A bloody nose in the morning: reasons why going after a dream

Why in the morning from a nose bleed?

Epistaxis – epistaxis occurs in the background of increased body temperature, high blood pressure, as a result of violation of the integrity of the ENT organs. Bleeding from the nose after sleep is not always indicative of the development of pathologies. This phenomenon may occur in healthy people regardless of the emotional and physical condition.

To minimize the risk and prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to determine the nature of bleeding from nasal cavity, to create a therapeutic scheme. In some cases, it is possible to do without interference, and when qualified medical help is needed?

A bloody nose in the morning: causes

Nasal mucosa is rich in venous vessels, damage which provokes nosebleeds. Anatomical structure of capillaries, and in close proximity to the surface makes them vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Otolaryngologists there are several factors that could spark flow of blood through the nostrils:

  • high blood pressure, which is observed to increase with exposure of blood to thin blood vessels, as a result of the violation of their integrity. The risk of hypertension increases with age;
  • injury – to provoke epistaxis may procedure bismarckiana, damage handkerchief crust, resulting in different forms of rhinitis, viral respiratory infection,;

  • deformity of the nasal structures, paranasal sinuses, soft tissues as a result of falls, bruises, fractures, concentrations of foreign bodies in ENT-organs;
  • adverse thermal performance, which causes drying of the mucosa with dry air, low temperature level;
  • disorders of blood clotting and thinning drugs such as acetylsalicylic acid;
  • the use of drugs, nasal sprays, including antihistamines and corticosteroid medicines;
  • beriberi – lack of vitamin C and has a negative impact on the condition of the vessel. The deficit of useful macro increases capillary fragility exposes the immune system;
  • growths in the lining of the nasal apparatus. Development of polyps prevents optimal oxygen saturation of the blood system, makes breathing more difficult. If every morning bleeding from the nose, maybe the cause abnormal benign tumors;
  • hormonal changes in pregnancy, puberty;
  • pathology of the abdominal cavity, dysfunction of the cardiovascular system and cancer.
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Causeless nosebleeds in children from zone of Kiselbach (lower edge of the nasal septum) due to the close concentration of blood vessels and thin the mucous membrane of the nose, which reacts to the slightest changes.

To determine the internal causes of the expiration of blood through the nostrils, more complicated than local. The provision of qualified medical assistance involves a detailed examination on the basis of which, the doctor makes a diagnosis, why in the morning from nose bleeds.

Fact! Epistaxia suffer climbers and divers with a sharp changes in barometric pressure.

Indications for the preparation of therapeutic schemes are profuse nosebleeds (more than 30 minutes), the deformation of the nasal contours. To take care of your health needs in a regular blood cell count.


If in the morning I was bleeding from the nose in a healthy person is a natural phenomenon, which is preceded by severe fatigue, increased activity, experience of stressful situations.

Doctors recommend more fresh air, relax, go on a balanced diet, undergo a clinical examination with a frequency of two times per year.