A polyp in the ear: picture, surgery and treatment of folk remedies

How to treat a polyp in the ear?

A polyp in the ear cavity is an abnormal benign proliferation of granular tissue. The tumor may be localized in the outer and middle ear, but it may spread to other areas of the skull.

As a rule, pathology covers different age categories, so the question of suppression of polyps is always current. Before we delve into methods of treatment of this disease should understand the reasons for its occurrence.

The causes and mechanism of development

In aural polyps and other organs with mucous membranes occur due to the development of the inflammatory process, especially when it is allowed to drift or treated incorrectly. The main factors of the appearance of a polyp acts as chronic otitis media, genetic predisposition, and mechanical product of the ear.

How to recognize the development of otitis media read here.

Polyp formed due to excessive division of cells in the tissue, which due to regeneration attempts to overcome the stimulus. Uncontrolled cell division is not always cope with the inflammation, so in some places the mucous membrane is converted into connective tissue, which is an undesirable process.

There processes tend to be, of the ossicles, walls or the edge of the eardrum. Education of different size, they can be barely noticeable, small forms, and sometimes even block the entire cavity of the ear, going beyond it.

While in the middle ear polyp may take a while to be visible at otoscopy, but as you grow up, he goes through a perforation in the eardrum. In color the polyps are different from normal color ear cover, they are pinkish or red. Keep processes on the vascular pedicle or wide base.

In form they are conical, spherical or elongated. The consistency of ear polyp softer, but at the same time denser than the polyp of the nose, its surface is smooth and bumpy. Even a cursory touching the bone begins to bleed.

In its histological structure they are also different. Over time, impressive and old processes can go in fibroids and fibromyoma. Such tumors cause discomfort and also lead to dysfunction of the organ of hearing. For clarity, below attached the photos, as the polyp may be located in the ear.

Here you can learn how to relieve the pain in the ears.

Possible consequences

When education was caused by otitis obstructing the outflow of pus, that promotes the spread of bacteria around the auditory organ and the transition of the infection into the skull. It is important to seek medical help, otherwise this can result in facial paralysis, brain abscess, meningitis, bone lesions of the skull base.

To detect the polyp can be the symptom of suppuration, which may be accompanied with blood. Selection may be constant or to be cancelled due to overlapping polyp lumen of the auditory tube. Then the patient begins to disturb headache, itching, nasal congestion, feeling of heaviness and sensation of a foreign body.

Polyps in ears in humans, this serious disease from which nobody is insured, therefore, know both the causes and treatment of useful for everyone. In order to avoid the appearance of polyps in the ears, you should not ignore ongoing inflammatory processes. How to treat ear infection folk remedies told here.

First of all, we should warn the development of otitis media, that is, when bathing avoid water infiltration in the organ of hearing and to monitor the state of the mucous membranes of the nose. Action when injected into the ear of water described here. And soreness and pain in the ears need to be eliminated immediately appealed for help to the doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment

First, to establish the presence of growth diagnose. Then there is the examination of the eardrum and ear canal with the help of a lighting apparatus, funnels, frontal mirror. Doctor during otoscopy detects the presence polyponic education, infection, and perforation of the membrane.

Before to put a final conclusion and select the method of treatment may be involved the following procedures:

  • do a blood test;
  • CT, MRI;
  • spend otomicroscopic examination;
  • for bacteriological evaluation, take the clip out of the ear;
  • ECG;
  • urinalysis;
  • coagulation;
  • biopsy;
  • allergological examination.

Polyps treatment is conservative and operative method. Methods are chosen strictly individually. The first option is based on the drug effect under the condition that the polyp is benign and is small in size.

All forces are directed to the relief of the inflammatory process. Are steroid creams and disinfectant ear drops. Here you can learn what drugs are prescribed if started otitis.

If there is fungal infection, you include protivomikrobnye drugs. Small polyps and granulation during treatment of inflammation go away because of a power outage their legs.

When conservative treatment fails or the inflammatory process so run that prevents the ingress of drugs into the cavity of the ear, proceed to surgery.

Surgical removal prilesnoe.

Surgery is the most effective way. Removal of a polyp in the ear is carried out in 70% of patients. The process is carried out on an outpatient basis. The essence of the operation lies in the excision of the ear canhoto, curette or ear loop to the pathological tissue of the polyp from physiologically normal.

The elimination is short and is performed under local anesthesia. Doing 2-3 times the lubrication of a 10% cocaine solution or 5% solution dikaina. If the build-up of large it let 1% solution of novocaine with epinephrine that provides reliable anesthesia.

Removing the tool is endowed with a fine wire, which is wrapped around education, and then descend down to the foot producing the delay. The polyp is cut and pulled from the cavity of the tweezers.

Why it is important to cut off the polyp, and not pull or twist it off? The fact that the defeat may come from the mucous membrane near the oval or round Windows. Extrusion of education at the same time can create a dislocation of the stapes or the round window opening.

When the polyp is extracted from the passage, the rest of the legs, or a scar cauterize chromic acid or nitrate of silver. After going thorough washing of the ear with the use of saline. However, no one is immune, even after the surgery from the formation of the re-growths.

Fight against tumors in traditional medicine has its own methods. Which should be considered separately. To further not appeared keloid scar or re-growth process, we need to control the healing process and to consult with the doctor.

Folk treatment of polyps

Treatment of polyps in the ears traditional medicine well that no surgical intervention. Oddly enough, but often this treatment brings a noticeable effect. Go not only processes, but not the formation of new.

Polyps well eliminated such a composition: take a kilogram of honey, 1 kg of melted butter. The ingredients are combined in a saucepan and stew for two hours. To know when you are ready consistency is on her mind, the mixture should be completely homogeneous. Remove and cool in the refrigerator. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

You can prepare this remedy. Taken tablespoon of salt diluted in half a liter of water. Next, all you need to dissolve or filter the solution from the undissolved crystals. The water is heated to 40 degrees and inhale through the nose, so that the solution penetrated into the throat. After the liquid spits such retraction is carried out several times.

The fact that folk remedies have a comprehensive impact, they are quenched as the pathology, and removed the cause of its occurrence. In the treatment of polyps slimy tissue, forming processes, can be cured, and virocana new formations is stopped.


Not to wait for the appearance of polyps, should eat natural products. The diet should contain a lot of fiber, fruits, seafood, vegetable fats, dairy products.

If you already had a process, it is best to remove it surgically, so they do not interfere with the withdrawal of pus in the inflammatory process.

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