Aloe juice in sinusitis: treatment, reviews and recipes

How to treat sinusitis aloe juice?

Many of us know firsthand how unpleasant it may be a disease such as sinusitis. It is an inflammatory process that occurs in the sinus the maxillary sinuses. One of the most effective means of traditional medicine that helps to fight sinus infection, is considered to be aloe.

Its main advantage is that it is not expensive, and the range of use and useful properties is very extensive, and plus, this treatment can easily be carried out in the home.

The use of aloe in the treatment of sinusitis

The development of sinusitis triggers infection that gets into the maxillary sinus. Very often, the sinusitis becomes a complication of diseases like tonsillitis, respiratory catarrh, tonsillitis, sore ears and so on.

The effectiveness of agave (as it is called) in the sinus is proved by many generations, and today many herbalists deliberately introduced it in the treatment of this disease. In aloe contains the following substances which help fight disease:

  • tanning connection – impact on accumulated pus;
  • saponins – moisturize the nasal mucosa, thereby purifying it moves;
  • catechins – powerful antioxidants, providing anti-inflammatory effects;
  • enzymes – fight puffiness and help to reduce the amount of mucus;
  • volatile – compounds with antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The action of aloe for diseases sinusitis

Treatment of sinusitis aloe at home to produce results in the shortest time frame. Due to its properties it can be called a natural immunomodulator with regenerating and revitalizing effect. If the agave is used correctly, you will get the following result:

  1. Pain and swelling are significantly reduced.
  2. Significantly reduced the amount of produced mucus and also will slow down the speed at which the spread of infection.
  3. Prevents complications and disease that can be caused by disease.
  4. Restored function of the mucosa and thus she will not get too dry.

The recipe of aloe Vera for the treatment of sinusitis

Sinusitis can develop in both adults and children. Aloe is almost harmless, as it does not provoke allergic reactions.

Though, that aloe plant is recognized as the universal, still there are some points that you should pay attention in the preparation of medicinal infusions.

  1. Mucosa young children are very susceptible susceptible to environmental factors. Therefore, in the treatment of sinusitis until the age of five, need to prepare a more soothing solution.
    To do this, take a few leaves of the plant and squeeze out the juice.
    To the resulting consistency add water at room temperature in the same volume.
    Then place the drops into the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
    The solution is to use every 3-4 hours. In each nostril drip 1 drop of medication. For an adult, dilute with water, the agave is not necessary.
  2. To enhance the impact of plants on disease, in the recipe, add a little honey. For this purpose in the extruded aloe juice put the same amount of liquid honey. If you plan on treating children for this recipe, the drops should be diluted with a small amount of water.
  3. Recipe aloe from sinusitis can also include carrot juice. To prepare these drops, take one medium size carrots and several large leaves of agave. Chop the ingredients with a blender, and then pour the resulting mass in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice. Every 3-4 hours instill four drops in each nasal passage.
  4. Enhances the effects of aloe added the juice of a fresh onion. For obtaining medications is to combine a tablespoon of agave 5 drops of onion juice. Such drops are applied not more often than three times a day.

Important! Please note that this tool can cause a burning sensation. To mitigate this effect by using honey. Also drops on the proposed recipe should not be used for children.

  1. Another equally popular recipe is aloe, Kalanchoe. The properties of these plants are identical, only the second is able in addition to cause the effect of sneezing. So, to get the medical drops, you will need the juice of two components in equal proportions. Also add a bit of honey and salt. The resulting drug is not used more than 4 times per day.
  2. To prepare the tool in the following recipe you will need a water bath. In a small saucepan, pour 250 milliliters of water and put 2-3 small aloe leaf. Bring the liquid to a boil and then boil 10 minutes on weak fire. The tool is used for inhalation. To do this, cover up with a towel, lean over the pot and inhale the vapor. In this way in any case it is impossible to treat children whose age does not exceed 3 years.
  3. Adults can also use the tool with the red pepper and celandine. To prepare it take three sheets of agave medium size and chop them. Then add a pinch of red pepper and a bit of celandine (it is better to use dry). All these components, pour 250 milliliters of boiling water, tightly close the tank and allow to stand for 5 days in a cool dark place. The medicine lubricates all parts of the nose, including the nose and sinuses. The procedure is repeated twice a day.
  4. Another proven remedy for the treatment of sinusitis will be a combination of aloe with ointment Vishnevsky. To get the medicine, mix the juice of the agave, Kalanchoe and cyclamen. Soak the mixture with cotton tampons and soak them in a queue in each nasal passage for 10-15 minutes.

Attention! It is not advisable to use traditional remedies, which is aloe Vera as the primary means of treatment. The agave should be part of a complex therapy.

Prepare aloe Vera juice to treat sinus infection properly

It is very important to cook the aloe juice, which will later be used for the treatment of the disease. In nature, there are at least 500 different varieties of agave. Most often grown in the house or aloe Vera, or aloe tree.

The positive therapeutic effect of plant age more than three years. This point should be given significant attention, as in the early stages of its growth aloe Vera only be used to collect useful items that will be able to fight inflammation.

To obtain the juice necessary to take sheets of a length exceeding fifteen inches.

Ideally, their size should be 30-40 cm and to the touch they should be fleshy.

To the amount of juice is maximized, and even with high biological activity, the leaves of the agave better hold about two weeks in a cool dark place.

For these purposes you should use the camera of the fridge, pre-wrapped each sheet in a heavy paper.

To the juice turned out without the pulp, the leaves of the plant must be crushed. Just prefer to do it as blender and grinder. And then from the resulting slurry squeeze the juice.

Attention! Do not just wring a huge amount of juice. Cook it for as long as required for treatment, in the form it is stored for a maximum of three days. If the treatment is long, then every time you need to prepare a fresh batch of juice.

Contraindications in the treatment of sinusitis aloe juice

Despite the fact that the agave is a versatile tool, there are still situations when such treatment should refrain:

  1. It is prohibited to use aloe Vera to treat sinusitis pregnant women in the early stages. The reason is that the plant leads to vasoconstriction, which can cause the tone of the uterus or oxygen starvation of the fetus.
  2. You need to be careful in treating those who have problems with heart or kidneys.
  3. The agave is not related to allergens, all the same careful treatment should be those who have allergic reactions to pollen, wool, medicines and so on.


Oleg, Stavropol, 42 years: a Year ago suffered a disease such as sinusitis. Trouble was a lot. Accidentally found out that the treatment you can use aloe Vera juice. Decided to try for yourself. Every day it dripped nose in its purest form. The first effect was not long in coming. Eventually managed to get rid of the disease, the more it didn’t come back.

Tatiana, Nikolaev, 35 years: Not long ago my youngest daughter fell ill with sinusitis. The doctor prescribed many different drugs for treatment. But then I remembered the story my grandmother as she was treated for sinusitis with the help of aloe juice. Also decided to try. Spread the juice with water and became him to bury the nose.

After a few days the daughter has become much easier to breathe, and started to decrease inflammation. Decided to continue the course until complete recovery. We were helped. Aloe relieve sinusitis in children should not be afraid to use as it contains no chemicals and does not force to wait long for first results.

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