Abscess sexual lip: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Ulcers of the labia or abscesses in women are very common. They are the effect of many gynecological and General diseases. When the labia appear in such formations, it is necessary to consult the relevant doctor cannot treat them independently because you can only aggravate the situation.

Ulcers in the genital area lips appear through the factors that provoke this disease, are the consequence of many diseases.

Causes of ulcers

  1. In the period of inflammation of Bartholin’s glands, appear purulent pimples on labia – boils. They are very painful can cause itching, temperature. The reason for their appearance is adverse microorganisms that enter the gland.
  2. The disease may be the consequence of genital herpes. In the first stage appear water blisters. Over time, they turn into ulcers. If left untreated, develop into pus formation.
  3. Causative agents of genital infections — gonorrhea, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, trichomoniasis, are also causes. In home usloviyah this kind of ulcers will not cure. You must contact your gynecologist. Because sometimes such formations require an autopsy.
  4. Contributes to ulcers and chancroid. But in our latitudes it occurs very rarely. The chancre, is a venereal disease in a festering pimple. When it Matures (which is very painful) there is an ulcer with soft tissue.
  5. An abscess may form after the ulcer of the vulva the labia. This occurs even in virgins. The ulcer is of allergic nature. And occurs mainly when the girl is not watching genital hygiene.
  6. Lymphogranuloma venereum manifests itself in the form of bubbles, which at maturity burst and look like small sores.
  7. The primary stage of syphilis. After intimate contact with a person ill with syphilis. After some time, pus formation.
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Many infectious diseases can cause ulcers in the genital area of the lips.

External factors that can trigger the appearance of ulcers in the genital area of the lips:

  • lack of proper hygiene of the genital organs;
  • stress;
  • poor nutrition;
  • substandard underwear;
  • a poor immune system;
  • General malaise of the body;
  • hypothermia (during such ulcers itching is not observed, but they are very painful);
  • caused during hair removal injuries;


After the appearance of purulent lesions in the genital area of the lips is necessary to pass survey at the gynecologist, the dermatologist and virologist. In the definition of the disease also helps the blood analysis and bacterial crops.

You should not delay a visit to the hospital, if education is not held in one week, and when:

  • abscess changed color and shape;
  • appeared pus inside;
  • education unbearable pain and there is itching;
  • the increased body temperature.


The treatment of such diseases is conducted comprehensively. With the use of antibiotics, disinfectants and immune-boosting drugs and a variety of vitamins.

If not timely treatment may begin sepsis. In this case, use only surgery, pus formation open.

To avoid the appearance of acne sores on labia you must carefully observe genital hygiene. Wearing underwear only that are made with natural fabrics. To limit the number of sexual partners.

Boil on labia

Furuncle is a purulent formation of the labia. An abscess of this kind, the labia is a consequence of bartholinitis. It is characterized by a very painful passing and gives the patient much inconvenience. Bartholinitis comes after inflammation of the Bartholin gland, as well as diseases of gonorrhea or trichomoniasis.

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The boil appears at the center of the labia. Around the focus of infection the skin becomes red, is painful, there is itching and increased body temperature.


The boil occurs later purulent inflammation of hair follicle or sebaceous gland. If there is persistent abscesses in the region of the labia, then there are chronic diseases, pathologies or impaired metabolism. In such a situation, it is recommended to complete a comprehensive examination in order to determine the cause of such recurrence.

Furuncle in the region of labia has several stages of development: infiltration, necrosis and healing. First, there is a small red nodule that is accompanied by pain. After a while he becomes more and gaining purulent fluid. When ripe, it umjet and opened, the pus comes out. After pus will come out, there will be a pit with a necrotic core. After a while he will go, and the wound heals.

Boil a lot of problems and worries. In the period of occurrence of this disease is present malaise of the whole body, pain, discomfort. The abscess is opened for 4-5 days then the pain arrives.

Ulcers of this kind it is impossible to squeeze because you can begin complications. And the disease will spread further, there are follicles all over the skin. This is very dangerous, as it can begin furunculosis of labia.

How to treat a boil

Before you touch the ulcer and after you touch should be well washed hands with soap or some other antibacterial agent.

If after touching the education you will process of cooking food — you should be very careful to wash your hands so not to contaminate food.

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In the period of occurrence of the disease to carefully monitor the hygiene. Regularly take a shower.

During the removal of the ulcers using local anesthesia. After opening, apply the swab with antiseptic. In order for the wound heal faster, the doctor may prescribe UHF, infrared light irradiation, electrophoresis.

Local treatment includes compresses, which soften the purulent formation, reduce pain symptoms and contribute to the rapid maturation of the boil. After applying the compress on the abscess should be clean, dry bandage in the form of gauze. Boil you can’t squeeze, you need to wait, when he will reveal. This wound care is performed, until it is fully healed.

At the first signs of a boil you need to go to the hospital, it is impossible to self-medicate. Since self-treatment may only worsen the condition. To avoid this disease is necessary to monitor the hygiene of the genital organs. Depilation intimate areas is done properly and carefully. To lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and strengthen the immune system.