After laparoscopy stomach ache: what to do?

For many girls and ladies laparoscopy has become an excellent way to get rid of various diseases. Discomfort when such intervention is small, and risks to life are reduced. The recovery period usually is easier than conventional surgical procedures. But patients often experience pain after laparoscopy. Discomfort often «attack» the lower abdomen. And, of course, ladies are worried, if the pain persists for a long time. If during the operation were eliminated ectopic pregnancy or cyst, the discomfort can be annoying some time. To help overcome these disappointments, the doctor may advise painkillers. But it happens that the stomach is bothering the patient itself, and in combination with a temperature, vomiting. This situation may be the result of complications. So, without professional assistance do not work.

How dangerous is laparoscopy?

To the possibilities of laparoscopy medicine uses not only when it is necessary to eliminate the ills of «women’s sphere» but also for diagnosis. Ladies who are preparing for the procedure, always wonder about the risk of such an operation. Laparoscopy carries much fewer risks than traditional surgical option. This type of operation is characterized by minimum injuries in the abdominal cavity of the patient through 2 small incisions, the endoscope is introduced. Further, the screening or removal of an organ affected by disease. Tissue damage of the peritoneum during this procedure is minimal (not to compare with the cuts that accompany normal operation).

Thanks to a tiny video camera located at the tip of the endoscope, surgeons can examine the patient on the monitor. This fact several times reduces the probability of admission of any error during the operation. Adhesions in patients also appear very rarely. Significant advantage for ladies is the fact that a lot of scarring after this procedure can not be afraid. To stay long in hospital after the operations the woman will not. Before you write the lady, the doctor definitely will examine it, tell me when you will need to remove the stitches, and, of course, explain to the patient what she will soon have to refrain that you need to pay attention.

This files most often by laparoscopy, General anesthesia is used. Of course, bringing into the consciousness of the patient, the doctor checked her reflexes, assess overall health. In the first days after surgery pain is strong enough, but it is a natural phenomenon. Most patients say that the feeling of bloating, «oppressive» on the abdomen, recedes after a couple of days.

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The difficulties of the recovery period

You have to understand that for the body a shock is any wound (even done for medical purposes – as in this case). But the complexities that come after the usual operations, is not peculiar to laparoscopy. Healthy organs during this procedure are not affected, blood loss is negligible. But a woman can confuse a strong bloating, which show up soon after surgical procedures. Such «surprises» do not indicate the presence of complications and often.

In order to forget about the bloating, you should avoid products with high calorie content, from all fatty and fried. After suffering interference in the body you need diet food: yogurt, cereal, boiled chicken or Turkey, apples, crackers. Forget about alcohol, at least for a month.

If the seams were imposed tight, pain can occur quite rapidly. But she concentrated in the areas of the stomach where the sutures are fused. Anyone with a recovery period marred by this nuisance, you want to know how many will have to endure the discomfort. In cases where the acute inflammation in the seam do not occur, the pain will gradually «melt», and after 5-6 days after surgery, you will not remember.

It is important to treat the seam with antiseptics every day until it heals. And bead appearance to watch. Strongly reddened area of the skin and burning sensation, colic (ibid.) may indicate that suppuration could not be avoided. So, without any hesitation, you should consult a specialist.

Sometimes women forget to take a bath and to actively engage in not charge them at least 2 weeks after discharge. Sexual contact during this period should also be avoided. Otherwise, you can create obstacles to a quick recovery. It happens that during the operation were damaged vessels or ruptured tissues. Then a feeling of irritation of the peritoneum may disturb you a week or even longer. The discomfort usually increases when cornering. If the pain is not held long enough (and you observe sparing mode), tell your doctor. You may need pain medicine.

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After the removal of tumors on the ovaries or in the uterus, some women have aching right side. The pain often increases with movement and with a deep breath. What is this feature? Usually the «culprit» discomfort becomes carbon dioxide. In the process of surgical manipulation of the gas is run into the peritoneal cavity, in order to simplify the inspection bodies. The residual bubbles, which will «escape» out, and create more trouble for you. However, if the pain in the right side you have a very sharp, need to see a doctor. It is possible that after surgery you aggravated some chronic illness. Known cases where women who underwent laparoscopy, inflamed appendicitis.

How to understand that «feminine» is everything okay?

If a laparoscopy the doctor has assigned to you to help restore reproductive function after surgery may disturb the mind: «what if my condition worsens?». In fact, this development of events is unlikely. But it is easy to understand ladies who get scared if soon after the procedure, the abdomen starts to hurt. Discomfort may be accompanied by «failures» in the menstrual cycle. Experts claim that there is nothing wrong in this.

You need to be wary when the abdomen covers a lot of pain, and vaginal bleeding out in large numbers. Having had such symptoms, contact the doctor. If first period, which began after laparoscopy — too painful, the gynaecologist may refer the woman ultrasound. It is important to make sure that there is no inflammation in the uterus and in the ovaries of the patient.

Excessive responsibility and activity, common to many daughters of eve, are also able to add them difficulties. Some ladies, overestimating their capabilities in the first week after discharge, clutching at home, can lift something heavy in the harvesting process. The result is that the lower abdomen is starting to ache and hurt. Here is the most reasonable way for women will «settle down» and send the bulk of the attention on herself. About the comfort of his household you will be better able to take care of when the body to recover after surgical procedures.

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Complications are rare, but possible

For many girls and women laparoscopy has become a real «gift of fortune». After using this procedure, someone got rid of the sweltering body of the tumor, and someone was lucky to eliminate infertility. As this type of surgery is for the body the most gentle, every woman hopes that complications avoid.

But knowing about possible negative consequences of laparoscopy does not hurt. Known cases when a surgical instrument was wounded intestines, bladder. Very rarely cardiovascular damage. If the operation was performed incorrectly, the patient formation of adhesions. A poorly superimposed seam creates a threat of suppuration.

«Sound the alarm» and call a physician is recommended when these signs:

  • Piercing pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The temperature noticeably increased.
  • You have a weakness, there is a brief loss of consciousness.
  • Headache, often dark eyes.
  • It is difficult to go «small».
  • In the wound you see pus.

Try to objectively assess your own feelings. It’s one thing to feel discomfort in those areas where we made cuts, but having a frightening pain covers the entire belly.

Before you send a patient for a laparoscopy, the doctor will explain in detail what dangers may lie in wait. But we should clarify that with complications after this procedure, women rarely have. If you are concerned about pain after discharge, do consult a doctor. It is better to be a «caution» than to harm your health.