A week ago, my dry cough — usage instructions

How to make «Gerbion»?

One of the reflex processes of the body is considered a cough. It provokes the mucous membrane of the respiratory areas of foreign objects. Most often, the cough is a harbinger of colds and inflammatory processes.

The cough usually appears when you try to protect the body from harmful microorganisms, mucus, or foreign bodies And also cough, normalizes the breath when the negative effects of the environment.

Coughing and its types

Commonly pergola in the throat appears in various viral diseases and is a reflex of the human body. Thus, the body removes from the body various body, including pus, mucus, or sputum.

In different cases of the disease perota different. But in any form of the disease ranging from the seemingly innocuous common cold to severe forms of asthma, cough is the first symptom.

He points to the underlying cause of infectious or viral diseases.

In addition, the breathing difficulties may be a harbinger of cancer to the inflammation of the lungs or throat.

In addition to these reasons, this symptom can cause allergic to seasonal flowering or inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

By the way, an interesting point is that the cough can occur due to stress the body, with severe shyness or even fear.

Types of cough

Peroto in the throat can be divided into two types:

  • dry;
  • wet.

The first kind of unproductive cough is a marker of effect, that is, in the mucous membranes of the missing sputum.

This type of cough is classified into three subspecies:

  • the first kind is accompanied by painful sensations and a feeling of irritation in the nasopharynx. In rare cases, noted the loss of voice. Commonly, this subspecies appears in the very first hours of the disease. However, it can also be a normal cough reflex to an external stimulus;
  • the second type appears when tracheitis and bronchitis. Commonly has paroxysmal classification and the appearance gives a strong pain in the chest. In addition, it is noted lingering problems breathing.
  • the latter species is considered to be productive. In this case, the person released sputum by expectoration. The wet type of cough is accompanied by painful sensations in the throat and hoarseness and feeling of heaviness in the chest. Causes of wet cough can become viruses of various kinds, until a serious pneumonia.
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In addition to these classifications, cough is divided into two types:

  1. Pathological. Commonly, the duration of the cough lasts for months. The underlying cause is accumulation of dirt or mucus in the nasopharynx, as well as in cases of disease of the lungs or bronchi. The patient usually feels heaviness in the ears. The chronic type includes pain and peroto in the throat during times of high stress or mental health of the patient.
  2. Sharp. In this form, the disease lasts for two weeks. Occurs due to bacteria and viruses, triggering inflammatory processes that occur in the mucous membranes of the mouth In addition, acute form can appear when there are any foreign objects in the body or with constant exposure at toxic discharges.

In any kind of cough it is necessary to consult a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately, today in pharmacies, a large selection of medical supplies that can easily get rid of various types of cough.

However, when choosing the right medication you need to carefully read the instructions and you should not self-medicate.

Medicines as well as traditional medicines, should be used only with a doctor’s prescription to avoid complications.

Manual – «Gerbion» from dry cough

Specialists in case of dry cough is recommended to translate it in the wet. Thus, it will be easier to eliminate the cause of the disease and successfully cured. Don’t forget that in addition to the treatment of the cough is necessary to clear the bronchi of mucus and restore the airway.

For such purposes doctors prescribe cough syrup «Gerbion».

The composition of this medication include numerous natural elements that allow effective healing peroto in the throat.

Enveloping effect allows to improve the General condition of the patient, and immune-boosting and antibacterial elements improve body tone in General.

«Gerbion» first and foremost, expectorant. Therefore, doctors recommend to take it during the third subspecies of cough – wet.

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This formulation includes the herb plantain, which is different from other notable successful effect. It effectively reduces inflammation, promotes rapid healing of the affected tissues and also relieves pain.

Since ancient times, the plantain used as a pain reliever.

In addition to the cough, thanks to the antiseptic component of plantain, the herb helps to get rid of more serious inflammation. For example, tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Another components of the drug is the mallow flower.

Flower plants endowed with many valuable elements, including vitamin C. the product has an expectorant action and is effective on the affected areas, contributing to their recovery.

Ascorbic acid enters into the list of elements included in the preparation. Vitamin remedy has a positive effect on the General condition of the human body and fights viruses and infections. In addition, the vitamins improve the overall immune system of the body.

In addition, the composition of the drug includes menthol, primrose root and thyme leaves.

All these elements allow the tool hard to deal with the outbreak of the virus and heal both dry and wet symptoms.

In the application of medicine, the syrup coats the walls of the respiratory tract. Thus, the drug protects against provoking stimuli and foreign bodies.

Indications for use

Before using drugs must carefully study the manual. According to her, the medication prescribed for inflammations such as:

  • dry, provoked by respiratory diseases;
  • catarrhal inflammation of the nasopharynx;
  • with strong irritation of the respiratory tract;
  • inflammation of the sinuses;
  • with ineffective elimination of sputum;
  • cough with a whistling sound;
  • dry cough in people with addictions.

The dosage of the drug

The application of the «Gerbion» from dry cough is allowed to children older than two years, but the dosage for adults and children differs.

So, adults and teenagers till 14 years it is recommended to take 10 milliliters of medication.

Children from 7 to 14 years, recommended at seven ounces, and children under the age of seven is assigned to five milliliters.

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In all cases, the drug should be taken three times a day. In cases of severe disease a number of techniques can increase up to five times.

The result after applying the syrup is already apparent on the third day, however, the treatment needs to be exactly one week.

The drug is recommended to drink one glass of warm water or tea without sugar.

Keep in mind that the drug can cause an allergic reaction in the condition of personal intolerance to any component.

In addition, among the side effects noted diarrhea or nausea. However, this can occur under the condition of non-compliance with dosages.

Among the contraindications of the drug is particularly marked hypersensitivity as well:

  • pathological fructose intolerance;
  • acute shortage of sugar;
  • in disorders of swallowing function;
  • with poor digestion the body glucose;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • a stomach ulcer.

The use of drugs for pregnant and lactating women prohibited. However, in special cases, while women expecting a baby on the second or third trimester use of medications may be allowed, but only under the supervision of a physician.


In autumn and spring season to monitor the child’s condition and personal health, particularly important. As it was in this period suffer from exacerbation, and the body’s immune system is reduced.

To prevent peroto in the throat and pain follow the simple rules: give up bad habits, exercise. In addition, watch for moistening the air in the apartment and ventilate the room. Thus try to avoid drafts.

Subject to the occurrence of cough use «.» for dry cough, carefully following the instructions. It is useful for both children and adults due to plant extracts in the composition of the medication.

Complex effect will eliminate the discomfort in a short time.