Allergies in the sinus: is it possible to drip

Is it possible to drip Drops in the sinus?

Sinusitis is an inflammation in the nasopharynx, which appeared at untimely or incorrect treatment of acute rhinitis, accompanied by reduced functioning of the immune system. Many try to fight this disease with medicines based on natural ingredients. One of them is herbal preparation Pinosol.

Manufacturers claim that the tool copes with the symptoms of runny nose, but it helps if Drops in the sinus? In this article we will look at how effective the drug is in the treatment of diseases of the maxillary sinuses, and how to use it properly.

The description of the drug

Drops of vegetable origin Drops are completely natural. They include the most effective components in the anti-virus, swelling and inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx.

The basis of the medicines contain oil, which has the following actions:

  • eucalyptus – getting rid of the harmful bacteria;
  • peppermint – reduces the swelling;
  • pine – the destruction of microbes;
  • extract of thyme oil disinfecting properties.

Among the additional components — guaiazulene and vitamin E promotes healing of damaged tissues.

If I can handle the Cold with sinusitis?

In pursuit of naturalness of the means employed, patients with inflammation of the maxillary sinuses often ask your doctor: is it possible to drip Drops in the sinus? The answer in this case is positive. However, to cope with the disease drops can not. They are often prescribed as a supplementary means in complex therapy.

In most cases of sinusitis are treated with antibiotics, and the Effects can only prevent its occurrence. For that you need time to start to use oil droplets to their disinfectant properties are not allowed pathogens to get into the sinuses.

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The effect of the Drops in the sinus will be directed to the liquefaction of thick secretions, mucus excretion and the enveloping surface of the mucosa.

Help.Allergies can be applied during pregnancy and the entire lactation period.

Dosage and the correct application

Following these simple rules use drops in the treatment of sinusitis, you can achieve the most positive results:

  1. Before the procedure, thoroughly clean and rinse the nasal cavity. Do it better than brine: in a glass of warm (approximately 39°) boiling water to dissolve two grams of salt. The resulting tool should be used immediately. For children the amount of salt should be reduced by half. If you have this treatment, the slime inside will block the path of the medication and will not allow him to fully assimilate.
  2. During instillation of the Drops you need to take a horizontal position, the head should be slightly inclined to the side and thrown back.
  3. After the procedure, you should gently massage the nose.

Applying from allergies, sinusitis, typically use this dosage:

  1. Adults: instill 3-4 times a day 1-2 drops in each nasal passage.
  2. Children two years of age: instill 3 times daily 1 drop in each nostril. If the child is small and does not want to endure the procedure, it is possible to moisten a cotton swab in the medicine and treat the nasal mucosa.

You cannot change the dosage of the medicine which was prescribed by a doctor. When you reduce the amount of the drug will be no a positive effect, while increasing the dose can have serious complications.

Important! The article provides General guidelines for dosage of the drug Pinosol. For further individual the amount of the drug and frequency of its application, you should consult with a specialist.


Allergies, though natural, but they also have contraindications.

To use the medicine is impossible in the following cases:

  • rhinitis of allergic origin;
  • children up to age two years;
  • the intolerance of the drug components;
  • hypersensitivity of the nasal mucosa.

If, during the use of the Drops increases symptoms of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, you should stop using the drops and see your doctor for the appointment of another drug.


A lot of people have tried the effect of Cold on yourself during treatment of sinusitis. Their opinions were divided, and the feedback is completely different.

Valery, 63, Ufa: «last year I caught a bad cold, had a fever with a cold, which gradually turned into sinusitis. The doctor prescribed only antibiotics, but I decided to combine them with Drops. I was treated for five days. Then nose has a sensation of dryness that the Cold is somehow a negative effect on her. Then I started to sneeze often. I think that Sometimes it just something I messed up.»

Maria, 22 years old, Rostov-na-Donu: «nasty drop! They are not something that would have helped, but also exacerbated sinusitis! After using slime, from his nose all flowing and the terrible smell of this Cold!»

Svetlana, 36 years old, Saint Petersburg: «Sinusitis work a couple of years ago. His treatment had not even begun: had health problems in the child, so not enough time to the sores. Later, asking for help to Laura, I recommend allergies. But not the only means, and in combination with other medication and washing the nose with salt solutions. Relief did not come immediately, but after three days. Improved General condition. To cure sinusitis in my case will not happen, but the positive effect of it.»


After analyzing a variety of feedback about the Cold in the sinus, we can say that the drops are effective and perform their functions, but not suitable for everyone due to individual characteristics and preferences of each person.

Considering this drug from all sides, the conclusion is that allergies can and are a good remedy for the common cold, but sinusitis they did not deliver. But as additional medication in complex therapy tool is perfect.