A crackling sound in the ear: the causes and treatment of squeak, crunch and crackle in my ears

Why do I get crackling in ear and how to get rid of it?

Many of you felt a strange crackling in my ears. If this happened a few times, but you have not experienced discomfort, do not worry. But if pain are periodic in nature, and increasing each day, it’s time to pay attention to your health.

Causes the squeak in the ears may be different. But mostly the sound comes out as an alert when the ears start inflammatory processes.

Crackling in the ears — causes and treatment

A moment like crackling may occur in the organ of hearing each person. Usually he runs about as instantly as it appeared. But there are cases when this symptom you need to look at. Because it can indicate the beginning of serious diseases.

Themselves all inflammatory or infectious disease unpleasant. Feeling the crackling intensifies that feeling two-fold.

Crackling in the ear is not dangerous inflammation. It is believed that this slight deviation from the norm in the body. The reason for this phenomenon may be sulfuric plug.

In case of violation of hygiene or, conversely, too thorough cleaning, you can push the sulfur into where in the course of time are formed by the accumulation of sulfur.

Among the side effect noted a crackling in my ears. But it is the most harmless that can happen to your health.

As the accumulation of earwax provokes many diseases, including hearing loss.

In addition to cerumen, the cause of the crackling in ear may be the following diseases:

  1. Disease of nose and throat. This is a very common respiratory disease. The most frequent causative agent is infection, trapped in the throat through the nasal cavity.
  2. Only exhaustion.
  3. Lack of sleep also negatively affects physiology.
  4. When you travel or drive through mountainous terrain.
  5. The rapid change in blood pressure.

Please note that crunches whether both ears or just water. In the second case, it may be caused by side effects after the use of medicines.

If there is crackling in ears when swallowing is the reasons lie in the facial joint.

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Most often, the crash manifested due to domestic reasons, rather than biological.

Crackling in the ears quickly, but if it continues for a long time, consult ENT doctor to identify the exact causes.

Crackling can be a symptom of the inflammatory moments in your ears. Infectious diseases can develop in a very short time. Then cod will be added pain, purulent discharge and headaches or temporal pain. Because of this, a person can decrease hearing or even deaf.

If you notice drainage or pus, consult a doctor and start the treatment immediately.

The reason for the crunch in the ear can be associated with otitis external, middle or inner region. Also unpleasant sound may indicate such diseases as:

  • inflammation of the nose or throat;
  • disease of the maxillary sinus;
  • inflammation of the Eustachian tube;
  • in addition, the discomfort in the ears can be caused by fatigue or lack of sleep;
  • experienced stress;
  • strong physical exertion;
  • problems with arterial or intracranial pressure;
  • inflammation of the hair follicles in the ears;
  • side effects of medications.

The treatment it is important to identify the root cause of crackling in the ears. If it is associated with disruption of the inner ear, the treatment should be started immediately. As among the consequences noted a significant hearing loss.

In any case, diagnosis should be referred to a medical facility.

Treatment of creaking in the ears

If the sickness is not passed within 48 hours, and the disease continually progresses, seek medical help.

First consult an ENT specialist. Provided that in the inner and outer ear are not discovered infectious diseases, you need to go to the doctor-phoniatrist.

He studies the problems of the structure of the vocal apparatus and of the process of perception of sounds.

Conducting specialized tests, the physician will determine the quality of hearing and will determine the cause of the problem.

If the cause is not discovered, you should go to the neurologist and the optometrist.

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In the course of treatment necessary to eliminate the cause of the hearing loss as it can negatively appear on the General state of health.

The sooner you determine the cause of the disease, the easier it will be to cure it.

The most common cause of crash – cerumen. To release it you need to see a specialist.

Self-extracting are prohibited.

Effective method of removing cerumen are medicines. For example, ear drops «Remo-Vaks».

It is known that this medicine has a delicate effect and gently removes waxy build-up.

The structure of the medium is acetylated lanolin obtained by anhydride treatment; the fat with mink pelts, Supplement, providing the connection of emulsions of different liquids; pure water.

Due to the composition of the medication, sulfur is dissolved in a few minutes and seamlessly out of the body.

In addition to «Remo-Wax» permitted the use of hydrogen peroxide.

When using hydrogen peroxide, drip the drug until, until the liquid will not flow out from the ear canal. And then immediately turn your head to the other side, so that the liquid flowed alone. Put a towel under your head.

If swallowing a squeak in the ear, it is possible to sprain the ligaments. The movable part of the face is considered to be one of the most complex in structure of the body. If the problem of crackling, crunching and clicking in the ears is associated with mandibular region it is necessary to conduct orthognathics operation.

When roaring in the ears due to blood pressure, it must be reduced. For this limit yourself in the consumption of large quantities of salt, coffee or strong tea.

Provided that the person is iron deficiency anemia, the patient should undergo a course of treatment with preparations containing large amounts of iron.

If the cause of tinnitus is the occurrence of infections and bacteria to get rid of the causes of the disease. In this case, appointed anti-inflammatory drugs.

Methods of alternative medicine

After the examination, the doctor, the patient can be treated with traditional methods.

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Effective method is considered almond oil. Drip three drops of oil in each ear and close the ear with a cotton pad.

Hold the swab in your ear for hours. Then wipe the ear with sterile cotton wool.

Stick to a two-week course of treatment and the effect will not keep itself waiting.

Effective remedy is the tincture of propolis. Take ten grams of propolis and blend it. Then pour 100 ml of 70% alcohol.

Leave the resulting liquid in a dark place for two days. Then use turundy bury in each ear, three drops of liquid.

For getting rid of cod it is recommended that the use of birch juice. Dissolve one teaspoon of liquid in the glass of milk. During the day, take one teaspoon. Continue the treatment for weeks.

A good method is a tincture of lemon. For the manufacture of lemongrass, take two large lemons, chop them to a pulp and pour a glass of vodka. Keep the mixture for about three hours in a dark place. Drip five drops three times daily in the affected ear.


In most cases a crackling sound in the ears quickly and is associated with a trivial or domestic moments. But if the discomfort continues for a long time, you should not risk your health. Refer to a specialist for examination and treatment.