Wheat germ: the benefits and harms, tips for use and cultivation, the use for weight loss and reviews

Today the weight loss with fat burners and various nutritional Supplements is becoming less popular. In addition, these drugs are not always effective, they can give side effects. But since the desire to lose weight many were found popular recipes of the solution of this problem. In the diet of modern man are back sprouted wheat. Thanks to this herb by our ancestors provide the body with all necessary and preserved health. About the benefits and dangers of Wheatgrass will be discussed in our article.

The benefits of Wheatgrass

Sprouted grain has great nutritional value. The most active substances in the beans with sprouts 1-2 cm They are rich in:

  • fatty acids;
  • soluble and insoluble dietary fibers;
  • amino acids;
  • mineral substances in the form of zinc, selenium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium;
  • vitamins C, E, b, PP.

In addition, the sprouted sprouts of wheat do not contain sugars, so they are safe to use for people with diabetes.

With prolonged use grain grass is able to establish in the body metabolism and proper functioning of the organs. Live food improves the overall tone, fills the body with strength and energy, increases body resistance.

The wheat germ is recommended for the following cases:

  1. In various inflammatory processes.
  2. As a means to prevent the development of cancer.
  3. With obesity and metabolic disorders. Not much in calories wheat can balance the metabolism, causing the food to digest much better.
  4. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In cereal insoluble fiber helps the digestive tract and cleanses the body of toxins, restores microflora of intestines, eliminates constipation.
  5. At an elevated level of cholesterol in the blood. Rich in magnesium, the seedlings are removed from the blood cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.
  6. Impotence. Prolonged use of germinated cereal helps with violations and the extinction of sexual function.
  7. When depression and prolonged stress. Included in the wheat nutrients can positively affect the nervous system.
  8. If you have frequent colds and low immunity. Sprouts enhance the body’s resistance and perfectly restore its vitality after illness.
  9. Diabetes. Sprouted wheat normalize thyroid function.
  10. With poor eyesight. The sprouts within a few months improves vision, which in a year can recover completely.
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Sprouted wheat is a unique complex for the rejuvenation of the body. Energy and give strength contained in the cereal enzymes and vitamins of youth.


Despite the fact that in seedlings of wheat there is nothing harmful, in some cases, their use is not recommended. Sprouted wheat is contraindicated:

  1. People under surgery.
  2. Children up to 12 years.
  3. When associated with ulcers chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Nutritionists do not recommend eating sprouts with honey, since they have poor compatibility. A combination with dairy products leads to increased gas-formation, so drinking milk should be abandoned. In any case, those who will add wheat germ to your diet first, this must be done carefully. Every body is different, and sometimes there may be specific consequences.

How to sprout wheat?

The grains are germinated, must be ripe and healthy. It is unacceptable presence of pests and various spots. To germinate they need in utensils made of natural materials.

Cleaned from the chaff, the grains are washed. You need to remove the pop-corn, and garbage. Then the seed grains are soaked for 5-8 hours, and again washed as long as they don’t pour clean water. Since the first water contains poisons, it is necessary to pour. Water from subsequent washes can be added to soups, used for washing or watering flowers. It is very useful.

Ways to grow Wheatgrass:

  1. Comfortable to sprout the grains are in the strainer, the bottom of which is placed a single layer of gauze. Wheat is poured into a cheesecloth and a strainer is placed on the glass of water so that the seeds do not swim, and was just soaked. The water in the glass needs to be changed at least three times a day.
  2. Sprout the wheat in a deep dish, the bottom of which is first laid a few layers of cheesecloth, then wheat again, and gauze. Cool boiled water is poured so that it only slightly covered the seeds. To grains should germinate in a warm place.

Depending on the variety, the seeds must germinate already after 1.5-2 days.

Wheat germ for weight loss

Regular consumption of seedlings recovers metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and other garbage that is a great contribution to weight loss.

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In addition, the sprouted grain can permanently saturate the body with nutrients and vitamins. After a small snack of wheat is not desirable for a long time.

Make sprouted grain is recommended 2-3 tablespoons every morning. During the day they can be added in various salads or with nuts and raisins.

But do not hope that the use of wheat you will lose weight. The result will persist for a long time, if you lose weight slowly.

Wheat germ – reviews

Sprouts I ate for three months. Recently tried and the grass that happy pecking parrots. I liked it, and I began to eat her. The awesome thing is the decoction of this herb, which I drink and wipe his face. With his help I healed the gut and get rid of pimples and skin dryness.

Because sprouts normalize metabolism, I stopped to recover, although regularly eat at night. In my opinion I want to advise all to eat wheat for body rejuvenation and slimming. Contraindications to it, and it germinates easily and quickly. The main sprouts before use must be washed, and then daily germination is not very favorable effect on the microflora.


After reading reviews online, I decided to try to eat wheat germ. Eat them I have a month, alternating with the juice of pressed grass. Already on the 4th day stopped to climb her hair. After washing the heads on the comb is just a few hairs. After a week and a half no longer split ends, and hair began to return the luster. Stronger and no longer break nails, gone small pimples that were on the face, chest and neck.

And most importantly, I want to say that for the month of Wheatgrass have increased hemoglobin. At the moment I am pregnant and the doctor advised me to take iron supplements, because the hemoglobin was very low. But swallow these pills I can’t, so I decided to wait and see what the results of the application of the seedlings. The use of wheat for this question is obvious. Hemoglobin now I have a great level which was never. I feel great!

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I’m already in old age, and overweight, who gives his feet a heavy load. As a result, his feet began to hurt, and I decided to look for ways of losing weight. At my age, diet and sport is impossible, so I chose wheat. On top it improves the immune system and has beneficial effects on overall health. Wheat grass helped me to repair the bowel, and increase strength of body. Began to disappear and the extra weight.


My work schedule does not allow you to eat properly. The whole day I practically eat nothing but in the evening eat to the fullest. As a result, I recovered and get rid of excess weight can not have a few years. Read the recipe of wheat germ, and drink in the evenings. He told me to replace the dinner I often ate fried potatoes. For a delicious shake, mix 1 tbsp of seedlings and honey, and 100 g of low-fat cheese and yogurt. For the month use of this wonderful tool I have lost 4 lbs. Now I have an incentive to exercise and eat right.