Workout for the inner thighs: weight loss principles, types and rules of performance of exercises

One of the most problematic areas of the female body is considered the inner side of the thigh, where the deposited excess fat. Through the time in this part of the body begin to appear, creases, and the skin just droops. In addition, in this zone, the muscles are practically not used in everyday life. Even during normal movement of the outer part of the bird are affected only indirectly.

Fortunately, there is a whole group of exercises that can help keep the hips in good shape and good form, for as long as possible. The main thing — to know how to use complex training to achieve maximum effect.

General principles of training

Before you start exercising the thigh, you need to learn General principles that will help in the shortest possible time to achieve the maximum result. General principles are rules and a set of basic exercises that have maximum effect for building muscle and burning cellulite. Basic training can help not only get rid of subcutaneous fat, but also to prevent diseases that appear in that case, if the thigh muscles are atrophied.

The main enemy during training is laziness, which I want to skip the scheduled training. Only will power and regular training sessions may help to bring the inner thighs in his old form, and this will need to be a specific schedule, which will consist of groups of exercises of varying complexity. It is best to share all the necessary exercises and do at least 3 times a week for an hour.

A list of basic exercises include:

  • squats;
  • attacks;
  • stretch marks;
  • cardio high and medium intensity;
  • cardiopatici;
  • plies (squats);
  • exercises for the inner thighs;
  • combined exercises for the inner parts of the thighs and abdominals;
  • push-UPS;
  • jumping.

In cases when the trainer is gone, you need to rely only on themselves. More specifically, it is important to focus on technique training, it depends on the end result. In addition, you must take care of the selection of comfortable shoes and clothing. Only the combination of all of the rules will help in the short term to achieve a positive result.

Some types of training can be negatively affected if there are issues with the cardiovascular system, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor or a qualified trainer.

Effective exercises for inner thighs

There are many exercises that can help to develop the thigh muscles, but they differ in their effectiveness and complexity. People without much experience, should focus precisely on effective exercises, to increase the number of repetitions and intensity.

  1. The first exercise, which can be in the short term to achieve a significant effect only requires 10 minutes of time. First you need to lie on your back and raise legs to 30 inches from the floor. Legs are crossing, 20 times in 2 sets. This type of training can be complicated, increasing the number of crossings or the height of the raising feet.
  2. Plie squats, this is another kind of exercise that helps to develop not only the external muscles of the thighs, but the gluteus Maximus. At the beginning of exercises need to stretch the legs and turn the feet outward. In this position, run the slopes to the side. Using this type of training, you should pay attention to the back and to concentrate the attention on the muscles of the thighs, and not to perform all the exercise with his feet.
  3. Lunges are one of the easiest but effective exercises. Starting position — stand straight. Leg is exposed forward and performs a squat, then a change of feet. The intensity of the exercise depends on the number of strokes, but beginners usually enough 15-20 times on each leg. The whole procedure is performed in three approaches.
  4. Mahi feet can run in conjunction with the other exercises, and during a regular workout. This exercise almost doesn’t use the inner thigh muscle, but it stimulates circulation, causing the subsequent exercises bring the greatest effect.
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The rise of the legs and buttocks on the fitball

Gym ball or exercise ball has become very popular among girls who use this wonderful sports tool for bringing the inner thigh muscles in shape. Amazing not only is the use of gymnastic ball, and ease of exercise with it. In addition, the fitball allows you to do all the training varied and fun. You can select multiple exercises that are most often used in the halls during training of the thigh muscles.

  1. The first exercise consists in lying on your back as tightly squeeze the ball with your feet. In this position you need to lie at least 10 seconds. The number of repetitions should consist of 5 to 10 times depending on the level of training of the person.
  2. Squats on a fitball may at first seem strange and ineffective. In fact, this simple and fun activity can help for a short period of time to burn most of the fat. The essence of the exercise is to sit on the exercise ball and roll it alternately tensing each of the buttocks.
  3. Squats can be performed in the supine position in order to reduce the load on the spine or the lumbar.

Effective exercises for inner thigh, which are performed using a gymnastic ball, allow to achieve a significant result, while not loading the rest of the body. The uniqueness of the fitball that with it the concentration of all the load falls on the hip, and not distributed through the muscles that do not need building muscle or burning fat.

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Today sold a huge number of books that have a variety of exercises using the fitball. Therefore, even without the help of a coach to choose an optimal workout.

Session in the gym

Exercise at home has many advantages. First, at home you can completely relax and are not afraid of prying eyes, and secondly, you don’t need to go anywhere. The gym also has some peculiarities. For example, it is always possible to find a qualified coach who will tell you what exercises are most effective at burning subcutaneous fat on the hips, and their right to perform. In addition, in the gym, you can find all the necessary facilities, including gym ball. The house is so massive things you really don’t want to keep.

Mixing and straightening legs

Performing basic exercises can help at home to lose weight, but gain muscle mass a bit more complicated. Simulators greatly reduce the time it takes to pump up the inner thigh muscle. For example, we can cite the use of a special trainer for foot information. When performing this exercise, actively involves leading and «intimate» muscles.

The feet it is important to pay attention to the correct execution of the exercises. The back should be straight and pressed to the back of the station. Hands are captured by the support from the side of the chair. In this position, you can safely sit down and flatten the feet. Here the main task is to concentrate all the load on the inner thigh muscles to maximize their use during training. In a straight position on the spine there is a small load. To reduce it, you can experiment by changing the slope of the back of the simulator, thereby reducing the load on the spine.

When you execute the rollup legs, it is important to observe the interval, so if there is no sufficient experience, you can ask assistance from the trainer who will advise and give the necessary advice on burning fat.

Squat with dumbbells

In the gym, you can even basic exercises can be done more effectively if you use a special stabilisation funds. Of course, we are talking about Ganesh with the weight not more 5 kg. The weight should be minimal, as the main objective is to concentrate the burden is on the inner side of the thigh muscles. This is not too much load back, legs or hands.

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The use of weights not only helps efficiently pump up your muscle mass, but also to reduce the time of weight loss in problem areas.

The most simple exercise with dumbbells is the squat or lunges. In these cases, take a dumbbell in hand, but the essence of the exercise is not changed. Legs can also be weighted, for example, if you want to do leg swings, but this has used a special device with fasteners.

Swings can be performed with dumbbells, but then slightly changing the technique itself. The dumbbells are set on the fold, and is lifting legs at the knee.

All exercises with weights to build muscle mass or lose weight should only be done in the presence of a coach, because any beginner can get injured.


Build muscle inner thigh is one of the most difficult tasks for any person, whether a beginner or he is an experienced athlete. To achieve an effective result is possible only by performing all the exercises correctly, maintaining the intensity and workout schedule. Regular exercise can not only help to burn body fat, build muscle, but also to prevent the formation of unpleasant diseases.