Aloe Vera juice for colds when pregnant in nose: whether it is possible to drip

Can pregnant women drip in a nose aloe?

Al is famous for its antibacterial properties, so is widely used to fight streptococci, staphylococci, and dysenteric sticks and many other pathogens. It is used as wound healing, anti-inflammatory, knowitallvideo funds.

Among medical workers there are often discussions about the use of aloe during pregnancy.

Aloe juice during pregnancy

Common during pregnancy — rhinitis. The future mothers are concerned with the question: is it possible to drip aloe Vera during pregnancy? Because you want to be cured of the disease without hurting the baby. Consider this question in more detail.

Such plants decorate the window sills of almost every house and apartment. Part of amino acid, vitamins A,b,C,E, and minerals help fight infectious diseases.

There are some restrictions of intake of aloe during pregnancy.

Many experts are inclined to believe that aloe Vera for colds during pregnancy use is prohibited inside.

Included in the biologically active substances have a laxative effect, which leads to uterine contractions, leading to early child birth or abortion.

Aloe juice during pregnancy promotes a rush of blood to the pelvis, thus glucose in the blood is reduced. The plant can be applied in the case at hand no other means of dealing with the cold.

According to the perspective of some doctors aloe is effective and at the same time, a reliable means if we take a comparison of the drugs obtained by chemical means.

It is undesirable to apply the aloe juice in the nose in the beginning of pregnancy. In this period laid the organs and systems of the baby, and even a slight influence of drugs can be devastating.

In the second and third trimester aloe can be used, but taking precautions.

Use aloe Vera:

  1. B vitamins can strengthen the nervous system, exert regenerative effects on the mucous membranes and the skin, normalize metabolism.
  2. C and E strengthen the protective properties of the organism, while relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation process.
  3. Vitamin a has beneficial effects on the visual system, reduces cholesterol in the blood, a positive effect on the skin and hair.
  4. Allantoin enhances skin renewal.
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The reception of the juice banned, but for outdoor use it is quite suitable. The juice can be used as additional therapy for skin, throat, use aloe Vera juice in the nose.

Before applying the herbal mixture, you should definitely consult with your doctor.

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The use of aloe for treatment of rhinitis

Recipe cures for the common cold is simple. Should cut the lower leaves of the plant and washed with water. Squeeze the juice and dilute it half with water. Not divorced, the tool can not be used, as the juice of the agave has a powerful impact and can cause burns.

The procedure is repeated 4 times a day. Used for the treatment of adult plant, which is more than three years. Aloe Vera must be applied immediately after the slice, not worth it to save for a long time, since storage leads to the loss of medicinal properties.

Aloe Vera juice is effective in the treatment of sinusitis. For this it is necessary to dilute with carrot juice in the ratio 1:2. You can also arrange an inhalation over a saucepan with a decoction of agave.

You can also prepare a tincture for the treatment of rhinitis. For this purpose the leaves of the plant are crushed using a grater or blender.

The mass shift in a bowl and add alcohol.

A tincture stored in a dark place for 10 days. At the expiration of the specified term it can be used.

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Used for the treatment of acute rhinitis, and as a preventive measure in the fall and winter.

This means pregnant women should use with caution and dilute by half with water because of the tincture contains alcohol. When a large amount of discharge, it is recommended to instill two drops in each nasal passage. A large number of drug may cause dry nose or burn.

In the transition of rhinitis in chronic stage or if there are signs of sinusitis, you need to add the honey.

For preparation of means it is necessary to mix aloe juice with honey and diluted with warm boiled water. The tool is ready for use.

You need to bury before bed for five drops in each nasal passage.

Immediately after application, you may experience dryness of the nose, and watery eyes. These symptoms quickly pass.

As soon as the tool hit the nose, it immediately begins active effect. A natural antibiotic helps to suppress pathogenic flora to normalize breathing and reducing swelling.


In conclusion, we can draw the following conclusions. Aloe juice, it is not recommended to use inside the future mother. For the treatment of rhinitis are allowed to apply in the second and third trimester. Before use, should coordinate with the attending physician who will help you to find the right dosage. Al very rarely can cause allergies. When the dose is observed poisoning of the body.

Do not self medicate, especially when it comes to the health of the future baby. After all, a young mom might not be aware of all the importance and seriousness accept the funds. No need to risk, use conventional methods for the treatment of rhinitis that are endorsed by your doctor. Be healthy!

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