Afrin during pregnancy: reviews and manual

Is it possible during pregnancy to use Afrin?

Pregnancy is a dangerous time, because the immune system is compromised, and to find the right medicine that will not harm the fetus very difficult.

Sometimes you can find recommendations to use the drops or Afrin spray for the treatment of rhinitis. But is it Afrin during pregnancy? Try to understand.

Drugs Afrin

Under the trademark Afrin is available several different medicines, each should be considered separately.

For the treatment of the common cold and getting rid of swelling apply vasoconstrictor spray Afrin, for nasal irrigation and moisturizing of mucosa – Afrin Pure sea.

Important! These two agents are different active ingredients, and hence, indications and contra-indications are also different.

Vasoconstrictor spray

The active ingredient in this drug is Oxymetazoline, an adrenomimetic which binds to alpha-receptors, and are attracted to this place adrenaline. And he, in turn, contributes to narrowing of blood vessels, relieve swelling, relief from nasal congestion.

Please note! Oxymetazoline is practically not absorbed in the blood at nazalnam use.

Afrin is used to treat rhinitis of various nature:

  • allergic;
  • vasomotor;
  • infectious: viral or bacterial rhinitis.

Including its used in complex treatment of sinusitis, sinusitis and other sinusitis, inflammation of the Eustachian tube and other similar diseases.

Important! The Afrin is not necessary to treat atrophic rhinitis.

And this is not the only contraindication. It should not be used in conjunction with other vasoconstrictor drugs during inhibitors MOA. Also, do not recommend it for children up to 6 years.

People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, use the spray with caution.

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We should not forget about possible side effects. They occur very rarely, and yet you should not write them off. Afrin can cause increased blood pressure and similar symptoms. In addition, you may experience dry mouth and nasal cavity.

Important! With a long reception possible atrophy of the mucosa.

The main and most important feature of Afrin that because it contained additional substances that, when ingested spray thickens and settles on the walls of the nose and drains down your throat like many other drugs.

Afrin during pregnancy: instructions for use

And whether it is possible to use it during pregnancy? According to the instructions to use this spray pregnant, but it is possible.

In that case, if the risk from the use of the drug is lower than the risk from diagnosed disease.

On the one hand, as you may remember, this drug is not absorbed in the blood and in the milk of lactating women and if it penetrates, then the quantity, which does not allow to determine the hit.

On the other – the test of the drug on pregnant and nursing women and children were not conducted, and therefore to say with certainty what effect it will have on fragile organisms, it is impossible.

Important! Especially dangerous is the use in the early stages of pregnancy, but even at the 3rd and 2nd trimester to use Afrin only on prescription.

According to the manual, children older than 6 years and adults is supposed to be adopted by a two-to three-fold injections in each nostril. And this should be done not more than once every 10-12 hours.

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Afrin Pure sea

In contrast to previous drug Afrin Pure sea is shown even for children from 2 weeks, since it includes only a purified solution of sea water.

Is this preparation for hydration of the mucosa and nasal lavage and getting rid of excess mucus.

For example, before applying other medications.

Afrin Pure sea is available in two types: spray for children aged two years and adults and drops for children up to two years, which it is impossible to inject the spray. However, adults can also apply drops if they are so comfortable.

Naturally, Afrin pure sea during pregnancy can apply. However, just in case, still need to consult with your doctor.

Please note! Because a Clean sea is only sea water, the frequency of use of the drug is not limited.

So if you need to wash the nose, to get rid of excess mucus or moisten the mucosa, then you can safely use the spray or drops Afrin during pregnancy.


Svetlana: «Other vasoconstrictor drugs did not help me because of the dripping in the throat, so during pregnancy I used the Afrin. Very helpful, breathing immediately became easy.»

Oksana: «my nose is stuffed up almost constantly for several years. On the background of pregnancy this condition was still acute. In the first pregnancy dripping the Nose, a second doctor prescribed Afrin. The result felt at once, the nose began to breathe. Was afraid that will not hurt you drug the baby, but the doctor said not to breathe even worse.»

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