Wrap the blue clay for weight loss and cellulite: the before and after photos, reviews losing weight

About cosmetic clay and its magical effect on the body probably many of you. Women is a natural and unique agent in the program of care for your body. Body wrap clay is a fairly effective procedure, as it has anti-inflammatory effects, normalize metabolic processes and blood circulation. In addition, this procedure is perfectly help to get rid of cellulite, as evidenced by the positive reviews and the before and after photos of people take advantage of this wonderful tool.

The beneficial effect of the blue clay

The use of clay for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes know since the days of Cleopatra, she used the clay for skin rejuvenation and cleansing of the body. For this reason, clay is the list of most effective drugs for the wraps. Special clay for body wraps, which is found in nature in different colors, you can buy in every pharmacy. Wraps can be carried out in salons and at home, and the result of the procedure will be equally high.

To wrap using clay of different colors, but the most popular is blue and black. The composition of this product is a large number of enzymes, mineral substances, trace elements, and has a positive impact on the health and beauty of skin (nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, iron, magnesium and calcium). In addition, the blue clay is composed of silica, known for its properties of tissue repair in the body, which is all the more important in addressing the issue of cellulite. A balanced composition of clay explains the best assimilation of nutrients.

The effectiveness of body wraps

Wrap with clay at home can provide the best cleaning of skin pores, making useful items are deep into the epidermis. In addition, this procedure has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, eliminates swelling, removes excess fluid from the body, removes inflammation and significantly tightens and smoothes the skin, smoothing out the bumps of cellulite and restore body tone.

During the body wrap clay-normalized metabolic processes, the improvement of microcirculation, excreted wastes, toxins and harmful salts that are clogging skin cells, lock them «breath». Thanks to this procedure improve the process of perspiration, and increases the work of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

You also need to speak about antioxidant properties of body wraps with clay, through which the control over the release of free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process. After this procedure normalizes the body’s salt balance, and moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis due to the large number of minerals and vitamins that are found in the blue clay.

How does the blue clay in the wrap?

Clay particles during prolonged stay in the strata of rocks accumulate electrostatic charge, which, when the wrap increases the permeability of cell membranes. This explains the increased exchange between cells, the activation of the process of cleaning of toxins and other unwanted and harmful elements.

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Best view of blue clay for the wrapping process is the Cambrian, as it is in this breed is the large number of trace elements and mineral components. The depth of this clay is about 40 feet. This layer refers to the Cambrian epoch in the history of the planet, and from this name.

How is clay wraps: description and photos

Before the procedure, wrap the blue clay body to prepare. What you can visit the bath or sauna, or simply lie back in a hot tub. When the skin is thoroughly steamed to open pores, it should be well cleaned from dead skin layers by using a scrub. It must be applied with massaging movements, then rinse with hot water. This procedure will ensure the rapid and easy penetration of all useful elements, which are composed of clay.

You can then begin to cook the mixture for wraps. Don’t need to do the composition in advance, as the clay dries quickly. You also need to remember that the composition is not desirable to do in an iron container, preferably in plastic. The powder is diluted with water so that the consistency of the clay was similar to sour cream. If a recipe contains additional elements, then add them. After the composition is uniformly applied to problem areas:

  • Of the thigh;
  • Abdomen;
  • Boca;
  • Buttocks;
  • Neckline;
  • Lower limbs.

And it is best to wet hands with water, it will make easier the application of active substances.

After that, we have to wrap the sections with a clay mixture with cling film. To get a sauna effect to the top covered with a blanket or wear warm clothing and just lie down for 30-50 minutes, in this time, you can carry out the procedure of aromatherapy. Then remove the mixture of plain warm water, and then carefully RUB the body with a towel. As the last stage of the wrapping process is the massage using anti-cellulite cream, it will contribute to the hydration of the skin the skin and improve microcirculation.

Recipes with photos for wraps

Recipe 1. Mix 150 gr. the clay powder with mineral water to monotonous smetanopodobnogo mass. To improve the drainage effect in the composition, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (ylang-ylang, lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc.). Then by the above scheme.

