess body weight around the world is very serious, want to lose weight and women and men of different ages. Now quite popular are wheat and rye bran for weight loss reviews which are mostly positive. This product is distinguished by its affordable price. He also pretty simple to prepare, but it helps to cope with certain diseases, rejuvenate your body and lose weight.

Compared to taking expensive medications or exercise, bran for weight loss will take you a minimum of money, time and effort. And weight loss with them actually creates benefits for the entire body.

What is bran? Description and varieties

Given the origin, the bran can be attributed not to the culinary components, and agricultural product. While they are made from the waste of other products. Waste was all the time, even during the birth of agriculture, however, useful as these, before this unnecessary sawdust, opened quite recently. Because today these products are very popular and you can see them in pharmacies, in supermarkets and on the market.

Prior to this, these products are thrown away, most likely because of its taste, or rather, its lack. Bran is not nasty, but to bitter, salty or sweet products, they are also difficult to attribute, they are just tasteless. But before the other products they have so many advantages, bran replace cosmetics, products for weight loss and for stress relief. Hearing about these qualities, people often doubt that this product is completely natural.

To separate the bran is possible only by the criterion used substances for the manufacture of flour, they can be:

  • millet;
  • buckwheat;
  • rye;
  • oats;
  • wheat.

Today’s equipment for manufacturing high-grade flour, the alley separates the layer of grains, grain germ and peel the grain of what made bran.

Very often people suffer an important question, which is better to choose bran for weight loss? Reviews of slimming and doctors often tend to a wheat product, therefore it should be considered in more detail.

Use bran for weight loss

By nature the grain of wheat wrapped in a shell, barely visible to the human eye. During the manufacture of flour they are cleaned and used for the manufacture of bran. It is due to the removal of shells, flour loses a lot of nutrients have a positive effect on the body. And it is located in the shell fiber, which stores large amounts of vitamins.

Naturally, bakery products, where he used brushed grain will be much tastier. However, the usefulness of these rolls or bread will be quite low. On the contrary, the pastries at constant consumption can lead to gall bladder disease, heart, diabetes, obesity, may even stomach cancer.

It is because of this high risk, many doctors around the world suggest to introduce in the diet of any person a whole grain food, which is part of the skinned wheat grains.

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Bran for weight loss: useful properties

The use of a sheath of wheat, primarily located in the tissue, it is enriched with vitamins A, E, and V. These elements will contribute to increase metabolic process and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. One of the main roles played by vitamins of group B. They help directly to the blood circulation and the entire exchange process of substances. This gives you the opportunity to improve the work of digestive organs, muscles, blood vessels and heart.

In addition, whole wheat grains will contribute to rapid recovery of the cells, thereby rejuvenating the nails on the feet and hands, hair and skin. The constant power bran will significantly improve eye health and strengthen the immune system. Foods rich in zinc, sulphur and iodine.

How to use for weight loss bran?

Reviews of people who lost weight using bran, most often positive. Some even boast a weight loss of 4-8 pounds in a short period of time. Many suggest that this product could help to cure the disease of the intestine. There were even cases when whole grain products improved the function of the cardiac system.

To keep normal health and your weight, enough even a few teaspoons of bran twice a day. This product is absolutely not dangerous to children because doctors recommend to consume bran, starting from 2 years. You also need to remember that the shell elements are included in the work once the swelling bran because it is important to drink light tea or water. If this is not done, the product will not give the desired effect.

To answer the question of how to use the bran, you need to read information about this product. If you need to lose weight, bran (plain, not pellets), pour boiling water and give time to steep (about 25 min) then water should be drained. The end result is a kind of slurry. It can be used both separately and included in regular diet.

When the body gets this product, then he goes through the stomach. Almost without changing their condition, and then goes through the intestines, along the way deriving from it the toxic substances.

