A list of drops in the nose from nasal congestion: which is better

What drops in the nose help with nasal congestion?

The question: «What are the drops in the nose is better at congestion» occurs when the nose is almost completely not breathing. Unpleasant symptoms can be a sign of an allergic reaction, damage of the nasal septum, the infectious or viral disease. Naturally, the question of what to be treated and as always is very serious. A medicine pleasing variety and correctly to pick up a medication is not always possible.

To choose a good drug and successfully to cure the common cold, will help the doctor’s recommendation. If the visit to the specialist no time and tolerate the symptoms anymore, what to do in this case? It is worth exploring the action of drugs and to determine their orientation.

Causes and risk

Runny nose or rhinitis occurs for several reasons. The disease can be:

  • Inflammatory, bacterial or infectious in nature. As a result of contact with viruses or bacteria swelling of the nasal mucosa. Swelling leads to the appearance of selections of various intensity. The selection can be scarce and abundant nature.
  • Allergic in nature. That is, a runny nose occurs because of frequent contact with the allergen. Allergens, getting on the mucous membranes, irritate it, with the result that there is a rhinitis. Symptoms can be expressed clearly and to occur from time to time.
  • Traumatic nature. That is, the signs of congestion may arise after suffering damage. They are not immediate and may occur some time after the trauma.

These are three main reasons why the person may have problems breathing. But there are other factors that can trigger the appearance of cold.

In most cases, rhinitis is:

  1. Sharp.
  2. Chronic.

In acute rhinitis the signs of a pathological condition is expressed clearly. There is swelling of the mucosa, there is congestion, increases the amount of mucous secretions.

Chronic rhinitis symptoms are mild. But they are observed over a long period of time.

Important. If common cold when treatment is 4-5 days, then chronic can occur for several weeks or months. Thus at every cold or viral illness stuffy again.

To a life not tormented by the characteristic features of rhinitis, is it properly treated. There are a number of drugs that can be used for the treatment of rhinitis and nasal congestion.

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What drugs can I use?

There is a whole list of drops in the nose from nasal congestion, which can be used in the presence of unpleasant symptoms.

So what medicines may be prescribed by the doctor:

  • vasoconstrictor;
  • hormonal;
  • mitigating;
  • antiviral.

And doctors recommend to regularly use solutions for nasal lavage. In rare cases, the use of drugs, which include antibiotics. Such drops are prescribed if the treatment is delayed and can cause severe complications.

Attention! Antibiotics local actions help in the treatment of children, appoint them in the event that used inside the drugs are toxic and cannot be prescribed to the child.

Vasoconstrictor drops

Medical drops that promise to relieve the patient from all the unpleasant symptoms and restore him to healthy breathing. This formulation manufacturers often characterized as a time the drugs vasoconstrictor action.

While not indicating that such a drop:

  1. You cannot apply for more than 4 -6 days, they can lead to the development of addiction.
  2. Do not participate in the treatment of the underlying disease, simply eliminating the unpleasant symptoms.
  3. Cannot be used in the presence of hypertension or other contraindications.

Vasoconstrictor medications are being prescribed in that case, if you want to remove unpleasant symptoms, ease breathing. They should only be applied in certain cases:

  • when congestion is so severe that the person cannot breathe through the nose;
  • when a person has a sore throat, mouth he can’t breathe because of pronounced pain symptom.

To use similar means is the physician. But they are often used in the case, if the visit to the doctor for one reason or another is delayed for a few days.

The most popular vasoconstrictor drugs otolaryngologists believe:

  1. Naphazoline.
  2. Tizin.
  3. Nazivin.
  4. Nazol.
  5. Samarin.

Drugs give quick effects, they affect the mucous membranes, reduces swelling, due to which the result is reached. To apply the funds to a vasoconstrictor effect just standing in each nostril drip 2-3 drops. Act of the drug begins in 10 minutes.

Hormones, allergies

Good drops from nasal congestion and hormonal. But they can be applied only if the cause of rhinitis was allergic to. Allergic rhinitis is caused by certain substances in contact with which occurs the reaction of allergic nature. There is swelling of the mucosa, there are unpleasant nasal discharge and breathing problems.

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Hormones act quickly but not as fast as vasoconstrictors. The effect of the use of hormones arises when the blood flow gets into the human body.

Caution! Long-term use of such drugs can lead to various complications, for this reason, you should agree on using the drops with your doctor.

In addition to antihistamines, a drop of hormonal nature, have anti-inflammatory effect. Help to avoid the development of disease and severe complications.

The preparations of such actions include:

  1. To lower blood pressure mother – the active substance means think fluticasone.
  2. Nasobek and almost four years – the active substance is beclomethasone drops.
  3. Nasonex is the main active ingredient of the drug mometasone is considered.

All these drops containing corticosteroids are hormonal substances that have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine action. Essentially the medicines are considered to be polymers.

Drop a cushioning effect

In this group you can include as many as 2 varieties of medications: drops of essential oils and those drugs which inherently represent normal sea water.

We begin with the drugs based on essential oils and herbal extracts. According to the manufacturer, these agents have a complex effect on the problem are:

  • wound healing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • moisturizing;
  • vasoconstrictor action.

In fact essential oils have only a softening effect.

To use such a drop is possible, but only if they are part of a combination therapy. That is used in conjunction with a vasoconstrictor or hormonal therapy.

Drops of essential oils or extracts of herbs:

  • Fioricet;
  • Medicine;
  • Sinuforte.

When using these medicines, the effect may be quite weak, and some drugs can only be used as drops for of inhalation.


The best drops from the common cold and nasal congestion are those that have moisturizing effect. The advantage of such drugs consider their versatility. They are well moisturize the mucous, normalize its work, helping to cope with the cold by optimizing the operation of the breathing organ, i.e., nose.

Moisturizers from cold can be used regardless of the age of the patient, his condition and the causes of the disease. These drugs can lead to the development of drug addiction and have a minimum of contraindications.

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Rewetting drops list:

  • Saline;
  • Aqua Maris;
  • Other types of pain;
  • Otrivin.

And all other medicines that is manufactured on the basis of sea water. But the simple moisturizer from the cold consider saline.

Drops against the virus and immunity

This class of drugs presents a limited amount of funds. The reason for low range is that funds help to get rid of a cold by 3-4 days from the time of application.

For this reason medications such spectrum popular much lose vasoconstrictor drops and do not use such a high demand.

Drops with antiviral effect:

  1. Derinat – has on the body a complex effect, stimulates the body’s interferon.
  2. IRS-19 is to drop the nose, which activate the immune system and cause the body to fight viruses and bacteria.
  3. Poludan — drops that high efficiency is not different, for this reason, they are prescribed at the initial stage of the disease.

Such tools are relatively harmless, the list of contraindications is not too extensive. But to use these medications after consultation with a specialist.


To summarize, I would like to note that the nose drops have different effect, their use seems to be harmless. But in some cases, the intake of harmless at first glance, the drugs can lead to serious consequences.

For this reason, it is not necessary to look at the pharmacy most «magic» drops, it is better to consult a doctor. Let the treatment of the disease does the doctor.