A biopsy of the cervix with erosion: features of the procedure

In today’s world almost every third woman suffers from pathological disorders of the structure of mucous epithelium, which is called in medicine a cervical erosion. Hypertrophied and damaged zones visible to the naked eye under normal gynecological examination, and the origin of a disease may have many different reasons. The disease is not considered dangerous in the early stages of development, but his running form can lead to various complications, until the development of a malignant tumor. A biopsy of the cervix when erosion is not taken in each patient, but is very important in detailing the diagnosis of the disease.

Manipulation associated with the sampling of biological material in the form of a piece of diseased tissue to Refine the purity of the pathological changes in the mucous. The procedure is not time consuming and is absolutely painless.

The technology of biopsy

Usually biological material for histological examination is taken in case of suspicion for the development of cancer process and before the surgical treatment of the disease with the help of modern technology. In order not to miss such effects of the illness, as the growth of malignant cells in the affected mucosa of the cervix, the gynecologist conducts a biopsy, the results of which assigns the correct treatment. The popularity of this analysis due to its accuracy in determining the oncological changes.

A standard biopsy is carried out with the written consent of the woman and includes several important aspects that should be considered by the gynecologist.

  1. Pre-colposcopy with taking on the analysis of simple brush strokes.
  2. Laboratory diagnosis of a General nature, with the addition of the analysis on RW, with the exception of the presence of hepatitis C.
  3. The fence material should be between 5 and 7th days of the menstrual cycle to the beginning of the next menstruation the wound from the analysis has had time to completely heal.
  4. The biopsy preferably on an empty stomach, after eating and drinking for 12 hours prior to manipulation.
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The essence of the analysis lies in the excision of the sphenoid bone of the affected area of the mucosa, followed by putting it in a special solution (formaldehyde) for transport to the laboratory.

Restrictions for the taking of biopsy samples is implemented analysis are exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of inflammation in the body and a tendency to poor blood clotting.

Methods sampling of biological material for the biopsy

Modern medicine is doing a biopsy in two ways.

  1. Conization — operative manipulation in the form of cutting out a wedge-shaped piece of the cervix using a surgical scalpel or a laser knife followed by the imposition of absorbable sutures. This classic and the most efficient method of biopsy is performed under local anesthesia. The main advantage of this method of sampling of biological material for analysis is the exclusion of repeated biopsies, which can not be made often and repeatedly.
  2. Biopsy – taking a piece of damaged epithelium from several areas of the cervix. Includes several modalities:
  • radio wave capture of material using special medical apparatus Surgitron, involves plucking the patch of mucosa with a wire loop through which electric current flows. The advantages of this method are enclosed in the absolute painlessness of manipulations. Unfortunately, significant disadvantages of this procedure are possible vaginal discharge for quite a long period of time, the integrity of the material may be broken, leading to repeated procedures;
  • the puncture method to extract the required amount of the test epithelium;
  • endocervical curettage with the use of a sharp medical instrument, most often with a surgical scalpel.
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Precautions after biopsy

Do not ignore this important analysis, like a biopsy, because most often gynecologists prescribed it in case of serious suspicion, and are almost never carried out histological examination of biological material to be sure. Therefore if the doctor considers it appropriate collection of material for biopsy, is to listen to his recommendations.

After a biopsy must adhere strictly to the advice of gynecologists in the aspect of two weeks of sexual rest, eliminate the use of tampons and limitations of lifting. During this time, you should refrain from going to the pool and warms the body activities (baths, saunas, baths), as the effects of biopsy cervical erosion can manifest in the form of an infectious or inflammatory process. Individual restrictions may relate to failure from synthetic and tight underwear.

If within two to three weeks to have these feelings, as dragging pain in the abdomen, bleeding and fever, you should immediately contact your doctor to exclude the presence of inflammation. Perhaps the specialist will prescribe a laboratory test organism for infection and prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy.

In the appointment of such analysis, like a biopsy of the cervix, you should not panic and expect the worst results. Often with the help of this diagnostic method identifies the cervicitis, dysplasia and metaplasia, timely treatment of which eliminates many of the negative consequences. Confirmation and refinement of the diagnosis of «cervical erosion» does not always coincide with the detection of cancer cells in the epithelium, but that doesn’t mean delaying a visit to the gynecologist can be spread out over several years.

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