In addition, the Windows can be seen and bran in pellets. They are also perfect for resetting unnecessary pounds. Before their constant use, it is necessary that the organism used. What you need to add a teaspoon of the product and make every main meal. When will the two weeks, the amount of bran can be increased to one tablespoon. But by and large, everything will depend on the organism, these are only average figures, in reality, the adaptation of many passes in just 7 days, but some lasts up to 2 months.

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Also with the help of this product, we can increase the number of bowel movements several times, which would need only 45 grams. products. To this result was by using vegetables and fruits to consume 1.2 kg of apples, or 750-900 gr. boiled carrots or cabbage.

But, despite the usefulness of the bran, you need to be careful. Very frequent consumption will only exacerbate human diseases.

Kefir and bran for weight loss

Kefir is also famous for its amazing properties for weight loss. In combination with bran, the effect becomes much better. Why, in a Cup with yogurt and put a few spoons of wholegrain product. This drink should drink only twice a day. This will contribute to reducing the number of calories in the menu of the person, and, of course, helps to lose weight.

The kefir improves bowel. With this product you can digest even the most complex foods like Kale, pear or Apple. Because it is perfect as a drink for weight loss. You need to remember about kefir and bran for fasting days. Which will require a Cup of yogurt and one spoon of bran. To make this drink, you need approximately 5 times a day, so the total amount was about 1.6 liters.

This drink is highly beneficial and safe for people. But if you replace the main meal, it is necessary to adhere to several recommendations:

  • The intake of whole grains still does not mean that we should abandon complex carbohydrates. Because from the menu it is not necessary to remove the various cereals and bread;
  • To receive this product with yogurt suitable wheat bran, and rye. Reviews say that this option will also bring very good effect;
  • The daily menu must necessarily have protein, but in different amounts. If losing weight is not exercises, it is necessary to use 1 gr. 1 kg of total body weight daily and during physical activity 1,4–2 gr. on 1 kg of body weight;
  • Calorie daily menu also not need to immediately significantly reduce. Recommendations for women to mean no less than 1250 calories a day;
  • Don’t have to abandon fat. They must be at least 45 gr. with only 12-17% of them are obliged to go along with the cheese and butter, and the rest with nuts, fish, vegetable oil, and avocados.

Contraindications, and feedback of losing weight

Bran actually have many useful properties, but as with every product that can harm health. Namely, bran can provoke lethargy, stomach ulcers and flatulence. Also often there are times when this product causes swelling and damages the intestine. So I won’t have these unpleasant surprises you need to:

  • Not to exceed the maximum amount of product (35 g. per day);
  • Colitis or gastritis, bran can be used only in small quantities;
  • Bran is poorly suited to low-calorie diet. They will have a negative effect on the assimilation of mineral elements, they are still together with the toxins is removed and minerals. Because low-calorie diet together with bran can result in hypervitaminosis.
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In General, bran are well suited for use by both women and men of all ages. The most important is not to overdo it, if you normally consume, you are guaranteed positive changes.

Also, if you want to diversify your diet with delicious recipes from bran, then take your time – start with small portions, keep a normal water regime, and most importantly – listen to your body. And then, perhaps, bran will be the most effective and best diet!

My mom says all the time that to lose weight can only help natural product. And not only to lose weight, it is generally adherent of popular recipes. To the recommendations of my mother, I decided to listen and start to lose weight with a wheat sawdust. And they really help, for a couple of months I’ve lost 5 kg weight and feel great.

Lena Kiev

I read a lot about the bran for weight loss. Friends offered to take them with yogurt, drink of water, the forums generally offer thousands of recipes from the bran. I’m not going to persuade anyone, but the personal experience I want to share. I bran did not help. I weighed 75 kg when I started to use them, and the same figure I saw on the scale a month later.

Yana Moscow

Today the issue of weight loss bothers a lot of people. So it touched me, but I managed to solve it, and helped me bran from wheat. I added 2 tablespoons of the yogurt and drank twice a day. For the first month lost 5 kg, but 4 kg.

Tanya Saratov