A bloody nose in the night in children and adults: causes bleeding

What to do if bleeding from the nose at night?

Bleeding from the nose in youth or childhood often appear. According to medical statistics, nearly sixty percent of people up to twelve years at least once in a lifetime was bleeding from the nose. Fortunately, in infancy such diseases almost never occur, and in adult age, if I was bleeding from the nose, it is necessary to conduct a survey. Most often suffer from bleeding kids from three to seven years. This is due to excessive activity of the child and his inexperience.

Little kids do not know that sharp objects can injure the mucosa, and during the game often put in body respiratory various items. Foreign objects are the main cause of bleeding. But what if the bleeding didn’t go because of the children’s activities, and, for example, when the baby slept? Causes of nosebleed in a child in the night, it is important to find out as quickly as possible.

Why does a kid a bloody nose in the night

Bleeding from the nose always appear suddenly and scaring the hell out of the person.

If blood loss occurs during the daytime, the patient has the ability to quickly find the cause, bleeding in the night can provoke panic.

Fortunately, usually this pathological process is harmless and resolves on its own within a few minutes.

If the blood flows from the nose you need to check the anatomical structure of the nasal cavity. Often the bleeding starts because of trauma to the passageways of the spout.

Why flows the blood of children

Particularly sensitive to absolutely any effects in the nasal cavity of the child becomes the main reason for the formation of blood loss.

In addition, the nasal passages of the baby are looseness and sensitivity of the blood vessels. They supply the nasal cavity across the oral mucosa part and connected with the carotid arteries.

Damage to the cavity, which in medical circles is referred to as Kisselbach plexus, causing short-term bleeding.

If it is bleeding from the nose, check the condition of the mucous part. Children often unconsciously brushing the nasal cavity, thereby causing bleeding at night.

In addition, parents need to pay attention to the integrity of the vascular walls. If perforation the bleeding is not immediately, so the blood may not appear during the day and at night, greatly frightened the parents.

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Fragile vessels

Nosebleeds can occur due to fragility of the blood vessels in the nasal cavity. With a strong scratching or accidentally hit at night on a pillow or a wall, the patient may produce a range of selection.


Common cause of nosebleed is considered infectious inflammation.

A cold or flu going pathological process in the nasal cavity. Disease strong effects on the nasal mucosa and causes undesirable consequences.

In addition, a small amount of blood can appear because of the rough bismarckiana or incorrect cleansing of the nasal cavity. In the case of high coagulation this bleeding is not dangerous.


Bleeding from the nose in the adult can appear as a result of multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in the nasal cavity. When bacterial rhinitis the patient suffers from a large amount of mucus and purulent secretions. At night the patient can strongly blow your nose, thereby violating the integrity of the blood vessels that are throughout the inflammation severely inflamed.

The destruction of the walls of blood vessels

The destruction of the vessel walls may occur due to numerous reasons.

Most often, this process occurs due to the penetration into the nasal cavity foreign object: details of small toys, dust and so on.

Perforation of the blood vessel walls can cause night bleeding. In this case you need medical assistance. If bleeding is severe, it is important to stop the oozing as quickly as possible. Damage to the integrity of major vessels can lead to serious consequences, including death.

If an integrity violation has occurred without monitoring the patient, for example at night, the probability of a pathological process in the upper and back part of the nasal cavity. In this period there is a risk of penetration of blood into the larynx.

Damage to the blood vessels in this part requires the urgent intervention of doctors because blood can not stop by itself.

Blood pressure

Frequent cause of bleeding at night is a change in blood pressure. Usually, patients are informed about this pathology and the night bleeding appear very rarely – once or twice a year. But if the blood loss is tormenting you every night you must take action and pass the appropriate course of treatment.

High pressure is accompanied by formation of unusual sounds in the ears, headaches, dizziness.

For this reason, attribute the change in atmospheric pressure. If the blood was the result of this cause should not be afraid. The bleeding usually lasts no more than two minutes and does not require medical intervention.

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In summer, bleeding is frequent, as the strong influence of the sun becomes the main cause of blood loss. A day in the sun can adversely affect the child and the cause of this pathology.

Treatment this type of bleeding is not required, but we need to remember to wear a hat on the child and monitor the overall health of the child.

Hormonal changes

The blood of a child or adult may appear because of hormonal changes.

In women this pathology is due to pregnancy, and adolescents have a natural change in the structure of the body.

Afraid of night bleeding in this case not necessary, but if this symptom brings discomfort, you must consult your doctor.

Other reasons

Other causes of frequent nosebleeds in the night time include changes in the blood. This process requires a diagnosis and advice from doctors.

You can’t ignore the process, because the main reason could be the emergence of malignant or benign neoplasms. The formation of a tumor is dangerous for the patient, as it can cause a number of serious complications. In this case, bleeding is only a signal, which should be paid special attention.

Blood at night can go, if the patient experienced severe physical or emotional stress.

If these causes are excluded, the patient may be diabetes or severe inflammation of the liver.

Necessary assistance

The bleeding night, causing panic among many people. Upon detection of such a process, the first step is to calm down.

Fear causes an increase in blood pressure that only enhances the bleeding.

Wondering what to do if your child has bleeding from the nose in the night, the first thing to install cause of pathology.

If the blood coming from the baby, do not fuss and do not frighten the child active gestures. First of all calm down yourself and then take action. If a strong bleeding should calm down little light stroking and words. When crying bleeding may increase.

You can’t put the baby on the back or put your head back. In addition, at this time you should not blow your nose or any way to affect the breathing organ. Such actions could result in penetration of blood into the larynx from where it will flow down the throat into the esophagus. This can cause the formation of a reflex cough, which will only worsen the situation.

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Once you and the child has calmed down, put the victim on a chair and tilt your head slightly forward.

Then hold the nostrils with your fingers and keep this position for several minutes.

Then apply to the nostrils with a soft, non-synthetic fabric. It is best if it is cotton or linen.

After five minutes, if the blood has not stopped, apply to affected area ice wrapped in a napkin.

Keep it for at least ten minutes. In addition, the nasal cavity can be applied a compress soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

After stopping the bleeding, the nasal passages must be washed and rid of the accumulated mucus and blood clots.

Then insert into the nose of any vasoconstrictor spray. It is best to use «Naphazoline», «Galazolin» and «not effective». After that, moisten the nasal mucosa any oil.


If you have taken all necessary action, and the blood flows over fifteen minutes, call an Ambulance. Help doctors is also necessary if blood is amplified with each minute.

In the case of repeated bleeding, it is necessary to pass diagnostics.


Nosebleeds can be prevented. To do this follow the games of the baby, and obey all rules of safety in the rehabilitation of the nasal cavity. It is important to monitor the room where the baby spends most of the time.

Don’t forget daily to aerate the flat and wet cleaning once a day.