Acipol for thrush — instruction and action

Thrush is an infectious disease, which causes microscopic yeast-like fungus affecting mucous membranes and skin. This fungus is present in the body almost everyone. Up to a certain time it is passive and does not like about its existence until you are exposed to influences provocative of the factors that give impetus to the uncontrolled multiplication of these microorganisms. So for thrush is important to find effective remedy that can relieve the patient from this disease. This drug is Acipol.

What should be the treatment?

With a yeast infection as soon as was first noticed the symptoms, you should visit your doctor to an infectious disease into a chronic form. Be aware that disease easily affects the bladder and intestines. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct full-scale comprehensive treatment to get rid of fungus and eliminate in the future all the factors that provoked them to reproduce. For this you can use Acipol.

What is Acipol and when it is used?

Pharmacological tool Acipol is an effective drug, which has antagonistic activity against opportunistic and pathogenic microbes. Acipol has a corrective effect on intestinal microflora, enhancing immune response.

Acipol is appointed and when dysbacteriosis, which arose for various reasons, the vagina, respiratory tract, throat, nasal sinuses, the intestines. It must be remembered that goiter is treatable in the case where the intestinal microflora is in a normal condition. Therefore, the drug Acipol, normalizing microflora, effectively eliminates the dysbiosis.

Acipol also prescribed for the following ailments:

  1. Acute intestinal infections (salmonellosis, rotavirus, dysentery, etc.).
  2. Bowel disorders or dysfunctions of the digestive system that are caused by pathogenic microbes (Klebsiella, Staphylococcus, etc.).
  3. Various diseases of the digestive system, which break the intestines (pancreatitis, gastritis, etc.).
  4. Complicated by enterocolitis and disbacteriosis in children.
  5. Inflammation of the respiratory tract, occurring in acute and chronic form. During treatment antibiotics, often causing the dysbiosis.
  6. Immunity is reduced. This is especially true of children who suffer from chronic diseases associated with bronchopulmonary system, gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, kidney and liver.
  7. Allergic manifestations (eczema, asthma, etc.), in the event of disturbance of the normal intestinal microflora.
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Also Acipol is used to enhance the body’s resistance to disease and for the prevention of dysbiosis, which appears on the background errors in the diet, antibiotic use, stress, colds, flu.

Contraindications include the use of Acipol for children, whose age does not exceed 3 months, or are hypersensitive to any component of the drug.

Thrush in pregnancy

Most drugs are prohibited for use during gestation, therefore, should refrain from self-medication. You should always consult
specialists for advice. Treatment for thrush will be effective, if at this time, abstain from sex, stick to the recommended diet, drink more fluids, and to observe the intimate hygiene without the use of various gels or soap.

Scientists believe that Acipol is not dangerous for pregnant women with a yeast infection because it contains bacteria and waste product of the kefir fungus. These ingredients will not harm baby and the mother. During this period, the drug often used to treat yeast infection and its prevention.

In the instructions for use not specified count with the dosage of the drug for pregnant women. Do not be afraid, as the use of medication is carried out according to standard dose for adults.

Recommendations during treatment of yeast infection Atipolab

In addition to the timely use of medication, must adhere to the other recommendations. If patient presents with thrush, it is desirable as often as possible to wash. However, the water should have an alkaline reaction. To achieve this, you can add a furatsilina or baking soda. After the procedure, to reduce itching, you can use baby powder.

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You need to follow the diet: the presence in food, hot spices and vinegar can cause increased itching and burning. Muffin, drinks, and meals that include yeast, create ideal conditions for breeding of harmful bacteria, so they should also be deleted. Without restrictions it is possible to consume milk and milk products, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

At the time of treatment will have to abandon exercise and visit the gym, because the sweat irritates delicate skin. During menstruation it is advisable to give up tampons. It is better to use pads, changing them 1 every 4 hours (at least).


Atipol is a highly effective pharmacological agent, which helps get rid of dysbiosis. The drug allows you to cure yeast infection in a short time. In its composition does not include aggressive for the person components. The drug is often administered to pregnant women.

However, one should not self-medicate and to take medicine without prior consulting a doctor. Often the consequences of the self-attempts to get rid of the disease lead to serious consequences that have to be addressed for many years. This does not happen, if the treatment takes place under the supervision of an experienced specialist.