A cold in early pregnancy: consequences, treatment and prevention

How to treat a cold in early pregnancy?

On a cold early pregnancy can significantly harm the woman and therefore her unborn child. Therefore, doctors recommend at this time to avoid hypothermia, drafts, contact with patients, etc. But if the disease has already begun, use of folk medicine, before consulting with a physician.


There are ways of treatment that are prohibited during pregnancy. Is the use of antibiotics, immunomodulators, some fever reducing medicine, alcoholic tinctures. Heating and other heat treatments can cause a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, which leads to a miscarriage or at best ill women.

How to cure colds?

To delay treatment during pregnancy is not worth it. Start with the use of folk recipes, at the initial stages of the disease they can be very effective:

  1. It is not recommended to float the legs during pregnancy, but you can warm in warm water hands. This procedure is good for nasal congestion. Also opens nasal passages of sea water, you can prepare a saline solution or buy a safe for pregnant drops or other types of pain, and Throat that are used for instillation into the nose. You can take a warm shower, it warms up all the woman’s body.
  2. Ginger helps with colds. It reduces the feeling of nausea in the morning sickness. Brew it like tea, and take three times a day.
  3. Plentiful drink is shown during a cold, fluid faster remove toxins from the body. It is recommended to drink the infusion of rose hips, cranberry juice, tea with lemon or raspberry, fruit drinks, etc.
  4. Once again not to stuff yourself with drugs temperature, RUB his body with vinegar water or vodka. For this purpose 100 ml. of vodka mixed with 200 ml. of water.
  5. A sore throat will relieve rinse. Lemon juice mix with water, add to this mix a little honey and caress the throat. If you use for rinsing tincture of calendula, then 10 drops of this drug are dissolved in one third Cup of water. Rinsing can be carried out with drugs such as Furatsilin, Iodine, Chlorophyllin. Applicable soda and salt rinse.
  6. At night drink hot milk with honey.
  7. As soon as you feel symptoms of cold, put on the legs warm socks and wrap the neck scarf. The heels can be rubbed with balm «Asterisk» or to make them mustard for a short time.
  8. During a cold well help inhalation with various oils. But before use consult your doctor, as some types of essential oils may be illegal in the first trimester of pregnancy. If the doctor is not against a few drops of these funds, you need to inhale the vapors for 5-7 minutes up to 4 times a day, with the condition that the body temperature is normal.
  9. Homeopathic antiviral drugs are not forbidden during pregnancy, but they were appointed only by the doctor. It Anaferon, Oscillococcinum, Drops Grippferon or Interferon.

Caution! You must be very careful with vitamin C, despite the fact that the use of it during colds invaluable, overdose may cause a negative reaction in the body of the mother.

The use of nasal drops and other ways to ease breathing

If your doctor has prescribed vasoconstrictor sprays or drops, then use them no longer than three days. If you apply them long-term, nasal mucosa atrophy, and lost the olfactory ability of the body.

To facilitate nasal breathing safe ways you can use traditional methods.

Attach to the nose of a hot boiled egg or hot salt in the bag, be sure to insulate your feet, wearing them on wool socks.

In the nose you can get menthol drops, at the same time brushing them his wings, behind the ears and in the neck.

Sleeping on a high pillow, during sleep, the nose will not be laid.

The effect of vitamins on the body of a pregnant

During pregnancy women usually drink the necessary vitamins. During the cold they may need more because the body is weakened and needs support. But before taking discuss method and dosage with your doctor.

A particular need during pregnancy is given Ascorbic acid.

Equally important Askorutin. It is taken to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and reduce the risk of bleeding during pregnancy.

It is important not to break the thin line and distribute the vitamins so that they made up for the lack of disease and prevent the hypervitaminosis of the body.

What is dangerous is he? Excessive amounts of vitamin A leads to heart defects in the fetus, but if more than normal in the pregnant woman’s body will be of vitamin C or D in the last stages, there will be the aging of the placenta.

To avoid this, get the vitamins in a natural way, that is, eat more fruit and vegetables.

What to do if you have a fever

Characteristics of the organism during pregnancy can be that subfebrile temperature, i.e. about 37 degrees can be observed all period of carrying a child. Therefore it is not necessary to run to the doctor if you notice a slight fever, as there is a risk of catching something much more serious.

But if there are signs of a cold, and the temperature exceeded 37 degrees, you should start immediate treatment. This will help the doctor. Most often, fever is assigned with the content of paracetamol in syrup or suspensions. Since the drug can cause a malfunction of the liver and kidneys of the pregnant, you should regularly take a blood test and urine.

Also contains the following prohibitions during fever:

  1. It is forbidden to take antipyretic drugs, which include aspirin. It thins the blood and can cause miscarriage or bleeding.
  2. The room you are in should be cool and the temperature does not exceed 22 degrees.
  3. Do not take herbal teas or antibacterial agents without the knowledge of your doctor.

Prevention of colds

Attention! In the season of disease pregnant women are advised not to visit public places and crowded places!

Preventing the common cold includes the following steps:

  1. Proper nutrition. Smoked, spicy and salty foods should be consumed in minimum quantity. But fruits and vegetables should be more. Natural antibiotics are onions and garlic, you can eat them fresh or add to meals.
  2. Often walk in the fresh air.
  3. Don’t overdo it.
  4. If in your family someone was ill with cold-related diseases, limit contact with him, wear a protective bandage open more Windows in the room where the patient.

Dangerous consequences

The first trimester of pregnancy is characterized by the base formation of the fetus.

Important! Any violations in the body of the mother affect the child’s development. Therefore, all disease should be eradicated in their conception.

The treatment we receive in the normal state (antibiotics, Immunostimulants) does not apply while carrying a child, especially at the initial time.

The task of the doctor is to find the right therapy for pregnant women with the flu so that it does not harm the fetus.

Otherwise a cold in early pregnancy will have these consequences:

  • the development of chronic infections in children;
  • the premature departure of amniotic fluid;
  • oxygen starvation of the fetus;
  • fetoplacental insufficiency;
  • the delay in the development of the baby;
  • the influence of a cold mother on the formation of the kidneys, liver and cardiac system of the baby;
  • after the birth the baby may develop an allergic reaction.

In relation to mother’s colds can cause inflammation in the reproductive system, to a large blood loss during childbirth, to postpartum complications.

A cold in early pregnancy should be treated with a competent specialist. Start therapy in the early stages of the disease, then you will cope with a cold without consequences and complications.

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