After the pool, laying the ear: what to do at home

What to do if laid my ear after swimming?

Summer recreation and swimming in the warm sea can be significantly marred by the same problem as the feeling of stuffiness in the ears or the occurrence of the so-called «swimmer’s ear». Such phenomenon develops in the outer part of the ear constantly gets water.

This problem is familiar to many professional athletes in the pool and many swim fans. So, after the pool, laying the ear: what to do at home and how to behave? Discuss this in more detail.

Causes of congestion in the ears

To trigger this uncomfortable condition can brand a variety of factors. The most common causes of feeling of stuffy ears include the following:

  • sudden changes in atmospheric pressure when flying on airplanes occur pressure drops, which causes the indentation inside the middle ear the tympanic membrane. As a result, the person feels congestion in the ears and arching pain. This phenomenon can be observed when diving to great depths;
  • increased blood pressure – this is evidenced by such symptoms as, feeling of stuffiness in the ears, also noted palpitations and dizziness;
  • getting in-ear water – often occurs after swimming in the pool or pond. The ear lays, if after a swim, the water was unable to drain fully from the organ of hearing;
  • irritation – if the pool laying the ear, it may indicate about the negative impact of chlorine and other reagents used in the purification of water;
  • the penetration of infection even in the pool, despite treatment, the water may not be sterile, not to mention open water. The ear can easily penetrate the pathogens and subsequently trigger the development of otitis;

  • physical weight training – this condition in this case may occur due to improper breathing while performing strength exercises or the lack of, or too short rest between sets;
  • ear tube – excessive secretion of a sulfur mass can lead to the formation of ear plugs, which causes congestion and hearing loss.

Help. In rare cases may the combination of several factors that increases the risk of unpleasant consequences.

Laid the ear after swimming: what to do at home

As we have seen, a factor of feeling of stuffiness of the ears after the pool is the penetration of water. So, what to do if ears are plugged up after the pool?

To remove water trapped in the ear is quite simple, besides there are a variety of ways.

So, you can hop on one foot, tilting his head to the side so that his ear laid was at the bottom. Or you can just tilt your head and gently pull ear lobe down and away. The water is drained from the ear canal itself (detailed below illustrates how to do this).

If such actions do not help, you can try to take the following ways:

  1. Lie on your side and some times a good to swallow.
  2. Tilt your head, and palm to create a small pressure inside, pressed it to his ear and sharply to pull up. So the liquid will come out of the ear.
  3. To minimize the flagellum of wool and gently close the ear canal. This flagellum will absorb the liquid that has accumulated in the ear.

Important! All the experts in one voice say that it is categorically impossible to apply a cotton swab after swimming because they are the real carriers of the infection.

If water gets into the middle ear

If after all the events, the liquid has successfully evolved from the ear, however, the discomfort and the congestion does not pass, besides itself with pain, hearing loss, the probability of penetration of water into the cavity of the middle Department.

In this situation, to eliminate the discomfort will help turundy soaked in warm boric alcohol, but not hot!

To change these tampons a couple times a day, they will help reduce soreness and eliminate the feeling of congestion.

You can use a special ear drops, possessing analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. For these purposes well suited to such drugs as «Drops» and «Otinum».

Help. Self-application of drugs should be very careful because they all have certain contraindications and application features.

If such action has not had the desired result, and the pain became unbearable with a strong shot, while there is a fever, you should immediately consult a specialist. The doctor establish an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Preventive measures

To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon after bathing you need to perform a series of preventive measures to protect the auditory organ against ingress of water and as a result feeling of stuffiness.

So, when swimming in the pool must:

  • to use special plugs that prevent water from entering the ear canal;
  • wear a swimming cap, which is also able to protect the ears;
  • after swimming, the ear must be well cleaned and dry, it’s just better to leave attempts to reach the moisture with cotton sticks.

Important! Pool, river, sea – should not dive and plunge into the water, if there is no confidence in its security, so it is possible to avoid infection.

It is especially important for rivers during algal blooms, as there has been rapid development of pathogenic microorganisms.

The human ear is very difficult, therefore any slightest deviation from the normal functioning can lead to the failure of all systems of the hearing.

So, if you know all the security measures and how to remedy the feeling of stuffiness in the ear after you swim, you need not worry about the occurrence of unpleasant consequences. In this case, swimming in the pool or just relaxing by the water can be a nice pastime.

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