A weak bladder in women: treatment and recommendations

A weak bladder in women gives a lot of trouble, especially in the cold season and bad weather. The question of how to strengthen the bladder set almost every 10th woman. But before start treatment you need to establish the real cause which provoked the illness.

What is the bladder?

The bladder in women is a muscular organ located in the pelvis. It collects urine, which is collected from buds, when completing this on a woman experiencing the feeling of wanting to urinate, so periodically the urine and excreted from the body. Mocevic each of us accumulates approximately 500 milliliters of urine, as it is a muscular organ, the walls can stretch.

But, if the bladder muscles are weak, then surely the most relevant question: «How to strengthen the muscles of folk remedies, as well as what exercises will help to cope with an annoying problem?»

Strengthening the muscles of the bladder in women

With a weak bladder can cope with folk remedies that will allow you to use natural ingredients without harm for health to contribute to the rapid treatment of a pathology, of course, use traditional means of medication, but it is only used in case if traditional methods did not help. Surgical treatment for weak bladder is not used.

Doctors recommend a woman to strengthen vaginal muscles and pelvic muscle tissue. This allows you to give the necessary muscle tone, which will help to cope with incontinence. Training must include specifically designed exercises that will help get rid of uncomfortable and unpleasant sensations in mocovice.

However, the normal operation of the organs in the pelvis affects how and where is it located organs, as well as the condition of the pelvic floor. Therefore, answering the question of how to strengthen mocevic women, we can say that the exercises are performed not only to establish normal muscle function of the pelvis and the sphincter and muscles of the lower abdomen.

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Folk treatment of majevica and kidney in women

The popular treatment for almost any disease is considered to be quite effective. With the help of herbs it is perfectly possible to cure completely different diseases related to the urogenital system. There is a darkness different recipes, using which, the woman will be able for a relatively short period of time to improve their health and cure the malady forever.

So consider the most popular folk recipes:

  • Wormwood and Rue. These two plants will help to remove inflammation in the pelvic organs. You need to take 2 tbsp. of sage and 1 tablespoon of Rue. Mix collection and take 1 teaspoon, pour one Cup of boiling water. Insist broth for 2 hours, then double strain. Make the treatment solution should be 2 times a day, morning and evening to ¼ Cup. Duration of treatment 10 days, then take a break for 3 days and again repeat the treatment.
  • Chicory and sage. Also, these two plants will help to relieve inflammation in the genitourinary system. Take 100 grams each of the herbs, mix together. Take 3 tbsp of the mixture and steamed in a thermos. Infuse the solution throughout the night. Then it need a good strain and you can drink 4 times a day ¾ Cup. To drink the elixir you need for half an hour before meals. Treatment with such tools should last approximately 3 months.
  • Milk, oddly enough, is also able to help in this situation. You need to take 1 glass of fresh milk, add half teaspoon of baking soda you can drink. In order to feel the effects need to vipet 6 glasses in one day. At the first sign, you can immediately start receiving the mixture. Milk can also be mixed with water, nuts or persimmons. Milk with soda can be used as a steam bath to sit in a bucket, wrapped with a blanket.
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Strengthening the muscles of the urogenital system in women: methods

Women who suffer from overactive activity of majevica (frequent, strong and sudden urination) need to know about the ways that will help to strengthen the muscles of the urogenital system. In such cases, people do not have time to reach the toilet, and is uncontrolled urination is incontinence.

There are two ways that you want to apply to this case:

  • First you need to create a schedule of trips to the toilet – this helps to train the muscles and establish control over the bladder. For example, every half an hour even if you have the urge.
  • You also need to do special exercises called «Kegel». When performing complex muscles adapt to control the flow of urine. Exercises help to solve a lot of problems and incontinence is.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles

Many experts believe that if women are daily carried out exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, I could avoid many of the problems with sexual, urinary system and vagina.


  • Effective is this exercise like the alternate retraction and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. As soon as possible, you can strain the muscles and hold in this position for 4 seconds, then relax, and then again and so on. To run for one minute.
  • Lie on your back, left leg lift to 90 degrees and hold for 5 seconds. Then repeat on the other leg. Then alternately lift your legs off the floor at 45 degrees, later the distance between the floor and the foot should not be more than 30 inches. Hold in this position for 5 seconds. So strengthening the muscles of the lower abdomen and press.
  • Lie on your back and bend your knees. To connect the foot and raise the leg in different directions as much as possible (really need to the floor). Held for 10 seconds. Exercise strengthens the crotch.
  • Sit on the floor, legs together, stretched, put her hands on her knees. Lean legs, trying to reach the stop and is delayed by 5 seconds. To do the tilts 5 times.
  • Be exactly trying to, bending down to reach the floor.
  • To stand leaning on a chair, feet shoulder width apart slowly squat, to do 5-10 squats.
  • You need to take the ball or expander clamp between your legs and run the presses, repeat 10 times for 2 sets.
  • Arise cancer, lower the pelvis alternately, left, then right, trying to hold this position for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times for 2 sets.
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Dear women workout muscle muscle – a lengthy and laborious process. But, if the set of exercises will become a habit, then soon you will be able to forget what problems with sexual, urinary system and vagina. Choose 3-4 exercises and do once if you can twice a day 2 sets each.