Zumba fitness, which helps to lose weight with pleasure, reviews about weight loss with Zumba confirm this

To be in good shape with no extra pounds, many want, but not everyone likes to do at the gym or tedious to perform monotonous exercises day after day. To lose weight want easy, fun and satisfying. Zumba fitness is perfect for those who want to get rid of extra pounds, tighten muscle and get enormous pleasure and energy.

Zumba is simple, fun and useful!

Zumba – a dance trend in fitness. The dance training effectively help to lose weight, make you more graceful, more flexible, figure – slim and fit. But in order to get maximum results, you need to correctly perform the movement, and without stopping, using dance chords. So many kinds of dance fitness complex for beginners. But not Zumba! Cords are very simple and not require special training. It is sufficient to watch video tutorials, or visit an open lesson at the fitness center, to be sure – it’s easy and fun. So Zumba is becoming more popular, and the reviews on it mostly good.

About Zumba I found out by accident. Heard in the bus conversation of two women, whom she helped to lose weight. Went online, it turned out to be a dance with elements of aerobics, and in our city there are courses. In the classroom there were many people, and both men were age at all different – come and elderly, and even children. The classes are very funny! The hour passed quickly! Although to be honest – after the first dance t-shirt I was wringing! The first time I even thought I couldn’t stand the pace, throw. But every class was easier and easier, I gave in, and after 15 hours already outsiders began to notice that I lost a lot of weight.

Marina Sh.

Zumba not even really a dance. In fact, this intense aerobics includes movements of Latin American and Oriental dance. Ligaments are designed to during the training have been involved all muscle groups, but it did not happen over-training any of them.

The good thing about Zumba: to engage in and one person, twenty, fifty at a time. Gender, age, and dimensions doesn’t matter. Dealing are staggered in the room is bound to have a large mirror – dancing must see yourself. Classes are held with the coach, he shows exercises, the rest repeat them.

Although the movement is quite simple, do not be fooled – after the first dance you will feel intensely works your entire body. To move a lot, the exercises are performed primarily in a fast paced lively tune will have to sweat! But those who chose this kind of fitness, very quickly become its fans: it’s a really fun, uplifting and very markedly accelerates fat mass. And everything else is very nice! Grace, emerging from the classroom, according to many who have tried Zumba. Fitness, which reviews are so positive, and really helps the movements become more graceful, relaxed.

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The problem of excess weight has always bothered me. I lost weight mainly through diet and different drugs, but it was troublesome, inconvenient and ineffective. I saw the announcement about the record in Zumba. Man I maloorlivka, but the ad said that you can come even to those who never did anything. Signed up, started to walk to class.

Zumba turned out to be incredibly fun and positive dance training took place with a smile, and most importantly, that I really could lose weight! A month later, I began to weigh 2 kilos less, maybe someone think it’s a little, but it was evident that the fat goes, but there muscles, I was much slimmer. But as I began to move! I became more plastic, feminine. Great workout! Recommend!

Larisa K.

The types of Zumba

There are several varieties of Zumba aimed at different physical fitness and health. You can choose:

  • classic
  • continental
  • tone,
  • Aqua,
  • zumbatonic.

Classic hip hop with elements of Latin dance. Zumba continental can be called dances – a mix of Latin and world dance styles. This is the most simple and most popular form available to most. Zumba-tone sent directly to losing weight and getting the figure in order, it is adjusted not every body, but only problem areas.

Aquatube – a new direction, it was specially developed for those who have contraindications to conventional types. Training in the water, they are perfectly suited for older children, recently gave birth to women and people with diseases of the joints and cardiovascular system. Zumbatonic – training for children, it includes elements of the game.

There is also Zumba step is a very energy-intensive interval cardio workout using step platforms. In addition, include Zumba in the circuit training classes are divided into regular and Zumba, which alternate than most uses all your muscles.

Training benefit

Zumba is not only beautiful and simple, it has many positive properties. Most fitness workouts after some time, wear off, become boring because of its monotony, the interest vanishes, and with him and the results. And if you want to lose weight still, try Zumba if you like it, she will come into your life.

