Why when losing weight sometimes is: the causes, what to do and how to move the weight from a dead point

Many modern girls want to have slim and trim figure. For this purpose, they regularly visit the gym, as well as adhere to various diets. Not always diet helps to lose weight quickly and it often happens that after a time the weight stops and can’t move from a dead point. Why is this happening, what is the reason and what to do if the weight does not go away?


There are many diets and other means to help get rid of excess weight. The first time after the start in losing weight the body responds positively and gives tangible results. Very often there comes a time when the body like stops responding and the weight stays in place. In nutrition it is called the plateau effect, so experts advise not to end the process. With easy ways you can make the body to continue to lose weight. Why weight stands still for weight loss and does not go away? This question is asked many dieters and can’t find the answer.

Any nutritionist knows that there comes a point when the weight drop is almost impossible, it stands on the site. This quiet period is normal, if everything is done correctly. The main reason, which is slowing the weight loss is slow metabolism. So, usually occurs in the first week of weight loss and this reaction can sometimes last for several weeks and even months.

The human body responds differently to diet. Very often dieters try to eat less, the body reacts negatively. The result is reduced instead of weight energy expenditure. The body first gets rid of excess retained fluid, and after that begin to melt body fat. Often the first dropped pounds many are confusing. This gives you the opportunity to relax and give vent to their desires and feelings, which further leads to failure.

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Nutritionists have long come to the conclusion that at some point in a woman’s body taking a break. the weight is not reduced, it is parked and can not move from a dead point. The body needs time to adjust and to live in the new regime. Do not despair, because if you follow all the rules of weight loss are all soon to recover and process the weight loss will continue.

The main reasons

Our body is a complex system. It takes a huge number of different biochemical processes. He needs a continuous supply of energy fuel to function properly:

  • breathing;
  • the contraction of the heart;
  • cell division;
  • body temperature;
  • maintaining muscle tone.

When the body senses major changes in the familiar life, he feels stress. During weight loss the weight can stay and it has its own reasons. One of the main reasons is the reduction of caloric content of food. If the calories supplied to the body in smaller amounts, then reduced their consumption. When the body comfortable and lower calorie content is gradual, the body reacts the normal speed of metabolic processes is increased. A gradual decrease in calorie daily diet gives a boost to the activity of hormones responsible for the breakdown of fats.

Another reason — violation of the ratio of carbohydrates and fats. For this reason nutritionists always recommend to include in the diet of the slimming porridge as often as possible. It is very important that a well-balanced diet and the body receives all the Essentials in full:

  • vitamins;
  • amino acids;
  • minerals;
  • omega-3 fats.

A barrier also can serve as a serious exercise. Usually those who want to lose weight, start to exercise hard and restrict yourself to eating. After the first week virtually undetectable result and this is understandable. With great physical exertion, the fat is not broken down, quite the contrary. The energy consumed coming from carbohydrates.

That can move the process forward?

Many famous dietitians around the world have studied the issue and came to certain conclusions. Based on the studies they provide various recommendations and tips:

  • to increase the drinking regime, to drink to 2 liters of water a day, if the liquid is not enough fats can not be quickly split, moreover, the water dulls the sense of hunger;
  • to minimize the salt intake, and better without it entirely, because of the excess salt accumulates excess fluid in the body;
  • during the critical days the weight go is not, but only after menstruation;
  • it is necessary to move, for example, walking for 20 minutes, and increase cardio in the morning to get up and run to the swimming pool;
  • a positive mood plays an important role in any endeavor, including weight loss, so it is desirable to provide a light, elegant and beautiful in a new way.

Nutritionists also recommend that when you stop weight for 3 days or more to arrange fasting days, preferably three days. At this time it is best to drink more green tea. It contains large amounts of antioxidants that accelerate metabolism. Tea should be drunk without sugar.

It is believed that dairy products tend hard be absorbed by the body. For this reason, from time to unsubscribe.

Usually those who have a little extra weight, the pounds go away not as fast as in obese people. You need to be patient and follow all the rules of weight loss, getting up in the morning with a positive attitude.

Recommended daily have oat bran, because they improve bowel function. During normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract, the process of burning fat will happen more efficiently.

Feel comfortable power system without harsh rules, with the revision of the food consumed on a daily basis, will yield positive results. The body should not experience stress due to the weight loss and the new power system will be only a new stage in a healthy lifestyle.