A yeast infection in women: causes, treatment, prevention

Perhaps there are no women who once would not have heard about this disease, as thrush. Many women are familiar with thrush personally. Besides, the disease can appear in a very inopportune moment. Sometimes treatment of the disease is long, but in spite of this, it comes back again and again, greatly marring life, requiring medication. What is a yeast infection in girls? What are the signs and causes of yeast infection? How to treat a nasty disease?

A yeast infection in girls: what kind of disease?

A disease of the vagina in women is called «candidiasis» or «thrush». This name is due to the fact that the genitals there is discharge of white color, which in its consistency similar to cottage cheese.

The fungus Candida albicans is the causative agent of the disease. But, it should be noted that this fungus is present in the microflora 80 % of the population without causing any unpleasant symptoms. What then causes a yeast infection?

Female vagina in a normal condition Nesterenko, because its epithelium there are a variety of microorganisms, including the fungus Candida. You could even say that it is necessary to ensure the vagina’s pH at a normal level that plays an important role for the epithelium in the vagina, and also for the process of fertilization.

The vaginal flora also opposed to the microorganisms of other species, reduces risks of infection. On the other hand, every woman’s body can inhibit the development of microorganisms, if the need arises. But he is able to do this only in the case if immunity is normal. If the immune system is lowered and can not resist the bacteria when exposed to certain factors, they can start to multiply. This is one of the reasons why there is such a yeast infection.

What is a yeast infection?

What can be a yeast infection, really? Factors that cause imbalance in the female body, as well as creating conditions for the development of the disease, quite a lot. Here are the main causes of candidiasis:

  • The treatment with antibiotics. Most diseases today are treated with antibiotics. The treatment is quite effective, gives the opportunity to avoid complications and the treatment of severe diseases for a few days. But every antibiotic has an effect on mainly single microorganism, but also has a negative impact on the vaginal flora, activating pathogen.
  • Fungal infections. Antibiotics antimicrobial action and do not affect fungi, while bacteria are partially lost. It turns out that the Candida albicans begin to multiply, taking the place of the dead bacteria.
  • A lowered immunity. When the immune system of the female body works properly, the growth and reproduction of opportunistic microflora of the vagina in women is constrained. By reducing the immunity of the body can not inhibit the propagation of the microflora, therefore, may receive a candidiasis. So, HIV patients, candidiasis may appear not only in the vagina but in the gut, and even in the oral cavity. These patients thrush is difficult to treat. The cause of the weakening of immunity can also be inflammatory diseases of a chronic nature and bacterial infection that was not treated for a long time.
  • Disruptions of the metabolism is also causes of thrush. As a rule, the violation of metabolism in the female body causes diabetes. In this disease not only fails blood sugar, but also protein and fat metabolism.
  • An improper diet. Has long been established that nutrition has a significant impact on human health. Therefore, it should be balanced, contain the correct amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Modern girls and women love sweets and sometimes consume all sorts of Goodies in excessive quantities, which is very hard on the pancreas. She, in turn, are simply unable to produce the amount of hormone needed to ensure an acceptable level of glucose in the blood, which creates favorable conditions for reproduction of fungi, and therefore starts a candidiasis. In addition, this sweet abuse leads to the development of diabetes, but this disease is much more dangerous than candidiasis.
  • Hormones. Hormonal changes the female body has a direct impact on the condition of the female sex organs. The vagina is no exception.
  • Pregnancy. In this period, the woman often suffers from a yeast infection, because her hormonal balance changes significantly.
  • Hormonal contraceptives. Contraceptives mainly hormonal, so pick them up should only doctor. Inappropriate choice of hormonal contraceptives, changing the level of hormones in the female body, which explains why there is thrush.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system can also cause candidiasis in women.
  • Linen and personal hygiene products. It is very important that the lingerie was comfortable, sewn of natural fabrics. If you use sanitary pads, they need to be changed frequently, so as not to create conditions for the growth of pathogenic fungi.
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What is a yeast infection? Possible options for the infection

The most common way of Contracting yeast infection is sexual contact. It should be emphasized that in most cases the man does not even suspect that is a carrier of the disease. Typically candidiasis in men are asymptomatic. Thrush can be transmitted from men to women, even with protected sexual contact, and symptoms are not always immediately noticeable, symptoms.

Another common method of infection is candidiasis labors naturally, when the baby passes through the birth canal. In this case, infected candidiasis, and the baby, because there is no direct contact with the mucosa of the mother.

Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

The main symptoms of candidiasis are:

  • Cheesy discharge from the vagina, which can be seen on the mucous membranes of the genitals.
  • Itching, worse with the development of the disease.
  • Cracks in the mucous membranes, difficult healing because of the acidic environment.
  • Pain during urination or sexual intercourse.

But, in many cases, the symptoms may not be so bright. A woman may not even know about the presence of candidiasis to the time you visit the gynecologist and the study’s stroke, because the symptoms do not exist

Diagnostic activities to identify thrush are:

  • Examination by a gynecologist.
  • Smear on flora.
  • Bacterial seeding.

Thanks to these techniques, the diagnosis, the doctor can make a diagnosis, but as a rule, to determine the presence of yeast infection gynecologist may have during the inspection. And to understand why from what appears thrush, require other diagnostic methods.

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What are the different methods of treating candidiasis in women?

Candidiasis is considered an insidious disease, so to ignore it in any case impossible. Without proper treatment the disease duration will be several weeks when the woman will not experience only discomfort, but also pain. For this reason, as soon as the first signs of the disease, you need to go to the doctor to he would study the symptoms, prescribe the necessary treatment.

Often women tend to treat candidiasis folk remedies, but will be much more effective medication. But only those that are prescribed by a doctor individually.

Treating the symptoms is possible by various means, and can be used oral drugs antifungal activity and vaginal preparations of local action. The first is a capsule or tablet. The course of treatment which can be single, and are designed for long-term treatment. These include Nystatin, Flucostat, Ketoconazole. To vaginal medicines of local action include vaginal tablets, suppositories and solutions. As a rule, these drugs are additional treatment that is assigned simultaneously with the administration of oral drugs. These include Nystatin in suppository form, Candide (solution), Miconazole (cream and suppositories) and other means that help to treat candidiasis.

You can also treat the candidiasis folk remedies that involves douching with herbal infusions. It is recommended to use folk remedies as a complementary means for the treatment of candidiasis, and not to replace their doctor prescribed medicines. The action of the medicinal herbs are to a greater extent to relieve symptoms but can not remove the cause of the emergence and development of the disease. To the medicinal herbs that have proven effective in the treatment of thrush, include the following: chamomile and sage. No less effective is douching with baking soda, which can also be treated thrush

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Preventive measures

As mentioned above, thrush can be transmitted sexually during sexual contact. Therefore, the main preventive measure is the mandatory treatment of both sexual partners. Otherwise there is a high risk of re-infection by Candida.

If one of sexual partners is the bearer of candidiasis or sick they are, even if symptoms are absent, you need to avoid sexual intercourse to eliminate the causes of thrush

So as not to infect the child with yeast infection during childbirth, it is necessary to treat the disease before birth. Of course, it will be a difficult and lengthy process. But remember that the treatment should be administered only on an individual basis.

In many cases, in parallel with antibiotics are prescribed anti-fungal medication that helps to destroy or completely prevent the occurrence of thrush.

We can conclude that the causes of thrush in women can be varied, but the treatment is urgent.