Aching ovaries: causes and treatment of pathology

Many women face this problem – pain in the ovaries. But few people know that sometimes these pains can be a signal of serious pathology, requiring surgical treatment. There are many reasons that cause pain in the ovaries, and to identify their only doctor. Why hurt your ovaries what to do in this situation? What reasons can cause pain in the middle of the peritoneum?

Why can appear pain in the ovaries?

The pain may be constant or appear in certain situations, acute or obtuse. It appears the ladies of any age, regardless of there pregnancy or not, can be triggered by inflammation or disruptions in the hormonal system. Rarely pain in the region of the ovaries may occur due to lesions of any other organ of the abdominal cavity. Also there were several instances when a woman complains that her aching ovaries, and the reason is the depressed or hysterical state.

Causes leading to pain, different and to reveal them, it is better to seek help from a specialist. Only the correctly chosen treatment will help to quickly remove all the symptoms and will not lead to serious complications. What to do if the pain gets worse, if there is a violation of the cycle?

Menstrual cycle: cause of pain

Often women see the pain in the ovary in different phases of the menstrual cycle. Most times, these pains do not bring danger and do nothing, gynecologists call them syndrome of ovulation. If there are any concerns, we can consult on the matter with a gynecologist.

If the sore ovaries during ovulation, it speaks about the normal functioning of the female body. This is due to the fact that the ovary is anguish, which penetrates the ovum, this process is also accompanied by bleeding. And peritoneum, as you know, has a huge number of nerve endings, so irritated and pain. Have pain when you ovulate has its special characteristics:

  • appear in the middle of the cycle;
  • aching lower abdomen and worried about unpleasant burning sensation;
  • continue to several hours and is held;
  • localized mostly on one side.

If ovulation has already passed, and must start your period at this time there is a pain and often it is accompanied by profuse discharge. At this time of the cycle is formed by the corpus luteum, necessary for production of progesterone. If the yellow body is not formed completely, there is a partial detachment of the mucosa in the middle of the reproductive organ, and this process causes pain.

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What to do if concerned about pain during intercourse?

Some women have unpleasant symptom in the ovary appears during sexual intercourse. What to do if there is throbbing pain in the abdomen during sex?

If women have no problems with the reproductive system, discomfort during sex or after it must not be disturbed. But if there is a burning sensation or pain, it can say that there is pathology that requires detection and treatment. In rare cases, the reasons for such feelings can be associated with the physiology of the body of women.

The factors causing pain during intercourse:

  • infection and inflammatory processes in the reproductive system;
  • ovarian tumors;
  • ovarian cysts;
  • adhesions in the pelvic area;
  • low production of secret of vagina dryness of the vagina;
  • too deep penetration of the partner;
  • strong tension of the muscles of the vagina.

There are many diseases that can provoke unpleasant symptom in the region of the ovaries. If nothing is done to reveal them, they can lead to serious consequences.

Inflammation of the ovaries and appendages

It is the inflammation often leads to pain, causing a burning sensation during intercourse. The disease in women in the acute or chronic form. Often, chronic form may be accompanied by a whiter appearance and disruptions in the menstrual cycle. In acute during fever.

If you start to hurt the lower abdomen and these feelings do not go long, but only intensified, increased body temperature. The pain moves to the lower back and sacrum – all of this suggests the presence of inflammation requiring urgent intensive care. If you do not take any measures, for a short time, the acute form becomes chronic, and in this case the symptoms in women are becoming less pronounced: aching abdomen, small discharge, violation of the cycle, decreased libido. But complications can be very serious in women revealed serious adhesions or infertility.

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It’s another one of the ovarian pathology, represents a cavity in the middle with fluid. Many of the women she is revealed only after the regular gynecological examination, or after it burst. In other cases, the cyst causes no symptoms, the only thing to say about it, so is the discomfort during sex, and heaviness in the abdomen. Also in women with cyst on ovary may be a lengthening of the cycle. If the cyst ruptured, then there is a sudden sharp pain, the pathology is accompanied by loss of consciousness, vomiting and nausea.

Endometriosis ovarian

This pathology requires a long therapy. Is the growth of tissue, which is beyond the region of the uterus and affects other organs in the abdominal cavity. The pathology is characterized by pain during a cycle, it hurts and pulls the lower abdomen, violations of the cycle, there is pain when urinating. If you do not start immediate comprehensive treatment, the result will appear adhesions and infertility.

Hyperstimulation syndrome

This syndrome often appears in women who have undergone hormonal therapy infertility. When the ovaries tend to grow in size, they appear a large number of follicular cysts. For this pathology the abdomen really hurts and there is swelling. Also, the women significantly increased body weight.

Ovarian rupture

Not notice this pathology does not, causing a sharp pain, which affects first the abdomen, then moves to the lower back and lower extremities. Women at rupture lose consciousness.


Neoplasms benign or malignant in no way appear at an early stage. As their growth, many women begin to complain that they have draws or pulls the lower abdomen. Appears dull pain and most often on only one side. The abdomen increases in size. Symptoms of tumors can also manifest itself as weight loss, General weakness of the body and disorders of the cycle.

To identify the cause of pain alone is not all women, so to avoid serious consequences is better to visit a doctor and make sure that the symptoms are not talking about the presence of serious diseases.

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What sore ovaries pregnant?

Pain in the ovary region, may appear in pregnant women. Often suffer from exactly the two ovaries and this is due to the fact that during gestation quenched ovarian function. Also, very often started to ache the lower abdomen, but the symptoms are caused by changes of the position of authorities and special load on the ligamentous apparatus of the appendages and genitals.

If the pain appears in the middle of the first trimester of pregnancy, this may indicate the presence of cysts of the yellow body. This condition to women’s health and the fetus is not dangerous, but can cause discomfort in the abdominal area can. But with the development of the placenta, the corpus luteum will disappear and the symptoms will go away.

Also in pregnancy, the abdomen may began to hurt because of spontaneous abortion when the fetus dies in the middle of the uterus. Besides pain in the abdomen there bleeding, the situation worsens very quickly if while carrying baby there are such symptoms then you need to go to the doctor.

Is attentive to their health and if any discomfort to disturb you in the middle, or has unexplained separation, began to hurt the lower abdomen, pulling the ovaries, the fever should immediately seek help from a specialist. Only when timely therapy is possible without complications to cure any disease.