A good remedy for the common cold for children 2-3 years

That helps kids from the common cold?

Acute rhinitis – children’s disease that parents face most often. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity, accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms.

As a separate disease is rare, more often it is a sign of other diseases.

Runny nose in children

The main reasons for the development of rhinitis in children experts will include:

  1. Adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses and other infections that cause rhinitis in the acute form.
  2. Less often the cause of the common cold fungal and bacterial infection. They cause the disease at the stage of transition of acute rhinitis chronic.
  3. General or local hypothermia. Not a direct cause of disease, significantly reducing the body’s defenses, leading to the rapid introduction and development of pathogenic microorganisms.
  4. Allergic rhinitis is common in our time, the disease. He is exposed to children living in big cities with polluted environment. The main allergens are considered: dust, saliva, and dander and pollen. Runny nose due to this Allergy alone does not pass, it requires special treatment.
  5. The symptom of major diseases. Always accompanied by rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, diphtheria, measles, and influenza.
  6. A negative impact on the mucous integument of chemicals, smoke and other irritants.
  7. Rhinitis medication negative impact medication.

The clinical picture

Rhinitis is a disease accompanied by certain symptoms. The most common clinical picture:

  1. Redness and dry irritation of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. When this occurs, a burning sensation, accompanied by constant desire to sneeze. Often the temperature rises slightly, a headache, manifested the weakness and General malaise. Rarely the first stage of a cold accompanied by pains in the limbs and signs of intoxication. This stage lasts no more than two days.
  2. The mucosa swells, breathing becomes difficult, there is nasal congestion. Often children lose their sense of smell and can not determine the taste of food. Begin to appear colorless serous fluid discharge. On the upper lip and around the nose irritation persists.
  3. With a strong immune system, a runny nose alone is already on the sixth day. If the disease continues to progress, then the child appear purulent mucus, occurs due to swelling of complete blockage of the nasal passages. In the absence of adequate therapy, the disease becomes chronic.

Medicines for children older than one year

The treatment of rhinitis should be carried out only after diagnosis. Depending on the causes of the disease, the doctor will choose medicines and prescribe treatments.

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Consider what helps cold medicine to children.


They allow you to temporarily eliminate the swelling. It should be remembered that these drugs cannot be used longer than 9 days, otherwise they can provoke the emergence of medical rhinitis.

The main representatives of the class: Nazivin, Otrivin, Bresolin, At all. Take a closer look.


Clear solution, packaged in 10 or 5 ml in plastic or glass containers. The drug is prescribed for the treatment of Eustachian, otitis media, rhinitis allergic, viral or bacterial nature.

Britain cannot be used in allergic hypertension, diabetes, tachycardia, atrophic rhinitis, hyperthyroidism, atherosclerosis, pheochromocytoma.

Important: the drug is not used in the treatment of runny nose in children under two years of age.

In some cases, the remedy can cause atrophy of the epithelium, increased swelling of mucous membranes, tearing, burning, dryness, vomiting, depression, impaired vision, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches.


Gel or spray for children from six years old drops from birth.

The drug is used for treatment of rhinitis of different etiologies.

It is forbidden to use medicine for pathologies of thyroid, diabetes, atrophic rhinitis, Allergy to the components included in the product, heart disease.

You cannot use Vibrocil longer than 7 days.

A longer application does not bear a therapeutic effect and can cause complications.


Spray or drops for children from one year. Prescribed for: sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and rhinoconjuctivitis, Eustachio, acute respiratory infections with rhinitis, otitis media.

The main contraindications: sensitivity to the ingredients included in the product, glaucoma, tachycardia, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, atrophic rhinitis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart disease.

With prolonged use, possible side effects: swelling, sneezing, burning and tingling, hypersecretion, allergies, migraines, blurred vision, nausea, arrhythmia, insomnia.

Important: the drug should not be used longer than 9 days. Prolonged use leads to atrophy of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity.


The best remedy for the common cold for children. Available in the form of drops.

Experts assign it with an average otitis, Eustachian, rhinitis.

It is unacceptable to use in metabolic diseases, pheochromocytoma, disease of the circulatory system, glaucoma, atrophic rhinitis, hypersensitivity to components of drug.

The product is used not more than 7 days.

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After a short break allowable re-use.

Drugs for nasal lavage

Cleansing the nasal passages with the help of these funds is carried out after the use of vasoconstrictor drugs.


It is high-effective medication based on herbal components and minerals. Due to the complete flushing of the nasal cavity of allergens, pathological microorganisms, viruses, and dust is recovered breath. The drug has antiseptic, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory effect.

Important: only for children from 4 years.

Indications for use: sinusitis, etmoidit, sinusitis, hypertrophic, allergic, chronic and atrophic rhinitis, adenoiditis, prevention of SARS and influenza.

Cannot be used in adenoids 3 degrees, full nasal congestion, tumors of the nasal cavity, intolerance of the drug components, chronic otitis media, frequent bleeding.

Aqua Maris

Effective remedy for the common cold for children 2 years of age. The main component is water of Adriatic sea.

Thanks to the micronutrients included in the composition of the sea water stimulated the immune system, protects against pathogens, the nasal mucosa, eliminates swelling, reduces inflammation. For infants drops produced.

The drug is effective in diseases of nose inflammatory-infectious nature, adenoids, atrophic, vasomotor, allergic rhinitis, nasal of the nasal cavity. Shows good results as a preventive treatment during seasonal infections.

Aqua Maris is gentle on the mucous covers, therefore, contraindications to its use there.

Important: infants cannot clear the nose spray. For them to use drops.


The drug is in the form of a spray, designed to eliminate the inflammatory processes in the nasal cavity. Main acting component tools – chloride of sodium. Appointed in complex treatment of rhinitis. Saline thins the discharge from the nose, makes breathing easier.

Treatment of the common cold without medical advice can not go more than three days. If you experience infectious complications, increased temperature is necessary to consult a specialist.

Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic

Decongestants enable you to get instant results with nasal congestion. However, they cannot be applied more than a week. In cases where therapy with conventional drugs does not improve the condition, doctors prescribe hormonal agents.

The best way to eliminate the symptoms of complicated diseases of ENT organs to lower blood pressure mother. The drug affects the immune system, penetrating the plasma in small quantities.

The immediate result of the drug should not be expected. It has a cumulative effect. Tangible results can be seen only after a few days of use.

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The main indications for use: adenoids, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis. The tool is able to cope only with allergic manifestations, in other cases it is used only in the complex therapy for reducing the likelihood of complications.

The drug has contraindications: violation of the integrity of the integument of the nasal cavity, corticosteroid therapy, individual intolerance, age up to two years.

Important. To lower blood pressure mother – a cure for the common cold for children 3 years of age. When used in babies with two years necessarily of a preliminary survey and consultation with experts.


Pollinosis is a serious problem of the 21st century. The incidence of seasonal allergies has increased significantly compared to last. The main symptoms of hay fever: hives, itching, inflammation of the nasal cavity. The most effective means are Aerius and loratadine.

Drugs for the common cold for children produced in the form of syrup. To appoint only the doctor after examining the child.

Frequent adverse reactions after the application of Loratadine: decreased urine output, increased allergic reactions, drowsiness, fatigue. When you use such Aerius adverse reactions were saludamos.

Important: if you experience any negative symptoms, you should immediately stop taking the drug.


What is the cure for the common cold better for a child can say only the doctor, after examination. To self-medicate is unacceptable.

Properly selected drugs can cause adverse reactions, lead to the transfer of disease from acute to chronic.