Active points on the ear nerve endings and the impact on them

What are the nerve endings in the ear?

In Chinese medicine has long been there is such a thing as the acupuncture doctrine, according to which the ears are a great many special biological points. When exposed to is a positive impact on all body systems.

Active points on the ear help under certain conditions, to eliminate stress tension, headache or toothache, cramps. Let us consider in more detail what special areas are on the ears, and the organs which they are responsible.

The structure of the ear of the person

The anatomical structure of the human ear is known to us from the school because of the biology lessons. So we all know that the organ of hearing can distinguish sounds of different chastotnoi, vibration and noise. This functionality is due to the special structure of the ear.

Thus, there are following parts in the structure of the analyzer of the hearing:

  • the outer ear;
  • middle ear;
  • inner ear.

The outer ear represents the ear and the external auditory canal. It is the shell defines a different sound and thrust. It consists of special tissue and cartilage that is covered with skin and fat.

A length of the external auditory canal is 2.5 cm leads to the eardrum, which performs the role of a separator of the middle and external ear.

Help. It is worth noting that the outer ear is easily damaged or deformed, owing to what quite often is a violation of the original structure of the auditory organ.

The composition of the middle ear includes the tympanic cavity measuring approximately 1 cm3, which is represented by three auditory bones – hammer, anvil and stapes. The eardrum transmits the vibrations of these bones in turn, and then they go to internal Affairs.

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The middle ear through the Eustachian tube connects the nose and throat. Thanks to the Eustachian tube is the equalization of pressure in the ear cavity.

The inner ear is a hollow bone formation, which is located in the temporal bone that are composed of channels and cavities. The latter is represented by receptors of the hearing organ and vestibular apparatus.

The inner ear because of its unusual shape, called a labyrinth, which consists of the following departments:

  1. Ahead.
  2. Snail.
  3. Semicircular canals.

Help. The inner ear, specifically the maze has 2.5 turns, and the length of the cochlea is 32 mm.

The nerve endings in the ears

It has long been established that the ears aren’t normal on that allows you to capture sound waves, but for knowledgeable people – is also an indicator of a healthy body.

Thanks to its appearance of the ear shell resembles a human embryo, therefore, it is possible to define active areas on the ears, responsible for any body. For example, the lobe is the main point of the head, and the bowl of the ear can determine the status of the chest and treated.

Important. In that situation, if the internal organs are not in order, about such phenomena notifies the appearance at the respective stripes, spots, scars, or tubercles.

On the body the points are very unevenly distributed. Their greatest concentration is on the ears, there are more than 117 pieces. It is noteworthy that the human body is no more similar to the density of the location of the reflex zones.

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The invaluable importance of active points of the ear, which are on the cartilage near the ear canal is determined by their impact on such authorities:

  • heart;
  • kidneys;
  • pancreas;
  • light;
  • the liver;
  • intestines;
  • spleen.

Massage points on the shell can help in the treatment of musculoskeletal. The main area of the active points located in the upper part of the ear where the cartilage has ridges and swirls. In this case, they are responsible for:

  1. The vertebrae of the neck and lower back.
  2. Back.
  3. Elbows.
  4. Knees.
  5. Hands.

It is worth to note that in the case of paired organs, you must apply the matching rule of the parties, that is, in the treatment of the right kidney should have an impact on point of the right ear and respectively for the left kidney.

Various methods of impact point

To eliminate tension, or eliminate unpleasant feelings in the body use a variety of ways of influence on particular points.

This methodology is originally from ancient China and includes such popular methods of influence:

  • traditional acupuncture or acupuncture;
  • acupressure or pressure point massage;
  • electrical stimulation.

So as not to cause damage to the ear, it is very important not to overdo it and put pressure of the force that is required to start the process of self-improvement of the body. If the proper procedure, no pain shouldn’t occur.

The occurrence of pain may indicate that either the active points are used incorrectly, or with suitable body is not all right.

However, the implementation of such procedures still need to trust a qualified professional. And you can perform a light massaging of the ears, which will help relieve tension and headaches. Moreover, such manipulation is an effective method for additions to the treatment and prevention of otitis.

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The human body is a very complex system, all the possibilities which are never fully disclosed to scientists. Active points on the human body is a vivid example of the ability of the body to start rejuvenating and regenerating processes.