Aloe Vera juice in nose children runny nose: how to dig and whether to dribble, Komorowski

How to dribble Aloe in the baby’s nose?

Young children often have colds, the immune system have not yet finalized. Catarrhal phenomena are accompanied by cough, pain in the nose and throat, head and runny nose. Nasal congestion causes a lot of discomfort.

Many parents are looking for a way as soon as possible to spare their child from such misery, and resorting to pharmacological treatment, and folk therapy.

About aloe

An effective means of traditional medicine is the juice of aloe (agave).

It has long been widely known for its healing properties.

This plant is used not only as a remedy, but it is also used in cosmetics.

About 300 species of aloe in the world. It is used in the treatment of rhinitis in children and adults.

This plant in its composition unique. Aloe contains many vitamins, enzymes, mineral and resinous substances, amino acids.

The main advantage is that it is important for the body of vitamin B12, which is not found in other medicinal plants. Aloe Vera juice reduces inflammation, kills harmful germs and microorganisms, has a healing effect, promotes regeneration of damaged tissues, as well as with the help of it the human body is cleared of toxins.

The therapeutic effect of the juice of the plants in the rhinitis manifests in the form of relieving symptoms of swelling of the nasal passages. When injected into the blood of this plant cleans the blood of waste products harmful viruses and bacteria, helping the body to quickly deal with this pathology. The positive effect of aloe juice is not only in the relief of breathing in this disease, but the elimination of the causes of the disease.

Is it possible to dribble the aloe juice in the nose children?

Before using a remedy of juice of the agave is necessary to know and remember the following:

  1. Aloe Vera juice for the children from the common cold may not be used as often as adults.
  2. Cases where the agave I have the kids help really, not much.
  3. Recipes with aloe Vera, suitable for children aged much less than for adults.
  4. Therapy of colds in children by using this plant can lead to such adverse effects as burn or expression of mucosal Allergy.
  5. The juice of the agave cannot be used with a cold combined with oil. The main task of the oil in the treatment of mucus – this mitigation and the protection of mucous membranes from cracking the crust of dried mucus in the nasal passages. If it was formed, the oil should be applied, and the juice of the agave therapeutic effect will not be as he is not able to break through the crust and act on the source of the infection. Aloe Vera juice can drip into the nasal cavity in the absence of such formations, but oil alone cannot be used as it can cause problems with the excretion of mucus from the nose and strong congestion.
  6. It is forbidden to bury his nose in the juice of the agave with honey. This product is an excellent food source for harmful bacteria. In a joint instillation of aloe does not show its therapeutic properties as the microbes and bacteria will actively multiply in the sugar-honey mixture. In this incorrect treatment immediately manifest negative consequences in the form of sinusitis, otitis, bacterial rhinitis, and other endocrine diseases.
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Before using aloe from a runny nose in a child, you should consult a specialist. The doctor will assess the severity of the disease and correlate benefits and harms of this tool.

Important! Treatment runny nose aloe juice in infants is undesirable.

Mucosa in newborns sensitive person. It you can burn to get even with the diluted SAP of this plant.

Popular recipes recommended dose diluted juice (3 drops in half a tablespoon of distilled water) of the therapeutic effect will not, as active components, there remains very little.

So the answer to the question – is it possible to drip the aloe in the baby’s nose in the first year of life is: the juice of this plant if nasal congestion baby to bury, not worth it.

Agave if nasal congestion you need to use in case of separation of thick mucus with green or yellow color, and the presence in it of pus. Such symptoms are characteristic for bacterial infection. Contained in the plant volatile effective in dealing with this pathology.

Bacterial rhinitis is a rare disease in childhood. By careful examination of mucus secretion from the sinuses is to verify the presence or absence of pus in it. If it is not detected, the snot just rich and transparent, to treat the child this tool is not necessary, since pathogenic bacteria are not there. According to statistics, only 13% of cases the disease passes into the nasopharynx bacterial rhinitis.

During treatment congestion nasal cavities the agave must comply with all the recommendations and dosages.

