A good remedy for the common cold: what better and more efficiently

The most effective means of a cold

Catching a cold can anyone, regardless of age, social status and time of year. Rhinitis (runny nose), can greatly impair the life of an active person. Therefore, it is important to use the most effective tools from the cold as soon as possible to get rid of it.

Rhinitis must be treated as quickly as possible and don’t run it, because otherwise, it can give unpleasant complications, such as sinusitis.

Treatment of the common cold

For the effective treatment of the common cold, needed to be aware of which drugs are able to effectively deal with illness without side effects.

Effective drugs will be most relevant if the time to begin treatment. Best at the first signs and symptoms, start treatment immediately, do not wait until the cold will become more severe. This will perfectly suit any of the following:

  1. Grippferon.
  2. Arbidol.
  3. Tamiflu.
  4. Remantadin.

Besides the fact that they can be used at the initial stage, they are great as a preventive measure, during the period of acute colds or after direct contact with already infected people.

The efficacy of these drugs tested repeatedly, especially in the first development stage of a cold. As soon as starts taking these drugs, their action will start instantly and a few hours to reach full revs.

Drops in the nose from a cold

Range of nasal drops is large enough. Before you decide on a specific goal, you need to evaluate your symptoms and health. Of course, it is necessary to solve these problems together with your doctor.

As a modern and effective analogue of broad-spectrum antibiotics, use Sulfacetamide in the nose. Thanks to its effective and safe composition, it is recommended even for children.

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What to choose

In that case, if the disease is not going to retreat, and to the symptoms of added discomfort in the region of the nasal mucosa, it is necessary to select a narrowly focused funds specifically for every situation, they are divided into several types:

  • Antihistamines. It is a good means of a cold, but they only help with allergic rhinitis. The most effective are not effective-analergin and Vibrocil.
  • Vasoconstrictor drops. These drugs in fact do not cure the common cold, but just temporarily relieve the symptoms: reduce mucus, relieve congestion and swelling. The most effective are: Glycine, Galazolin, Sanorin, Nazivin and Children.
  • Antimicrobials. It often happens that such drugs are aimed at preventing development of possible complications that carries rhinitis. Well proven Miramistin and Izofra.
  • Mucolytics. The purpose of these funds is to thin mucus for subsequent removal. The most effective is Rinofluimutsil.
  • The combined funds. It’s the modern drugs of the last generation, which combines all of these qualities drugs. Among the most effective means, this is considered to be Polideksa. It is also prescribed for sinusitis.

Of course, for maximum effect and the lack of any side effects, before using any medications must consult a specialist and consult with him concerning the course of treatment and dosage.

Some of these drugs can not be taken for more than 7 days and the other and more 4. If you disobey these instructions, there is a risk that you will only aggravate the already difficult situation. The common cold can become stronger, and his background may occur and other diseases.

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To eliminate congestion, you can try to perform the technique of acupressure. It will be most effective if it is combined with Vietnamese balm Asterisk.

Attention! Before the use of certain drugs, you should carefully study the manual and closely follow her doctor’s recommendations.

Folk remedies

Quite effective remedy for the common cold can be done by hand. Moreover, experts themselves often recommend them as the most gentle. From the people’s funds are almost no side effects and they do not have contraindications.

Funds are often administered to the little children, pregnant women and women breastfeeding. One of those recipes is beet juice, or tea tree oil, which upon instillation cropped symptoms.

The most efficient means

When choosing products for yourself, you need not be based on popularity of the brand and its effectiveness. Often effective drugs and are the most popular, because you get a lot of publicity and testimonials from satisfied patients.

  • Sanorin (a vasoconstrictor drug). The popularity of this drug is provided by its high efficiency, but low price category. Medication can quickly relieve the patient from severe swelling of the nasal mucosa. You should know that it cannot be used more than 7 days, as it is addictive.
  • Pinosol. Well-known and rather old tool, based on essential oils that have a vasoconstrictive effect. In addition it is active against most viruses and bacteria. The price of money is not high, but do not expect an immediate effect, but during prolonged use, 2-3 days will be marked efficiency.
  • Sinuforte. This drug is used in cases, when rhinitis was launched and now there is a risk of its transition into the chronic form. The preparation consists of the tools that were used in Ancient Greece.
  • Sinupret. A perfect medicine that has no contraindications, only if the patient is not allergic to one of the ingredients in the composition. The drug has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively reduces swelling. Before using this tool on a regular basis, it is necessary to conduct a test period, because often it turns out that one remedy may not help every patient.
  • Aqua Maris. Great tool on the basis of salt solution that not only relieves symptoms, but it can be used as a preventive measure. It copes with mucus in the nose and thereby facilitates breathing. In addition, the drug reduces inflammation.
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Choosing a strong remedy for the common cold, it is necessary to approach this issue responsibly. You cannot ignore the advice of the attending physician or the instructions in the manual, not to make things worse for yourself and your health.