Adenoids in the nose of a child: symptoms and treatment photo

What are adenoids in the nose?

Many parents wonder how to look at the adenoids in the nose of the child and whether it is possible to choose the right methods of dealing with this disorder?

The answer lies in the correct disclosure of the disease and the application of basic techniques of therapy aimed at getting rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.

The stage of the disease

Adenoids in the nose of the child was one of the most common pathologies in age from 2.5 to 6 years. Adenoid vegetations are located on the rear roof of the nasopharynx and resemble a cauliflower or a cock’s comb red.

Independent visualization of pathology is impossible. As this requires a qualified inspection otolaryngologist!

Depending on the proliferation of lymphoid tissue there are such degrees of pathology:

  • first degree is characterized by partial overlap of the breath in the nose, when adenoid vegetation close clearance Hoan (openings in the nose through which air enters);
  • at the second degree of the disease symptoms of the presence of adenoids in the nose invisible. Only when there is a cold formed cold not passing character and are not subject to ordinary methods of treatment;
  • third and fourth degree of pathology with the presence of pronounced signs of adenoids and requires immediate treatment.

Signs of development of adenoids nose

The symptoms and treatment of adenoids in the nose of the child are interrelated, as early detection of symptoms can prevent severe stage of the disease. The main manifestations of pathology:

  • breathing through the nose. This phenomenon is constantly observed nasal congestion, and wheezing during sleep or in everyday life. Thus the child changes the timbre of the voice and it appears with a nasal tone;
  • the presence of dry cough and pain symptoms in the throat occur quite often, as the mucous is exposed to a high load and begin to inflame. On the background of the development of the disease appear to parallel the disease acute;
  • appearance of mucous secretions from the nose. When inflammation occurs festering for pathology;
  • the change in the total behavior of the child. Small children are cranky and constantly crying. This interferes with the process of concentration and perception;
  • the occurrence of otitis media due to overlapping adenoids ear canal, which significantly reduces the quality of hearing and contributes to the development of pathologies in the ears;
  • wrong tooth structure of the jaw and occlusion is detected during the inspection at the dentist.

Important! Signs of adenoids is best to identify at an early stage of the disease, as in this case, the effective conservative therapies! At this stage, the pathology most often is treated successfully!

Diagnostic methods pathology

When an issue of whether it is possible to see the adenoids through the nose, experts assure that this procedure is impossible at home! For this purpose, special methods of investigation:

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  • the conduct of rhinoscopy (examination of the internal nose) with a special device. This technique has an age restriction and is not suitable for very young children;
  • the study of the nasopharynx with palpation by a medical doctor to determine the degree of proliferation of lymphoid tissue;
  • radiography allows to consider in detail the location of the adenoids in the nose;
  • the use of the endoscopic technique allows to consider the level of overlap of the nasopharynx and the ear canal.

If parents are interested in the question of what the adenoids in the nose, the pathology can be seen in the photo:


Methods of treatment of adenoids in the nose depends on the extent of the lesion pathology and is based on the use of conservative therapies and the use of surgical intervention. When the first and second degree are the following ways of treatment:

  • the use of nose drops different degrees of effects (antiseptic, glucocorticosteroid, moisturizing products). Prescription of drugs depends on the disease and common signs of pathology.
  • nasal irrigation using physiological solution and moisturizing products based on sea water. As the effective means use saline solution, Aqua Maris, Humer, and other means.
  • supplementation homeopathic effects (Sinupret, Sinuforte). The effectiveness of the medication based on the effects of plant components of natural origin and the absence of serious contraindications;
  • the holding of inhalations based on medical herbs (mint, eucalyptus, sage, oak bark, chamomile). The procedure involves the inhalation of fumes used broth and facilitates the breathing of a child;
  • treatment with cryotherapy (using low temperatures). Technology of application of the methodology contributes to pain relief and eliminates the negative manifestations of pathology;
  • strengthening the immune function of the organism (vitamins, proper nutrition, hardening and moderate load on the body). You can also give the child to sports section to improve the overall physical condition.
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In the absence of the effectiveness of the methods outlined above, doctors prescribe surgery for removing adenoids.

Important! If in the nose, enlarged adenoids, use all prescribed methods of therapy, and further progression of the disease to apply surgical!

The third and fourth level of pathology is an indication for removal of adenoids in my nose. This operation is not recommended for children under 5 years of age. But in severe disease procedure must be carried out in a short time!

The conduct of adenotomy is to remove enlarged lymphoid tissue with the use of special tools. The procedure is performed under General or local anesthesia only in the medical conditions! The rehabilitation period after the manipulation is on average from 2 to 4 weeks.

In modern medicine actively using methods of adenoidectomy nose using a laser, shaver and ablator. The advantage of these methods is based on the relative painlessness of the process and minimal risk of complications.

Important! Operations to remove the adenoids is appointed in accordance with the obvious indications for the procedure and the exclusion of possible contraindications and complications!

Prevention of the disease

After a thorough study of the concept, what are adenoids in the nose and the main methods of therapy should comply with preventive measures to prevent the development of pathology.

  • the correct way of life (the use useful products in food, exercise);
  • quick detection and treatment of respiratory diseases of infectious origin (duration of therapy of these pathologies for at least 10-14 days);
  • permanent full dental restoration and treatment of pathologies of a chronic nature;
  • timely visit to the audiologist on a regular schedule (twice a year).

Important! The simple rules of prevention ensures the prevention of occurrence of adenoids in the nose and the elimination of possible complications pathology.


The appearance of the adenoids in the nose has factors of different origin. An important aspect in eliminating the disease is the timely diagnosis of pathology and the application of methods of effective therapy!

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In some cases, surgical intervention is necessary and the use of adenotomy helps to remove unpleasant phenomena in children!