Allergic to daily strip: the main causes

We all appreciate comfort and want such conditions surround us always and everywhere. Especially important is the comfort for women. If we talk about personal care products, many women use pads daily. Today in stores you can find wide range of pads per day, they differ in shape, thickness, smell, size and price. The producers promise a sense of comfort, breathable surface, pleasant smell. But it also happens that if you are using daily pads there is an Allergy. What could be the reason? What symptoms are there? What effective methods in solving this problem?

Why might it be allergies?

It is very convenient to use this tool of hygiene, because the clothes always kept clean. But often women can report symptoms of Allergy to pads symptoms which bear a lot of inconvenience. It’s all in their structure.

The outer layer of panty liners can be natural (processed cotton) or synthetic (porous substance). Natural covering is wrinkled, so it is rarely used for the daily strips, but it has hypoallergenic qualities. Synthetic material retains its form, but the probability of occurrence of allergic reactions is high.

To cause such a reaction on a daily can and other components:

  • glue. This substance provides fixing of the strip on the trunks deposited on the lower surface;
  • dyes. The gasket is not always white. Dyes are used to impart attractive hue;
  • flavors. Neutralize the smell of secretions.

But in most cases, an allergic reaction can appear not only on the quality of the construction, but from the irregularity of use.

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A daily strip is not so «harmless» as it may seem. And you have to use them only as needed. If women are okay with sexual health, at least enough time in the day to take a shower and change underwear. This will provide a comfortable feeling during the day. And daily use is recommended only in those cases when hygiene is missing, as well as the first and last days of menstruation.

You need to understand that no one, even the most delicate daily strip, can not provide normal access of air, which can lead to irritation and debate of the skin in the genital area, and education infections.

As an allergic reaction?

Allergies caused by spacers on each day, have such manifestations in the genital area:

  • rash, redness;
  • a sensation of intense itching;
  • swelling;
  • severe pain.

Ways to get rid of allergies

Any strange symptoms in the vulva cannot be ignored. Allergic to daily strip is a serious problem which must be approached very responsibly. Treat home Allergy, if the symptoms are mild.

To effectively remove the irritation of the skin, to get rid of the itching and reduce the blood flow to intimate places will help cold water.

The inflammatory process will help to remove the infusion of chamomile, to use problem areas as a compress.

To remove the feeling of discomfort will help the tampon with diluted alcohol or vodka. It is necessary to process places where an allergic reaction. It is very important to do to stop the allergies.

If there was a reaction to the use of daily hygiene, you should:

  • do not use these pads daily;
  • intimate area wash chilled water;
  • to make a compress of chamomile extract to relieve inflammation.
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In pharmacies with a wide range of drugs of antihistamine action in the form of ointments that can effectively eliminate Allergy symptoms. Popular ointments that have proven effect, we can distinguish an ordinary meal at hand.

It may be true that allergies are already too far gone and self-medication does not produce the expected effect within a week. In this case it is better to consult a doctor, and not try new tools.

But all of these methods self-treatment can not guarantee that the Allergy from the pads will be gone forever. They can only relieve the unpleasant symptoms. So it’s worth to visit the doctor to choose the most suitable treatment methods.

Popular recipes

There are effective folk remedies, which can eliminate the symptoms of an allergic reaction to a daily strip. But, they only relieve symptoms, but to get rid of allergies completely, they can not. The efficacy of these folk remedies proven. Here are some recipes:

  • nettle. Dried nettle leaves (1 tbsp) pour 2 tbsp. of hot water. To insist 2 hours. To make compresses on the affected places;
  • calendula. To prepare the infusion should take 1 tbsp. spoonful of dried flowers of plants and pour 1 tbsp. boiling water. To infuse the tool must hour. This tool also compresses on the affected by allergies.

An infusion of nettle or calendula also can drink.

Many women think that allergies triggered pads. It may be a reaction to poor quality underwear, especially if made of low quality synthetics. And in order to determine the true cause allergic reactions, it is better to consult a doctor.

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Again it should be emphasized that Allergy is a body’s reaction to certain stimuli. She is very crafty, and if there will be no treatment, the consequences can be unpredictable. Thus, the transition of allergies chronic, cure is more difficult and symptoms more intense. For example, you may rattling not only in the area of the external genitalia, which are in contact with the gasket, but also throughout the body.

Compliance with the elementary rules of personal hygiene, with regard to intimate areas, and hands, as well as timely replacement gaskets and taking a shower at least once a day a day will prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. And we should not forget that whatever the quality was not strip, it is better to use them as needed and not every day.