Akvamaris during pregnancy: instructions for use, 1, 2, 3 trimester

Can I take throat during pregnancy?

The common cold is a General name given to a number of infectious diseases. Some of them are quite harmless, albeit sometimes bring inconvenience, others require immediate and serious treatment. Especially dangerous are colds for pregnant women.

First, because of reduced immunity, leaving the woman alone against a hostile environment, and secondly, due to the fact that any infections in mother can be transmitted to the fetus, thirdly, because a pregnant woman is difficult to find treatment. Pregnant women are often advised to treat drugs Akvamaris. Is it possible the Throat during pregnancy?

The range of pharmaceuticals, and Throat

The throat is a natural cures for the prevention and complex treatment of colds. The composition of these funds includes only sea water, sometimes essential oils and additional mineral salts. It is effective even if stuffy nose, no runny nose.

In line Akvamaris includes:

  • spray Akvamaris Standards – suitable for adults and children two years of age. Intended for the treatment and prevention of the common cold;
  • drops Akvamaris Plus – for children from one year. Intended for the treatment of snot and repair damaged mucosa;
  • drops Akvamaris strong – with a high content of mineral salts. The effect of the drug on the efficiency comparable to vasoconstrictors;
  • lake for nasal irrigation – is designed for daily hygiene of the nasal cavity.

Attention! Under the brand name Akvamaris available as a treatment for throat and ears.


Sea water is very good at interacting with the nasal mucosa: it soothes, cleanses, helps produce the protective layer, combats excessive dryness of the mucous membrane. In addition, it washes away from cavities and sinuses of dirt, dust, foreign particles, viruses, bacteria and allergens.

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Due to this, a nasal congestion, and Throat is of great help in any case, whether it be infection, Allergy, or rhinitis of pregnant. This phenomenon is easily explained: the amount of blood in the pregnant woman’s body increases, hence there is an excess of fluids, and as a result, swelling of the mucosa.

Remember! A runny nose can be a symptom of a more serious illness!

It is important to distinguish sinusitis from a cold. But it is best to consult a doctor in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

For pregnant women

The first paragraph of the instructions for use Aquamarina during pregnancy is to consult a doctor. Yes, the drug is considered harmless except in those cases where there is an Allergy to components of medication, and still uncontrollably to accept it, especially pregnant women, should not.

Otherwise, everything just. If we are talking about drops, and for the prevention and treatment of the common cold normally takes 2-3 drops in each nostril. Spray psychout also usually 2-3 times. You should carefully monitor your reaction to the medication. Possible manifestations of Allergy.

Important! In the event of nasal discharge, itching or burning, the use of the drug should be discontinued.

In addition, and Throat when pregnancy for 1, 2 and 3 trimester are equally harmless.

Akvamaris during pregnancy: reviews

The web is easy to find reviews on this drug, and most of them are positive.

Young mother Elena: «I used to constantly toiled with allergic rhinitis, and even when she became pregnant, he became my constant companion. Akvamaris very helpful. Reliable means».

A young mother Lydia: «In the middle of the pregnancy, I very much cold. The cold was terrible, no sleep and could not live. To breathe, for the child was very upset. The doctor advised, and Throat, and he helped. Not immediately. But the effect was long».

Prevention of colds

The throat itself is a good tool for the prevention of colds, however, at times, insufficient. To protect yourself from viruses, you need to know the mechanism of transmission of infection by airborne droplets.

The woman in the position should avoid crowded places and contact with sick people. You should regularly ventilate the room to humidify the air in it. It is very important to choose the right humidifier.

You can refer to the traditional methods of cold prevention. For example, eat onions and garlic. They are known for their bactericidal and antiseptic properties. By the way, it is possible to cure common cold onion juice.

And most importantly – not to worry. Any disease can be cured, and the extra stress to anything my mother or her unborn child.