After piercing the ear was formed Shishka: why formed and what to do

Why after ear piercing bumps are formed?

The pain appearing after puncture of the lobe, there is often enough. After piercing of the ear is required every day to treat the puncture. The only way you can protect your body from the penetration into the fracture skin viruses and microbes. If the puncture time with the formation of seals, it is necessary to turn to the beautician.

If the ear does not follow, then formed atheroma. It subsequently removed surgically. The appearance of the atheroma is caused by dysfunction of the sebaceous glands. What to do if after piercing the ear was formed Shishka, let us examine this material.

Causes of lumps after ear piercing

In medical practice the appearance of bumps on the puncture site of the ear, is a frequent phenomenon and is called a sebaceous cyst is a neoplasm which brings a lot of unpleasant symptoms.

Sore formation is due to a failure of the sebaceous glands.

Because of violations of functions, there is a blockage that does not allow the secret to come out.

Because sebaceous glands do not stop their work, the secret continues to stand out and accumulate.

Over time, it becomes too much and begins to form a seal in the shape of a small ball, which on palpation palpable and painful.

The reasons for the emergence of atheroma are many, but among the main factors there are the following symptoms:

  • violation of the rules of hygiene;
  • low immunity;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal imbalances;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • an improper diet.

Any of these factors, after piercing of the ears can lead to the formation of atheroma on the ear. In addition, the appearance of bumps often causes excessive sweating of the body.

The initial stage of this disease is usually not characterized by any pain and practically does not cause any discomfort.

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If you do not pay for atheroma any attention, over time the lump will increase in size and will be a cosmetic defect.

Over time, it formed the inflammatory process, which may further contribute to the complications.

In this case, the stage of the disease will be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • high body temperature;
  • dizziness;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • severe nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • pain, increasing to the end of the day;
  • purulent discharge.

When the first manifestations of atheroma, immediately consult a doctor. It will put an accurate diagnosis and will tell you why after ear piercing bumps are formed and how they should be treated.

Methods for the treatment of atheroma

If after puncture of the ear that left a lump, but when pressed it does not cause any pain, most likely sebaceous cyst go away on its own.

At this time it is important not to touch the seal place and especially should not try to squeeze. This will inevitably lead to the formation of inflammation.

If after a certain time, lump persists and starts to cause discomfort, it’s time to go to the doctor.

For starters the specialist will be asked to complete the diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of the problem.

If the diagnosis reveals that the lump formed as a result of infection, it is likely you will be prescribed treatment with antibiotics.

They will help to relieve inflammation and to prevent relapse, your doctor will prescribe additional medicines.

If the cause of the disease is not in itself infectious character and signs of inflammation are absent, treat the atheroma in two common ways.

  1. The first method is pulling content using ointment after preliminary mixing. This technique may be feasible if only you went to the doctor in the early stages of the disease symptoms until accumulation had a chance to harden.
  2. The second method is a surgical procedure. This method is prescribed when there is a possibility of a breakthrough of fluid into the subcutaneous tissue.
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Both options can be performed only in a medical facility performed by an experienced physician. Don’t try to make it at home yourself.

It is worth considering that the removal of sebaceous cysts at home is impossible. It requires professional surgical skill, so leave it to a specialist.

In addition to surgical removal of the atheroma can be removed using laser or radio waves. Data treatment methods are very costly, but more effective than surgery and do not require after a long process of healing and rehabilitation.

In addition to these treatments, there are many popular methods of combating atheroma.

Unfortunately, none of them will be able to give you a positive result in the disappearance of the bumps, but can significantly slow its growth.

To resort to traditional methods should be when there is no possibility to use any of the above two ways.

Folk remedies will not give rise to the atheroma until then, until you go to the doctor and remove the tumor.


Don’t forget that the smaller the atheroma, the easier and cheaper to remove it. Therefore, when the first symptoms do not delay going to the doctor.

Undoubtedly, the best prevention of atheroma is the content of the earlobe in the proper purity. Don’t forget to wash your hands regularly and be careful when you puncture the ear. Do it only in specialized institutions. Always wear earrings that will not cause you allergic reactions.

Eat right and lead an active lifestyle. The main thing to remember is that atheroma of the ear lobe disease is not terrible, but only if you do not delay her treatment.

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