Allergic sinusitis: symptoms and treatment in adults and children

How to treat allergic sinusitis?

Identify the symptoms and treatment of allergic sinusitis in adults should only by a qualified technician. This is because the symptoms of this disease, very similar to SARS.

Sometimes even an experienced specialist can make a mistake and assign the wrong treatment that not only fails, but also exacerbate the disease, because precious time was lost.


The main symptoms of this disease in children and adults, are:

  1. Runny nose.
  2. Nasal congestion.
  3. Frequent sneezing.
  4. Transparent selection.
  5. Burning sensation around the nose.

Due to severe inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, swelling of the nose impairs or completely inhibits respiration. During the inspection, the specialist can see that the surface of the sinuses becomes slightly cyanotic with a touch of white.

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Allergic sinusitis often occurs at the beginning of autumn or summer. This is due to the process of flowering of most plants. Noted increased symptoms during a strong wind, due to the fact that the molecules of the pollen are stronger waft through the air.

Ways of penetration of allergen in the child

The causative agent can penetrate into the child’s body in the following ways:

  • through the mouth;
  • through the skin;
  • through the respiratory tract;
  • through the placenta.

In children the disease can cause different pathogens:

  • immediate type;
  • exogenous;
  • slow type;
  • bacterial reactions;
  • endogenous;
  • medicine;
  • not bacterial reaction.

Methods of treatment of the disease

Before you treat allergic sinusitis you must understand that this disease is merely the body’s reaction. You can apply a blocker of histamine (antihistamines), but if contact with the allergen will not stop the disease coming back.

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In the future will have to start taking antihistamines, but they can not help because the body will gradually get used to their effects. If sinusitis at an early stage, so it can be eliminated completely.

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Once and for all to cope with this reaction, using the method of allergen-specific immunotherapy. It implies a systematic injection of the pathogen, gradually forcing the body to get used to the allergen.

After some time of this therapy, the body stops to produce an inappropriate response, it is considered an absolute cure for allergic sinusitis. But such therapy can be carried out only when the doctor knows what kind of allergen is causing the reaction.

The list of possible causative agents of the disease may be very large. Despite this, thanks to modern methods of diagnosis, with a high percentage of probability to identify the specific pathogen.

The treatment of the child

Often allergic sinusitis occurs in children exclusively on the background of other diseases such as conjunctivitis or dermatitis. It often occurs in children from three years.

In all cases, when children suffer from this disease have a hereditary predisposition to allergic reactions. Symptoms take the acute phase of the spring and increase in summer. The child laid the ears, it starts to itch and sneeze, shed tears.

The main goal of treating this type of sinusitis is to eliminate the Allergy. It is necessary to break contact with causative agent of Allergy, this can be Pets, washing powder, etc.

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In addition to eliminating the allergen, children need to schedule an appointment antihistamines Diazolin, Tavegil or Suprastin. Specific hyposensitization can also be applied to children if the causative agent was identified.

If the exacerbation can be used vasoconstrictor sprays and drops. The doctor may also prescribe physical therapy. All this is useful in conjunction with frequent walks, proper nutrition and exercise.

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Treatment of folk remedies

Often it treatment of folk remedies provides effective result in the shortest time. There are several recipes that can help, but they should be used only in conjunction with physician treatment.

  1. Steam inhalation on potatoes are considered a good tool not only when this type of sinusitis, but if allergic sinusitis. Usually, only one procedure per day, no more than 20 minutes, after you need to clean the nasal passages, and lie down in a warm bed.
  2. Also a great remedy is considered a vapor inhalation with the addition of balm «Asterisk». For this purpose, in a pot of boiling water need to not put the potatoes and a bit of that Vietnamese balm, literally a match head.
  3. In addition, for inhalation good menthol.
  4. Inhalation of finely chopped garlic also have a positive effect.

In any case, before starting home treatments, it is best to consult with a specialist. Especially if the treatment is meant for children not to exacerbate the disease.