A nasal wash with baking soda: is it possible and how to wash soda solution

How to wash the nose with baking soda?

Patients often ask about whether the baking soda rinse your nose with a cold? Washing not only removes the mucus that clogs the sinuses.

The club soda helps to eliminate swelling and has antibacterial action. During the procedure you need to consider the possibility of side effects.

Why does soda helps with colds?

Nasal mucosa is constantly exposed to the negative influence of the environment. In the air are allergens, viruses and bacteria that can cause the common cold.

Nasal discharge are the protective reaction of the organism. In this method the removal of irritating the mucous components.

However, excessive mucus violate nasal breathing.

In the sinuses accumulates purulent exudate that is causing the patient’s headache. On mucous inflammation begins.

Treatments nasal irrigation is recommended in case of allergic or infectious rhinitis.

The soda solution has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Therapeutic effect means is that bacteria prefer an acidic environment.

With soda you can create in the nasopharynx alkaline environment. This pH inhibits the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. The club soda not only reduces the swelling of the sinuses. It promotes healing of injuries, which are formed on the mucous membrane when you remove the dried crusts.

Recommendations for washing the nose

Many people suffering from a cold, I don’t know how to wash the nose with baking soda. To avoid various complications must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before the procedure, you must first prepare the nasal passages. You first need to clear the sinuses from accumulated pus. However, not all people can immediately get rid of the secretions. In this case, experts advise to instill vasoconstrictor nose drops. This way you can remove the swelling and widen the nasal passages.
  2. In some patients, the infection enters the middle ear. This complicates the process of rinsing the nose. In this case, before treatment of the common cold will have to go to the doctor. Diagnosis will help avoid possible complications that can appear due to the impact of soda solution.
  3. Do not use water for washing of the sinuses right from the tap. There may be harmful bacteria. For the procedure you need to pre-purchase a syringe. Optimal water temperature is 35-36 degrees. When getting soda in the nose is the alkalinisation of the mucosal surfaces. Best washing treatments to use in combination with medical treatment.
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The procedure for nasal lavage is best done in the bathroom. Gently insert into the nostril syringe. Do not make sudden movements, so as not to damage the mucosa.

Press firmly over the end of the syringe to the wall of the nose, and hold your breath. When washing liquid is free to flow adjacent to the sinuses.

With this aim you have to tilt the head to one side. To start, enter in nostril 100 ml soda solution. Before injection of the next portion of the liquid wait until the water is completely drained from the nose. Washing out the sinuses it is recommended to do 5 times a day.

Repeat the procedure in the same sequence for the other side of the nose. The final stage of washing is that the patient must remove remnants of the solution. To clear sinuses from liquid enough to blow his nose.

Too strong pressure of the jet may damage the nasal mucosa. When flushing the solution should drain freely out of the sinuses. The liquid should be poured into the nostril gently. Ensure that the solution began to flow through the opposite nostril.

Attention! You cannot go out immediately after the procedure. Will have to stay home for at least 30 minutes.


Rinsing the nose with baking soda cannot be conducted in the following cases:

  • the patient suffers from frequent nasal bleeding;
  • after the diagnosis was revealed a tumor in the nasal cavity;
  • the person suffers from chronic otitis media;
  • club soda may worsen the condition of patient with obstruction of the nasal passages;
  • the washing soda solution will have to give hypersensitive;
  • the procedure is forbidden to use if the patient present with non-healing ulcers and sores.
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Side effects

Some people have the use of the solution leads to irritation of the nasal mucosa. The patient needs to follow the correct technique of washing. Do not exceed the concentration specified in the recipe.

How to prepare a solution for washing

To remove the mucus dissolve in a glass of warm water half teaspoon of baking soda.

To achieve positive results, the procedure is preferably carried out 3-4 times a day. A solution of baking soda and salt for nasal irrigation helps patients who suffered long enough from a cold.


In boiling water pour 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Then put in the liquid the same amount of salt.

Now stir the liquid.

After cooling, the mixture can be used for nasal lavage.

The procedure is recommended 2-3 times a day.


Want to get rid of infectious rhinitis? In this case you can use the solution with the addition of iodine. However, in the process of treatment with this solution should be used with caution.

Iodine has a strong antimicrobial activity. It can kill pathogenic microorganisms that are actively developing in the sinuses of the patient. However, you cannot add to the solution too much of the drug.

Important! Do not exceed the dosage, because iodine may cause burns of mucous.

Mix together a teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Dissolve all components in a glass of water. Then drip in a solution of 3 drops of iodine. This concentration is enough to suppress pathogens.

Tips for washing the nose in children

The child should be taught to medical procedure gradually. The baby should not experience fear in the process of rinsing the sinuses. Need to set an example for the child. In the future he will begin to copy the behavior of adults.

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To teach the child to hold the breath to the nasal wash baby does not feel discomfort. The concentration of salt and soda should be 2 times higher than for an adult patient. This is because babies are too delicate mucosa.

Important! The nose cannot be washed with soda children up to 4 years as they may occur suffocation.


Washing soda solution helps to eliminate the symptoms of sinusitis. The patient reduces the swelling of the sinuses and easier breathing. The therapeutic effect of baking soda is that it creates in the nasal cavities alkaline environment.

Pathogenic microorganisms are unable to multiply in such conditions. With the emergence of allergies, you must consult a doctor.