This is a wonderful way to lose weight – but still having a lot of fun! A couple of years actively engaged in yourself go to different types of fitness, Yes, it’s effective, but force myself to walk, no joy, only the understanding that you need it, it is hard, but necessary work. And so I tried Zumba. Before I read the reviews but didn’t believe that it works.

Now I’m a fan! Yes, it is exhausting, but after a workout go all red, wet and happy! Things are so positive that they cannot be taken as the work is fun, but for me necessary. The first classes are hard, if stamina a little, but no one stops to take a breath, skip the dance. But then you get into a rhythm, and the body responds, movements become fluid, graceful, muscles, improves plasticity, coordination, and, of course, the extra weight goes. Thank you person who invented Zumba!

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Catherine M.

Zumba involves aerobic, strength training and energetic dance, all this combined with movements in the Latin American rhythms. This load allows you to get a good figure with elegant lines in a pretty short period of time. During class worked out all muscle groups. After a few sessions, you’ll notice that your body caught up and even cellulite has become less pronounced. Through training you will become more flexible and stretching will increase.

Zumba has anti-stress effect. Despite the intensity of training and the sweaty gym clothes out of the hall with high spirits and energy, and yet good health is one of the keys to effective weight loss. In addition, the dance gives the body the necessary cardio. Due to the active breathing body is saturated with oxygen and gets rid of excess moisture, improves metabolism. Zumba also has a positive effect on the internal organs, especially the pelvic organs.

Of course, it is best to work with an experienced instructor. By the way, Zumba is a patented fitness program, coaches will receive an official certificate and only in this case, you have the right to Zumba. However, if you are not able to attend classes in the hall, there is a great opportunity to do at home. Enough to find a video on the Internet, where detailed explanation of basic movements, demonstrates the ligaments and are given entire courses of training. Locations for such classes don’t need much, and the reviews say that for weight loss good and exercising at home.

How to do Zumba

Although Zumba is considered a dance and, in fact, it is a full body workout that lasts about an hour and is divided into blocks:

  • warm-up,
  • learning basic and new moves,
  • the dance itself,
  • stretching.

The first two and the last block lasted 10-15 minutes. The remaining time left in the dance.

Please note that the first and the last block is required, as in any other kind of fitness and sport. You can’t start the dance without workout, you must warm up your muscles and get into the rhythm. It is not to complete a workout without stretching and recuperation, otherwise you can get injured.

As for clothing, special requirements for it, only that it was comfortable and not bothered to move. Because exercise is energy consuming, is better if the clothing is of natural fabrics. Shoes should also be comfortable, lightweight, slip-resistant soles and conform to foot size. However, some prefer to dance barefoot.

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To the classes were comfortable, don’t worry that you can’t learn the whole dance at once. What’s the advantage of Zumba is that it enables you to improvise, thing is that your movements were active and consistent rhythm.


As with any other kind of fitness before you can try Zumba, find out whether it is suitable for you personally. It is necessary to consider not only whether or not you like classes type, but also your health. Perhaps the reviews you will read that this dance is safe and suitable for all. But it’s not.

There are a number of diseases in which Zumba is better to refrain: it is, for example:

  • heart failure,
  • hypertension,
  • varicose veins,
  • tendency to thrombosis.

Do not engage if you suffer from diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system or you have an injury. And, of course, better to miss a workout, if you feel unwell or have high temperature.

If your health has deteriorated directly during class (there was a sharp pain, nausea, dizzy or blacking), exercise to stop immediately. It is best to immediately consult a doctor.

Do not neglect the contraindications, losing health in pursuit of a beautiful body. Moreover, very from Zumba to unsubscribe it is enough to choose a more gentle option, for example, akasombo.

But if there are no obstacles to dance there, must try! The ocean of positive emotions and positive emotions you are guaranteed, not to mention throw the kilos to lose you’ll be happy.

Losing weight with Zumba