Amoxiclav if sinusitis: reviews and what group of antibiotics include

How to take a «Amoxiclav» in the sinus?

According to international statistics, sinusitis is found in 10% of the adult population, and every 20th child pursues a bacterial complication of sinusitis, after acute respiratory illness. In the development of inflammation of the maxillary sinus is greatly influenced by a variety of infections and pathological processes.

Therefore, for the effective treatment of sinus infection need to be identified bacteria – pathogens, but often action must be taken immediately, therefore, assigned to «Amoxiclav» in the sinus. Reviews most patients and doctors confirm the effectiveness of this drug.

The drug

The first is to determine what group of antibiotics is «Amoxiclav». This medical product belongs to the group of antibacterial drugs of wide spectrum of action, inhibiting the effects of most of the causative agents of sinusitis.

Antibiotics of the penicillin semi-synthetic origin, a representative of which is «Amoxiclav», is a powerful tool against infectious process. Active substances of this group inhibit the production of peptidoglycan (a product of performance of the bacterial cells).

When this occurs, the cessation of growth and death of the pathogen, but at the same time the drug has no harmful effects on the human body, as the latter practically excludes the presence of peptidoglycan.

Antibacterial action of the drug is dictated by the presence of two active pharmaceutical ingredients:

  1. Amoxicillin, a semisynthetic antibiotic of penicillin group the origin with the better ability to be absorbed by the human body. Effectively acts on the proteins of the cell wall of pathogens, causing complete destruction and dissolution of the strains.
  2. Clavulanic acid, which is an inhibitor of a group of bacterial enzymes (β-lactamase), to combat Beta – lactam group of bactericidal drugs. Contributes to the complete destruction of the beta – lactamase and effective exposure to antibiotic.

For reference. Clavulanic acid (inhibitor of beta – lactamases) have found wide application in most antibiotics. Was used as the active material in bacterial strains, after the emergence of drug-resistant to the bactericidal action of microorganisms.

Pharmacokinetics «Amoxiclav»

Antibiotic treatment for sinusitis is available in three dosage forms – solid dosage (tablets), suspensions and powder for intravenous injection.

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Tablets presented with different amount of active substance, 250 mg., 500 mg, 875 mg. Necessary dose is calculated individually: for adults based on the degree of pathology for children regarding body weight.

Oral suspension is realized in glass containers, filled with powder of white or yellowish color. Before use, the content is supplemented with the necessary amount of purified water according to the instructions. This form of the drug contain the following active ingredient is 125 mg., 250 mg., 400 mg Dosage determined by the treating physician on an individual basis.

Powder for intravenous injection with a content of active substance of 500 mg. and 1000 mg. Before use, you must dissolve the powder in a special sterile fluid intended for injection.

The treatment of sinusitis according to the medical product provides precise control of the attending technician to achieve the best possible dynamics of the disease.

The use of the drug oral method allows to reach maximum drug concentration after 60 minutes after the first dose, because after ingestion, is absorbed into the blood and spread to all organs.

The removal means from the body is through renal filtration, during the first day in output from 50 to 85% of the antibiotic.

Important! Active components can easily penetrate through the placenta and into breast milk. Therefore, the drug can in cases when the threat to the life of the mother outweighs risk to the fetus.

How to take a «Amoxiclav» in the sinus

A distinctive feature of this drug is a good ability to accumulate in the aggregate in biological fluids surrounding the cells of the human body and participates in metabolic processes of substances.

The contents of the maxillary sinus is no exception, so the effectiveness of therapy is achieved with a «Amoxiclav» in the sinus. Dosage adults and children are assigned depending on origin and forms of sinusitis (chronic or acute).

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Before prescribing medication, the treating specialist will determine the age, weight of patient, condition of the excretory (urinary) system and the presence of concomitant diseases.

Therapy of acute sinusitis involves the following dosage forms tablets or suspension:

  1. Newborns and children up to 3 months of age to 30 ml. of drug per kg. of body weight. The daily dose divided into two doses, at equal intervals of time.
  2. With 3 months to 25 ml./kg 2 times a day every 12 hours, or 20 ml./kg 3 times a day every 8 hours.
  3. Children under the age of 12-th age – at the rate of 40 mg. of antibiotic per 1 kg of weight. During the day, the recommended dose should be divided into three stages.
  4. For adults and children older than 12 years (weighing more than 40 kg.) the drug is appointed in the ratio of 750 – 1000 mg a day. The daily dose is divided into two or three doses.

In the therapy of severe forms of the disease require an increased dose of the antibiotic (1500-1750 mg a day) in the form of the introduction of medication directly into the bloodstream (IV).

For the treatment of chronic sinusitis, acute, assigned to the same dose of substance, as in the acute form, depending on the individual course of the disease.

The duration of intake «Amoxiclav» is from 7 to 14 days, depending on the period of the disease.Clinical studies have shown that already on the fifth day after using the drug contents of the maxillary sinuses completely cleared from the active microflora.

The effectiveness of the product is not affected from the mealtime. Unlike most antibiotics «Amoxiclav» can be consumed during, before or after a meal.

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Manual of the medical product contains information about the possible side effects with strict observance of dose of antibiotic. Manufacturers do not deny the possible manifestation of allergic reaction to active components, so be careful to take the drug in case of hypersensitivity to clavulanic acid and amoxicillin.

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In the case of violations of the excretory system and kidney disease, the required dose is calculated individually, in order to avoid adverse reactions.

Due to clavulanic acid, virtually eliminated the disorder of the digestive system including diarrhea, nausea and loss of appetite.

Among the contraindications is to provide:

  • infectious mononucleos;
  • eritematosnaya rash;
  • jaundice, hepatitis.


Eugene. After the «puncture» of sinusitis for several years, the nose has ceased to bother me. But in the third year of the Institute were again inflamed sinuses and filled with pus. The doctor prescribed «Amoxiclav» and after two days my condition has improved significantly, and the duration of illness was reduced to weeks (before taking the antibiotic I was treated more than two weeks). Side effects were not experienced, not even taking drugs restore the natural intestinal microflora.

Anna. I «Amoxiclav» good help to me. I will say one thing strong antibiotic, which caused no side effects and it started working after the first dose. Easy to drink, affordable and effective treatment. Be sure to consult with a doctor. Very happy that I managed to avoid puncture of the maxillary sinus and thank you for it «Amoxiclav».

Today, «Amoxiclav» one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of sinusitis. Due to minimal contraindications and adverse reactions, the antibiotic most in demand in otolaryngology.