Allergic to the genital lips: causes, symptoms and treatment

Allergic to labia — this is very rare but existing phenomenon. In medicine it is known as genital Allergy. The essence of this disease lies in the fact that in the area of the genitals appear various symptoms such as rash and redness, accompanied by itching.

To diagnose allergies in the intimate area is very difficult.


There are many allergens that cause irritation of the genital organs, the result of which is allergies.

  1. Cum. Who would have thought that it often causes in women Allergy. The reaction proceeds via the direct type, when after intercourse, the woman feels in the crotch itching, burning, and later on her labia rash appears.
  2. Spermicides are substances that are included contraceptives; they adversely affect the sperm. The use of pills, creams, or candles, to prevent the appearance of pregnancy, a composition which contains these substances, can cause allergies genitals for both women and men. The strong half of mankind, the disease can occur after intercourse in which the woman used vaginal contraceptives.
  3. Condoms. This is another reason that can cause illness in both partners. Most often Allergy occurs when using latex condoms. Disease takes place with the cessation of the use thereof.
  4. Means for intimate hygiene. It is often cosmetic products are instigators of disease. In this case, it is recommended to use preparations made from natural components.
  5. Underwear. Synthetic tight underwear can cause not only the emergence of allergies, and dermatitis.
  6. Medicines. Also can cause allergies on the body and, in particular, of the labia.
  7. Candidiasis and fungal infections. Recurrent fungal diseases provoke dermatitis and allergies: the accompanying secretion can irritate and lead to redness, swelling and inflammation of the labia.
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Allergy symptoms

As soon as the first symptoms, it is better to address for consultation to the doctor — it will identify the allergen that triggered the Allergy or dermatitis, and prescribe appropriate treatment. Symptoms that should be cause to see a doctor, it: itching, oozing, burning, redness and swelling of the labia. Also allergies can manifest as severe pain during urination. The latter occurs because the skin of the labia is inflamed and therefore are susceptible to contact with urine. These symptoms appear in the acute form of pathology.

Treatment and prevention of allergies

To get rid of all the symptoms, you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations. One can be tested to identify the allergen in the future to protect yourself from the appearance of Allergy or dermatitis.

The most common recommendation of doctors:

  • at the first symptoms to start taking anti-allergic drugs;
  • to apply chelators (for example, Enterosgel) — this means absorb toxins present in the body, and in a very short time then flush them out;
  • for local applications use creams, such as Screen-cap or Afloderm;
  • additionally — take a bath with herbs – chamomile, viburnum, or celandine.


Allergy in the chronic form is treated very seriously, because its symptoms may trouble the patient for a long time. But if you have repeatedly been identified pathology, and the allergen was not detected, in order to prevent new manifestations of the disease, it is necessary to observe preventive measures:

  • to exclude the possibility of contact of potential allergens with the human body, especially of the labia;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • if possible at least every few years to visit specialized sanatoria;
  • to carry out medical therapy for the chronic form of the disease.
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You should also remember that the allergist need to visit every six months. This will give the opportunity to detect the disease at early stages and early treatment to avoid complications.

Dermatitis: how to treat?

Very often, the dermatitis appeared on labia confused with allergies. An accurate diagnosis can only physician, since the causes and symptoms of both pathologies are very similar. The treatment of these two diseases differs substantially. To assign the appropriate therapy, the physician should make an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment of dermatitis can be done in several ways, each of which is applied depending on the cause and type of disease. If the pathology appeared as a result of wearing tight underwear, poor diet, or Allergy preparations, you first need to eliminate the cause of the disease and then take steps to get rid of the disease.

If irritation arose from the fact that the body patience there is infection or fungus, it is first recommended to pass the examination, tests and identification of the specific disease. Based on this prescribe the appropriate comprehensive treatment. When the disease is in advanced form, can not do without injecting botulinum toxin to be carried out every six months.