For getting rid of cellulite would need about 15 sessions at intervals of 2-3 days. Upon completion of all procedures as dermal tissue is significantly improved, the skin becomes more elastic, and cellulite will not be as noticeable. In this recipe, mineral water can be replaced with yogurt or milk, or any plant oil that must be heated on a steam bath.

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Recipe 2. Mix 150 gr. blue clay with warm water until smooth and the consistency of sour cream. In this composition add 3 drops of orange essential oil and 3 tbsp cinnamon. All carefully mix and apply to clean skin on problem areas.

Then according to the scheme described above. With a slight tingle don’t need to worry, because it operates orange oil. But if this procedure gives you a rather unpleasant sensation, it is desirable to give. Probably you are allergic to any component in wrapping. Anti-cellulite wrap includes 14 sessions, 3 sessions per week.

Recipe 3. A half Cup of kelp powder to be diluted with the same volume of clay, and then dilute the composition with water to the consistency of sour cream. The composition should stand for 20 minutes. After it add 0.5 tsp. of lemon essential oil. Composition for weight loss ready. The session lasts no more than 40 minutes.

Recipe 4. A good combination of cellulite is considered to be clay with coffee. Grounds from drinking coffee, you need to mix in an equal quantity of clay and mix with water. Instead of coffee also use chocolate or cocoa, slimming effect will also be great. To enhance the heating of the skin, the composition can be put 1 tsp. of hot pepper. It should be noted that before choosing any recipe for body wraps cellulite, you must ensure that no Allergy on a certain component.


Clay almost does not have any contraindications. Even Botkin at the time, proved that an overdose of clay is simply impossible because the body absorbs from its structure just enough useful elements as he needs. Still, these wraps are contraindicated in:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Different damage your skin;
  • The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Combination with other procedures

Body wraps for weight loss with clay are often included in a comprehensive group of cosmetic procedures:

  • The removal of adhesions;
  • Against stretch marks and scars;
  • Measures aimed at weight reduction and figure correction
  • Rejuvenate and revitalize the body;
  • Anti-cellulite programs.

Wraps with clay perfectly blended with coffee, seaweed and honey body wraps.

Other options for cellulite treatment and slimming reviews with before and after photos

Effective budget option from cellulite are warming cream. For example, women reviews often recommend ointment kapsikam, which in addition to analgesic effect, and even provides a nice «bonus» — reduces the appearance of orange peel.

Anti-cellulite effects of the drug is achieved through the properties of certain substances that are within the: and, more precisely, of turpentine, camphor and nonivamide, these substances increase blood flow and perfectly warm up the tissue, and, consequently, the metabolic processes in problem areas. In addition, the ointment removes the inflammation, which often is infected with the disease areas. However, to use the ointment in its pure form is undesirable because you may get burned. You need to mix with baby cream.

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Summarizing and answering the question, what clay is the best anti-cellulite and slimming, it is safe to say blue. But it is not desirable to use in varicose veins. Incidentally, this disease also can be cured, but with the help of red clay, it helps in the fight against cellulite, and normalizes all metabolic processes of the human body.

Blue clay against cellulite photo before and after

Spent wraps with blue clay in early spring, wanted to prepare for the trip to Egypt. Took a full course of 14 treatments. Took approximately 2 kilos of clay, but on my 90 kg is not surprising. Smeared liberally, then under the film lay for an hour. Approximately 5-6 session I noticed that the skin is not so soft. When completed all the procedures, I bought a new swimsuit because the old cloth hung.

Marianne 32 years old Kirov

I like the massage on clay. I spouse it does impose a lot of clay with oils on the back and massage for about an hour. Massage movements is very easy, just with power presses and the like, is a furrow, and of a variety of tapping and pinching in the end. It turns out, like massage, and clay mask at the same time. Recommend.

Elena 40 years, Vologda

I love experimenting, doing and body wraps with blue clay for about a month, but the effect came out much short. Recently, in a review read the original recipe: ointment capsicum, caffeine, cream, stir, spread the problem areas and wrap in foil. Doing only the first week, but the result is already noticeable.

Vika, 29 years old, Tula