Aloe with honey for cough for children and adults: prescription and medicinal properties

How to cook aloe Vera with honey for a cough?

The healing properties of aloe have been known for many centuries, therefore, the formation of an inflammatory process in the upper or lower respiratory tract, patients often used this plant for medicinal purposes. Tincture aloe cough helps get rid of dryness and itching as well as irritation in the throat. In addition, the plant helps to eliminate phlegm in the lungs and bronchi, allowing you to speed up the healing process.

However, it should be understood that not all methods and recipes of traditional medicine for safe treatment for children and adults. In violation of dosages, improper manufacture of drugs, ignoring the rules of storage and use, the formation of severe allergic reactions that aggravate the patient’s condition. To prevent formation of side effects will examine how to prepare aloe Vera with honey for cough in this material.

Useful properties of aloe Vera

The secret of the beneficial effects of aloe Vera lies in its composition. The natural ingredient allows to eliminate the strong symptoms of cough due to colds, flu, SARS, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, and inflammatory process in the mucosa of part of the bronchial tubes.

Rapid effect is achieved thanks to the powerful aloe Vera. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals that relieve the inflammation and irritation in the mucosa of the pharynx and bronchi. In addition, aloe promotes fast healing of wounds and cracks, and also improves function of the respiratory tract.

Other beneficial properties of aloe include strong antibacterial and increase immune system.

In addition to the described functions, aloe allows to exert a bactericidal effect on the diseased tissue and cells in the throat. Drugs based on this plant helps to heal burns and speed up the healing process of wounds.

Thus, aloe Vera is a versatile herb that helps in inflammatory processes in the respiratory tract. It is often prescribed for pneumonia and tuberculosis as the primary method of exposure. In combination with bee products, aloe Vera provides hydration to the mucous membranes, which promotes the nutrition of the injured area and improve health of the patient.

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Healing properties of aloe Vera and honey help to speed the healing process. Using these ingredients together with comprehensive treatment, the patient can get rid of a cough due to rhinopharyngitis or laryngotracheitis.

How to cure cough in children the methods of traditional medicine can be found in this article.

Useful properties of the plant appear better if you carry out remediation of the nasopharynx. In addition, it is recommended to use the product regularly, not missing a reception solutions. In the treatment of children be careful that they not swallow the mixture too quickly, and a little hold in the mouth. Thus, the mouth forms a protective barrier that restores function in this part.

How to prepare the mixture

The use and effectiveness of the treatment of cough with aloe and honey largely depends not on the prescription, and from the correctness of its implementation. So follow the techniques of making drugs and not break the dosages.

In addition, it is very important to choose the right leaves of a plant. It is best to buy or cut aloe over three years. Large and fleshy leaves, which are located on the bottom of the plant, concentrating the most useful properties, so it is best to cut them.

Then rinse the sheet under warm running water and remove the upper part with a sharp knife. Collect the juice of the plant can with a spoon. Previously, the sheet should be cooled in the fridge. Aloe juice is best to collect immediately before the actual use, otherwise some treatment ingredients can lose their properties. The finished product should be stored in a cool place in a tightly sealed container.

Cooking appliances

The most popular recipe cough with aloe and honey is the mixture of these ingredients. To prepare it should:

  1. Grind aloe pulp to a pulp.
  2. The tool should be folded into a cheesecloth and squeeze all the juice of the plant.
  3. Add to the juice an equal amount of liquid honey.
  4. Melt product of beekeeping is possible in a water bath. To do this, place the honey in a bowl and place over boiling water. Stir the remedy every three minutes. After liquefaction, cool on the windowsill and then a thin stream add the aloe juice.
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Take the resulting mixture should be a teaspoon three times a day. Previously, the patient should not take any food or beverage within one hour. After use, can not eat or drink for thirty minutes.

Aloe cough for adults can be used in large doses. If the child is allowed three teaspoons, the adult patient was prescribed four tablespoons of means.

Treatment of cough aloe with honey lasts at least fourteen days.

Important! The healing properties of the drug are stored for one day. So every day should be prepared fresh medication.

In addition to honey, the doctors advise to apply the oil, propolis tincture or badger fat. If in the first two cases, the technique is identical, but how to prepare the mixture with fat badger can cause issues. The correct method is written here.

Features and contraindications

When treating with this method, it is important to know exactly what the child has no special sensitivity to aloe Vera or honey. Continuous treatment may last no longer than two weeks. After this time the patient should take a break for five days.

Keep in mind that aloe Vera, despite the natural origin, has several contraindications. It should not be taken if the child has chronic diseases in the internal organs, as well as the presence of any growths or tumours in the larynx. In addition, aloe is strictly prohibited during the treatment if a baby has impaired blood clotting.

Remember! Honey is becoming a common cause of allergic reactions. To predict the formation of itching and irritation, apply honey on the hand and observe the reaction of the skin.

If there is any doubt, the agave with honey for cough you can apply after consulting a qualified physician.

People’s opinions

Before the production of a medicinal mixture, ask for feedback on this recipe:

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Olga Chernova: «When the child had a cough in the background of the flu, I asked my mother a few leaves of aloe. Its beneficial properties are known from my grandmother, so I use it without fear of the formation of by symptoms. The mixture of plant SAP and honey, like my son, so the entire course of treatment he adopted, without tantrums and persuasion. The solution was applied on a teaspoon morning and evening for five days, but the cough softened already on the first day. Even experienced mothers are advised to use the recipe without fear».

Alexander Mendova: «When a cough, I immediately prepare a solution of honey and aloe. The taste is specific, but its usefulness is proven. Attacks, wheezing, a dry pass on the third day of treatment, although to prevent, I drink it seven days in a row.»


Use a mixture of aloe and honey may have a pronounced effect, but a comprehensive treatment of the cough will get rid of inflammation for much less time. So do not ignore standard medicine and first, identify the cause of the formation of the wheezing and inflammation. It is very important that the treatment of cough was assigned correctly.

A folk remedy with aloe cough though known quick effect, but it cannot replace a comprehensive treatment of cough in the background of laryngitis or pneumonia.