Before first use you need to check the possible allergic reaction on the tool, it is necessary to drip juice on the skin area under the nose and leave for half an hour.

In the formation of red spots and burning sensation in this location, the century plant to use for treatment of runny nose in a child is impossible.

If there are any side effects on the medicinal substances in the composition of aloe juice, should immediately stop its use. As in the presence of Allergy during re-instillation negative reaction of the child will increase.

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How to dribble aloe in the baby’s nose?

Before making aloe Vera juice intended for the effective treatment of nasal congestion, you need to choose the right plant and squeeze out the juice, keeping some of the recommendations.

  1. First you need to choose aloe. Therapeutic juice can be obtained only if the plant is three years. At this age, the nutrients of aloe reach the required level. As this plant is used in the field of cosmetology and medicine, it will be useful to every housewife.
  2. For the treatment of the juice should choose the fleshy leaves, which are located at the bottom. You need to cut them «under the root».
  3. Before beginning juicing, you first need to stand the sheets in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. Can the evening to cook the leaves, cutting them off and wrapped in a dark sheet of paper, and send them on the top shelf.
  4. The finished sheet need to be cut lengthwise and squeeze out its juice. Or grind the leaves with a sharp knife, place in cheesecloth and squeeze the juice. You can also use a blender.
  5. The prepared juice is stored for not more than 24 hours in a previously washed and sterilized, glass, opaque container. To begin to bury his child immediately after preparation.

Attention! For the treatment of rhinitis recommended a new batch of drops before using it.

Aloe children over the years have instilled in a diluted form only. The recipe is: does the ratio of water and the juice of the plant in the ratio 2:1. Bury the obtained means in each nostril 3-5 drops up to five times for the whole day. After that it is recommended to do a little massaging of the nose, massaging with fingertips nostril wings. This procedure is repeated until the disappearance of the mucosal secretions.

Tips Dr. Komarovsky

According to the children’s doctor Komarovsky E. O. treatment of runny nose in a child popular method may be the case if pharmaceutical agents are ineffective with this disease.

Before applying it is necessary to visit a specialist to determine the nature of the disease.

Treatment of a cold juice of the agave is carried out in conjunction with the following actions:

  1. The room where the child lives must at regular intervals to get some air.
  2. Need to sleep in a clean and hot room.
  3. With a strong and long cold irrigate mucous membranes of the nasal passages with saline.
  4. Drink more warm liquids.
  5. Before using the juice of the agave is first necessary to clear mucus from the nose with a special aspirator and flushed with saline.

Aloe Vera juice has a drying and anti-inflammatory effect in the cold.

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While contact with the plant reaction occurs, manifesting sneezing, as a result of which the nasal cavity is cleared of mucus.

To increase therapeutic effect, the older children, it is recommended to use the crushed agave together with honey, in the amount of one teaspoon after meals.

Basically, the action of the people’s support. Dr. Komarovsky’s preference for treatment of runny nose in such a way, as it on the child’s body acts in a gentle way. Only advises patience. After all, using such simple tools will allow the body to fight against harmful microorganisms.

Therapy runny nose aloe juice in children should be agreed with the child’s doctor. The appearance of such diseases can be caused by various pathogens, which require completely different treatment methods. When not effective treatment the disease can dramatically worsen.


Maria Sviridov: I Read a lot of reviews and recommendations about the use of aloe juice for nasal congestion in children. All heaped praise on this herb. The next time my child has got a runny nose, I decided to try to cure this method.

Found a detailed recipe of tools and dripped to his son. To my great joy snot it already almost was not on the third day, although typically they have not held up to ten days with medical treatment. Decided to also share the positive results after applying this method.

Nastya’s mother kakovkinoy: this recipe has cured a bad cold from my two year old daughter. It took only five days. Pharmacy tools all tried, did not help. On the advice of her mom decided on a method, and have not regretted.

Of course, the first well-studied all the information about this method of treatment, I read many reviews positive and negative. Before use, be sure to check the allergic reaction of the daughter on this plant. Fortunately, the side effects were not. The agave I have has been growing for five years, that’s handy.