Acne before menstruation: causes, treatment, symptoms

Very often it happens that before the period of menstruation a woman’s face covered with pimples. This is a valid reason for the disorder, and refraining from visiting public places and events. For girls that strives to take care of myself and be perfect in everything, the rash could be a disaster, which has the scale of global disasters. Often, problems poured immediately before the beginning of the menstrual cycle that are able to spoil mood not only adolescent girls but also Mature women.

Experts say that about eighty percent of all women, waiting period, subject to the undesirable phenomenon. But each of them can be in different periods. Someone pimples before menstruation be the harbingers of menstruation in puberty teen at the time, as other women are problem in adulthood.

With regard to the scattering of rashes, it can be both group and single type. However, once menstruation starts, the rash disappears and can give of myself to know anything until the next menstrual period.

The main causes of premenstrual rashes

Paying attention to the rash, it is worth noting that all manifestations on the skin are in the form of a scheme. This is the most direct way related with the menstrual cycle, which, in turn, is divided into certain phases. In order to fully represent changes in hormonal levels, it is necessary to highlight all the main phases of the menstrual cycle:

  • Ovulatory phase;
  • The follicular phase;
  • Luteal phase.

The follicular phase is due to the fact that the menstrual cycle is due to the rapid and estrogen production slows secretion of the sebaceous glands of women. Phase due to radical changes in the composition of the skin, therefore, it does not look greasy, and has a normal appearance. This is because the estrogen in control all the processes and contributing in the metabolic processes that are able to prevent pimples.

As for the next phase of the menstrual cycle, namely lutein, all processes in the female body has changed dramatically. Estrogen is practically not produced or is produced, but very poorly, the consequence is the activity of the sebaceous glands. Progesterone comes into the legal rights of this phase and begins to produce with very great intensity, causing pimples on the face. As mentioned earlier, all the phenomena mainly aktiviziruyutsya in the period before menstruation. It should be noted that reactions such as pimples are an active reaction of the body to accumulated allergic irritants, toxins and other harmful substances.

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Mostly such negative conditions can be considered as stress, family quarrels in the team, bad conditions of employment. Well as cause of the phenomenon of acne before menstruation can be a male hormones androgens, namely their very active development at the eighteenth day of the menstrual cycle.

The question of why before menstruation pimples, can best clarify the fact that in the period of maximum androgyny grow sebaceous glands. The cause of the phenomenon may be overeating and obesity. Acne before menstruation can occur due to active growth of pathogenic bacteria such as propionic, who often live on the surface of the skin.

Factors influencing the appearance of skin rashes in the form of pimples

In the premenstrual period, appearing pimples can due to some negative factors, which should be clearly distinguished:

  • pathological condition of the endocrine system in General;
  • teenage hormonal changes the body;
  • the maximum growth of the Horny layer of the skin;
  • disturbed fat metabolism;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • neural reboot and stress;
  • reduced immunity;
  • the use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • high humidity or high temperature environment;
  • frequent interaction with the aquatic environment;
  • substandard and non-sterile squeezing such skin defects as acne;
  • the use of hormones without proper appointing a highly qualified doctor.

Acne before menstruation usually occurs a few days before the onset of menstruation. The rash primarily affects the face but can often occur in the chest, back and buttocks.

It is also worth noting that in this period popping pimples mostly on my chin, this is where the rash usually appears and hits it in the extensive groups or single pimples. This is a sign that in the body there are diseases such as inflammation of the hair follicle or the sebaceous glands. Data is preceded by a state clogging of skin pores by excess fat or pieces of dead cells. Therefore, in this case, and appear acne red colour with signs of inflammation.

Remedies to get rid of premenstrual rash

How to get rid of acne in the premenstrual period is a question that requires the most comprehensive approach and requires consultation with an experienced specialist. It is also worth noting that it may not be very fast, since the treatment of the problem requires time and no small effort. To prevent the appearance of these unwanted problems is to observe the following simple rules:

  • Proper nutrition. This can ensure that all the processes in the body are to be held correctly, and cells will be possible to get enough nutrients for its normal functioning.
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Unreasonable diets can also provoke the appearance of lesions in order to avoid this, it is also needed correctly and rationally to eat. Is just just as possible to eliminate all harmful foods and provide your body the proper nutrition that contains all the necessary nutrients.

The diet of a healthy person should include vegetables, fruits, dried fruits. You need to eliminate fried and fatty foods also one of the most harmful products that can affect the condition of the skin is chocolate.

  • The next factor on how to prevent the hated skin, is the use of vitamins, minerals and auxiliary products in the form of tinctures, are able to raise overall tone of the body and restore the immune system.

One of the best bitters is a tincture of Siberian ginseng and peony. They contribute to the maximum elimination of slag and toxic deposits inside the woman’s body. If pimples on forehead regularly observed each month, you can take a course of bifidobacteria, which positively affect the intestinal flora and gets rid of rashes toxic nature.

  • The next effective tool in the fight against premenstrual acne – autohaemotherapy. This specific transfusion venous blood, which is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. However, this procedure is strictly appointed by a physician and performed under his control. In the event of a transfusion do not neglect the conditions of sterility, as the blood taken from the patient’s vein and this can cause infection.
  • Cleaning procedures – a pledge of purity and health of the skin. Cleansing should be performed twice a day using special high-quality cosmetic products.

The causes of rash may be different, but in the case when a rash appears on the face and affects the forehead, you should use a strong antiseptic, like salicylic acid. This drug can not cause any harm to the skin, therefore, it can be used on any phase of the menstrual cycle, as soon as will appear a rash on the face. The drug is able to clear the skin and rid them of pathogenic harmful bacteria.

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As you can see, the causes of acne can be very different and you should not wait until the eruptions will amaze the entire area of the person immediately appeared a pimple to anoint antiseptic or iodine. This will help prevent multiple emergence of these unpleasant phenomena.

  • Every girl should regularly check the condition of the skin and carry out cleansing activities. Should make masks based on clay and other drying substances. These tools help to dry the rash and relieve acne. To carry out cleansing event twice a week, that is enough as to rid the skin from excess oily fat and will be the main answer to the question of how to deal with pimples before menstruation, the causes of which can be varied.
  • One should not squeeze pimples. Producing these manipulations can be an infection in the skin. This can cause the causes of multiple re-precipitation, and other processes of an infectious nature, many of which can be dangerous not only for health, but for the life of the woman.
  • The premenstrual period is a very subtle and unpredictable period in the natural cycle. Consequently, all external factors can cause not only allergic reactions but also problematic skin lesions. To these negative factors to be minimized in this period is to limit the use of decorative cosmetics. This is because many cosmetic products are not of high quality, which can also cause acne.

What to do in this case, tell the doctor dermatologist, he will advise brands of cosmetics that have high quality or prompt how to reduce the consumption of cosmetics to a minimum, replacing the natural eco-friendly means.

In order for the skin during the premenstrual period remained fresh and did not have extraneous rashes, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the daily diet, and also to eliminate the negative factors.