Adult green snot: causes and treatment how to treat

How to treat green snot from an adult?

Snot green, as a rule, accompany the person for colds, bronchitis, if it enters the respiratory system bacterial infections. Nasal discharge in this case have a characteristic greenish color, due to the special cells, which the disease is diagnosed.

If the mucosa of the nose is working, you highlight transparent. Improper operation of a mucous membrane or the penetration of pathogenic flora, are abundant discharge from the nose. After a few days the snot thicken and acquire a certain color.

Causes snot

If you experience nasal discharge is green, you should consult with an otolaryngologist. Doctor conducted the visual inspection, further carried out the smear and send it for laboratory investigation.

You may also need x-ray the nose, for exception of diseases such as sinusitis and sinusitis.

If after the study in smear detected neutrophils, it indicates the growth of pathogenic flora.

With the destruction of the neutrophils produce chemicals paint snot.

Nasal mucous membrane is aimed at protecting the organism from contamination of pathogenic microorganisms.

For it to work properly, the temperature in the room should be in the range of 20 degrees and a humidity of 60%. Such conditions prevent drying of the mucosa and ensure its normal functioning.

Snot green signal about the decline of protective functions of the body. There are many reasons behind these selections:

  • the consequence of an allergic reaction,
  • the penetration of the virus,
  • reproduction of bacteria
  • adaptation to a new climate zone;
  • hypothermia, which frequently occurs in autumn and winter,
  • close contact with people suffering from infectious disease
  • the weakening of the immune system.

What is the meaning of snot green? The intensity of color you can judge the size of the inflammatory process. The brighter and richer the nozzle, the greater the inflammation.

Highlight the green color did not appear suddenly. Their arrival is preceded by the initial stage of the disease, which manifests itself in the form of sneezing and clear discharge education. If this moment is missed, or applied a wrong treatment, there is a runny nose with green snot.

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Bright green snot bring significant discomfort, weakness, headache, difficulty in nasal breathing. To prevent the development of complications with a nozzle must be fought.

Possible complications:

  • sinusitis,
  • sinusitis,
  • otitis media,
  • meningitis.

To prevent the development of complications, snot should be treated promptly and correctly. Today pharmacological market is saturated with different drugs aimed at combating rhinitis.


How to treat green snot adult tell the specialist. The first thing is diagnosis, which identifies the cause of rhinitis. And then the doctor selects effective therapy for each patient individually, taking into account personal characteristics of the organism and age.

Nasal lavage with saline

Causes and treatment of green mucus in the adult are closely linked. Once discharge starts, it is necessary to flush the nose out with saline.

You can perform this procedure for adults and children, it is safe and effective.

The nose is cleaned of dust, mucus, pathogens. A thick snot rasizada and very easy to vismarkt.

Rinsing of the nose is performed and for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases.

In drugstores there are special ready-made solutions: Nasal, Throat and others.

If there are none at hand, saline can be made at home, the main thing to withstand right dosage. To prepare it you need a teaspoon of table or sea salt and half a liter of water. Mix the components until dissolved. Rinse the nose at least 4 times a day.


The first drugs assigned — vasoconstrictor drops. The most effective medications are: Vibrocil, Gasolin, Nazol.

Drugs for a short period of time to reduce the swelling of the mucosa and restore nasal breathing.

Feature drops with vasoconstrictor effect is that they cannot be used for long periods of time. They can be addictive and cause dryness of the mucosa.

Also, do not violate the set dose, because it can lead to dizziness and change in blood pressure that will affect the overall health of the body.

The use of silver

Very often assigned Collargol. This drug silver has antimicrobial effects. Previously it was widely used for the treatment of rhinitis. Today it is used quite rarely, as scientists have proved the harmful buildup of salts of silver. Here is a complete review preparatov based on silver.

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The drug is Sulfacetamide eye drops, but it is prescribed for the treatment of green mucus. As it has an antibacterial effect on most microbes. Sometimes, this drug is much more effective antibiotics.

Antibacterial agents

If after applying the local treatment of the symptoms of the infection persist, the doctor prescribes the use of local antibacterial agents in the form of drops: Bioparox, Izofra, Polideksa and so on.

Also has bactericidal vaccine local action — IRS 19, which provokes the body’s production of antibodies, to protect it.

Widely used tool in the form of drops, based on plant extracts — Pinosol. It has antiseptic properties and facilitates nasal breathing.

Antibiotics for green snot is assigned when the patient developed complications. Used drugs penicillin: Augmentin, Amoxicillin. These drugs can cause an allergic reaction, so take them with caution. If you have any allergies penicillin is changing microlipid. The most common are Azitroks and Sumamed.

Traditional medicine

To fight the common cold in the initial stages, and to complement the treatment by using traditional medicine.

Important! Before using folk methods, you should consult with your doctor.

Among the most effective methods of traditional medicine are the following:

  • Instillation into the nasal stroke of aloe juice, onion, Kalanchoe.
  • Treatment with inhalation. They can be carried out using boiled potatoes, decoctions of medicinal plants. This process should be approached with caution, as careless actions can cause burns.
  • If the body is overcooled, it is necessary to soar feet. This method is very effective and will prevent the development of rhinitis. After raspalis feet, put on wool socks in which to pour dry mustard.
  • To remove inflammation in the nose will help mixed in equal parts juice from vegetables: potato, carrot, beet.
  • Great healing power of honey. It should be diluted NAT solution and instilled into the nose. It is forbidden to melt the honey by heating, as this leads to the loss of its healing properties.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: water, broth hips, stewed fruit or weakly brewed tea with lemon.
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To prevent the emergence of green snot can apply preventive measures. What would have been a disease easier to prevent than to treat.

If the cause of green mucus — adverse conditions in the housing, the temperature must be reduced, and the air moistened.

Daily to ventilate the room, no matter summer or winter. In winter, the duration of the ventilation can be reduced, as during some time to leave the room.

A sufficient amount of time to be in the fresh air, exercise walking or Cycling. Dress for the weather to prevent overheating or overcooling of the body.

To make physical activity aimed at health improvement. To strengthen the immune system hardened by walking barefoot in the dew. The diet should be balanced with enough vitamins and minerals.

It is very important to establish the drinking regime. Profuse discharge from the nose lead to a reduction of fluid in the body that must be replenished.

If the green snot is a manifestation of allergic reactions, you need to get rid of allergens, it could be dust, animal dander, medications, pollen and so on.

Keep an active lifestyle, spend more time outdoors and then the green snot won’t bother you. Be healthy!