A runny nose yellow liquid: that is why it follows and how to treat

What to do if a runny nose yellow liquid?

Many, anyway, faced with such a problem, as the mucus from the nose. This is the first signal that the body is infection. Clear discharge, often provokes rhinitis or an allergic reaction, but why out of his nose yellow liquid?

At the discharge of yellowish tint, is recommended as soon as possible to go to the audiologist, who will determine the cause and make a treatment plan. And, the sooner it is done the better.

That might be the reason?

If you see a yellow fluid from nose when tilting the head, is to pay attention to this symptom. The problem is caused, require early treatment:

  1. A cyst of the sinus.
  2. Sinusitis.
  3. Sinusitis.

The mortal danger of these diseases do not represent, however, before how to treat these diseases, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. Starting treatment at an early stage, you can be sure in the absence of complications.

Cyst in sinuses

If it was observed that stems of yellow liquid from the nose, this may indicate the occurrence of cysts sinuses. It developed a cavity filled with liquid. The appearance of this disease may be involved in the following:

  • polyps and neoplasms;
  • runny nose (read this article how to overcome cold);
  • abnormal anatomy of the olfactory organ;
  • inflammation in the sinuses;
  • allergies.

The main problem lies in the fact that the cyst may develop completely unnoticed. Sometimes, you can feel discomfort when immersed in water, migraine headaches, and nasal congestion.

After referral to a specialist, the doctor must accurately confirm the diagnosis, so the patient is sent for x-rays. Necessary to make a puncture and remove the pus from the sinuses. To accurately determine the location of the cyst, used computed tomography of the head.

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To cure this disease is possible only with surgical intervention and nothing else. At the moment there are only 2 options for cyst removal.

  1. Conventional method. Over the lip to create a small incision, and destroyed the wall of the sinus. At the end of the operation, after some time this place will go away, but sinus will not be able to recover. Because of this, very often have sinusitis and other ailments.
  2. Endoscopic surgery. This method of removing cysts is carried out directly through the nasal passages. This is a more modern technique, which causes fewer injuries.

Treatment of sinusitis

So, what to do if a runny nose yellow liquid? The first thing to contact Laura. Most often, the culprit is a sinus infection. This disease involves an inflammatory process that occurs in the paranasal sinuses. This occurs most often for the following reasons:

  • common diseases of ENT-organs;
  • allergies;
  • insufficient care for the oral cavity.

The disease can be in two stages: acute or chronic. In the case of the latter form, the patient body temperature rises, there is pain around the eyes and nose, there are problems with normal nasal breathing. Tilting your head down you can feel a lot of pain.

Chronic stage implies the presence of rhinitis and cough, but the pain is not so pronounced. Thus from the nose to flow a liquid having a yellowish hue, sometimes interspersed with blood due to ruptured vessels.

If when sinusitis is leaking mucus with specks of blood, need urgent intervention specialist, as loss of time, disease can cause a lot of serious complications.

What will happen if not treated

If you do not treat this disease, there is a risk of infection to the brain, which will develop meningitis, which can lead to death.

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The disease can serve as to the emergence of strep throat and dental problems. So if drips from the nose yellow liquid, it is necessary to contact Laura, who will conduct the inspection and determine the true cause of this.

How to diagnose

The diagnosis is an x-ray of the sinuses. The screenshot clearly shows the presence or absence of inflammation and pus in the form of bright spots in the sinus.

As for treatment, it all depends on the severity. The most effective method is to puncture the sinus. Specialist pumps out the pus, after which washes the sinus Furacilinum. Puncture is performed under local anesthesia. In mild cases enough medical treatment. To remove the mucus with drugs, is assigned a range of drugs, which is designed to remove puffiness and eliminate bacteria.

The treatment of sinusitis

Yellow discharge with an unpleasant odor, often indicate the presence of sinusitis. Sinusitis easy to distinguish from sinusitis severe pain in the region of the sinuses that become literally unbearable during head tilt.

Among other things, this condition takes place together with cough, headache, increased body temperature. Effective treatment of this disease is possible only in case of surgical intervention. Sinus incised and stripped inside.

Together with surgery, also applied complex drug therapy. Once the pus is removed, the second step is the provision of normal nasal breathing. The patient will feel a lot better after these manipulations. Completes the treatment of complex of medication, to prevent relapse.

Read, what are the implications of sinusitis.

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To summarize, it is safe to say, when the yellow fluid pours from the nose, it is necessary to consult the relevant doctor, because it may be a sign of very dangerous diseases.

The only effective therapy at an early stage with a great chance to cope with the disease without complications and side effects.