Acute laryngitis: symptoms and treatment in children and adults

How to treat acute laryngitis

The disease is called «acute laryngitis», is characterized as an inflammatory process that occurs in the mucous membranes of the mouth The reasons for the development of the disease can be direct, for example, the impact on the larynx of chemicals, hypothermia, and indirect, which can be attributed to diseases of catarrhal nature.

Acute laryngitis affects both adults and children. However, it is more severe and requires immediate assistance, the lack of such can cause a number of very serious complications.

The specificity of the disease

What is acute laryngitis? As mentioned above, this process of inflammation arising from the effects on the body of germs and bacteria. Usually the disease is paroxysmal in nature, that is, it develops rapidly in the background of the lack of apparent reason.

With regard to the factors that lead to pathology, they can mainly be the following:

  • Colds are caused by organism infection.
  • Inhalation for a considerable time the dirty or dusty air.
  • Excessive strain on the vocal cords.

The clinical picture

Acute laryngitis is a primary disease that affects the vocal cords, the development of the disease they are covered with a purulent scab, it causes cough, and severe pain. In General, the total clinical picture as follows:

  • Ringing, barking, ie, dry cough.
  • Burning and pain in the throat.
  • In children is often possible to observe some difficulty breathing because the inflamed sheath impede the normal flow of air.
  • The feeling of a foreign object, a lump in the throat.
  • A slight increase in body temperature.

The main treatment methods

The main treatment of acute laryngitis, the disease code in ICD 10 which — j04.0, lies not so much in taking medication and use of physiotherapy as in follow some rules, if neglected, may lead to the development of serious complications.

For example, acute obstructive laryngitis, croup otherwise, there is usually paroxysmal, which means providing instant aid. Man must create optimal conditions to prevent deterioration.

First and foremost, you should reduce swelling of the mucous membrane to exclude suffocation. To do this, the patient must inhale the vapors of hot alkali solution, which at home is a normal, diluted in water soda.

Further, to consult with a specialist, the patient should drink to prevent dehydration and removing toxins.

Acute catarrhal laryngitis in a child deserves a separate discussion, as it is quite dangerous condition that can occur unexpectedly. Attacks usually peak of the disease falls on the evening and night. In the absence of assistance the consequences can be severe.

The baby also needed a steam bath and a drink, which is a small amount of ordinary baking soda dissolved in warm water. In addition, it is necessary to humidify the air in the room where the child sleeps, in order to avoid worsening his condition.

Drug therapy

Quite unpleasant, and in some cases dangerous disease acute laryngitis. The symptoms and treatment of it in adults involve medication antibiotic actions which are prescribed by courses the duration of which is not less than 6 days.

Antibiotics are necessary due to the fact that illness — a consequence of infection with foreign and harmful pathogens. Reception of such preparations is fraught with certain disorders of the stomach, so it is recommended to use dietary supplements that minimize negative processes.

Treatment of acute laryngitis in adults and older children also involves regular rinsing of the area of the larynx disinfectant. They can cook at home, you need to brew a small amount of medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory effect.

It is also possible acquisition of the special means intended for rinsing. The choice of the most optimum in a particular case, the drug is a prerogative of the attending physician.

Treatment of acute laryngitis in young children who, because of age are not able to rinse the throat, includes the use of inhalation. Inhale vapors will not only help disinfect the inflamed areas of the mucosa, but also reduce the lesions of pathogenic organisms, soreness.

Inhalation can be based on normal saline, and on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs, natural essential oils, and so on. It is best to choose tools that not only have powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, but also effectively heal and soften the affected tissue.

How to treat acute laryngitis in addition to the antibiotics? You must also use sprays, which effectively irrigate affected mucous tissues. Active ingredients contained in such medicinal products, allow not only to eliminate the inflammation, but also to minimize pain and to prevent possible suffocation.

Traditional methods

The most dangerous and rapid acute laryngitis in children. The symptoms and treatment of processes that never sleeps. The symptoms usually appear in the evening and at night. Associated this fact with the fact that the child takes a horizontal position, and excessive dryness of air in a room intended for sleeping. However, the reasons can be different.

Anyway, the disease develops rapidly, there is a cough, which is similar to barking, ringing sound, the child feels choking. You must first soothe your baby, as panic can lead to deterioration of his condition.

Further, as in the case with adult patients, you must ensure the patient steam baths and drinking the alkaline solution. The specified funds inside necessary in order to reduce the overall toxicity of the body and also prevent moisture loss.

In addition, you must undertake the procedures of heating, which can include hot baths, lower has only the legs, and mustard.

When the acute phase of the attack a few passes, it is necessary to continue treatment prescribed by a specialist antibiotic means. You can also use homemade preparations, for example, a rinsing-based infusions of herbs, moxibustion.

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