An ear doctor who treats the ears — what’s it called and what does it do

What kind of doctor treats the ears?

When you start to hurt your ears, it happens that people are lost, not knowing which doctor to turn to with their problem. Increases pain, causing severe discomfort constantly plagued by extraneous noise and there is a General malaise, irritation. But to delay such diseases is desirable. In any neglected ear disease is primarily a risk of partial hearing loss or the onset of complete deafness.

Disease of the ears can have a negative effect on the work of other bodies. Problems can occur with blood vessels, diseases of the nasal cavity and throat. Incorrect treatment of ear diseases and even provoke diseases of the nervous system, digestive system, heart. Such problems can only help the ear doctor, which will eliminate the primary disease and prevent serious consequences.

What are the ears of a man

The organs of hearing, it is not only the ear, which we call simply the ears and if you want visually can consider.

It is a whole system, with a complex structure, allowing us to hear and recognize the sounds coming from the environment.

Good hearing is possible only if the proper work of a complex mechanism which cannot be obtained in case of inflammation, infection, disruption of at least one component of the eardrum, auditory canal, inner ear.

Auditory organs are interconnected with each other and reject one of them can cause serious problems of the entire apparatus. That is why it is important to pay for such ailments attention and be sure to visit a specialist at the slightest suspicion of something serious.

Who is ENT

If you experience ear diseases they apply to the otolaryngologist, who is often called an otolaryngologist, or simply Loros. This specialist is a generalist and can do as mild inflammation of the hearing aid and ear infections, ear tubes, and other diseases.

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What diseases cures

Overall, a doctor who treats ear, has knowledge of different areas of medicine, or how to make the correct diagnosis? ENT, is primarily engaged in diagnosis of diseases of ENT-organs and their further treatment, detects the presence of infectious pathologies in the nasal, auricular region and throat.

His knowledge affects human physiology and anatomy, neuroscience, foundations of Virology, surgery, terapanthi and possible anomalies of the head, pharmacology. This knowledge allows to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases, removal of ulcers, ear tubes, adenoids and tumors.

So to the audiologist treat otitis media, laryngitis, hearing loss, Eustachian, sinusitis, meningitis, anomalies of ENT-organs.

The consultation is not engaged in plastic surgery of the ears, hearing aid, replacement of auditory ossicles, hearing loss treatment, plastic ear membranes.

When you need to go to the doctor

The reason for visiting the office of the otolaryngologist may be:

  • hearing loss;
  • denounced by the distortion of sounds;
  • noise and humming in the head;
  • inflammation of the eardrum;
  • pain inside the ear canal;
  • difficulties in swallowing food and saliva;
  • congestion of the ear, the nose;
  • the allocation of strange mucus from the auditory canal;
  • a sudden discomfort in the ears, nose or throat;
  • inflammation of the parotid lymph nodes.

Children often bring with colds, when in the ears «shoots». Often a visit to Laura occurs when the outer ear canal, the child pushes a foreign body (bead, berry) and his urgent need to get.

Important! In the event of such symptoms should not delay to consult a doctor, especially when it comes to the baby.

How is the doctor

For a start, it should be noted that any competent specialist will be polite and courteous with the patient. First, the doctor treating the ears, detail will question the patient and listen to complaints, comparing all said other parallel symptoms, it might be more detail points to the root of the problem. After doing a visual inspection.

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A more complete picture allows you to see the equipment. First of all, it

  • the Otoscope;
  • the endoscope;
  • various otolaryngology instruments;
  • tone audiometer;
  • medical tuning fork;
  • fibrolaryngoscopy;
  • the densitometer;
  • diagnostic microscope.

All this equipment is used partially or in combination, to determine the nature of the pathology, to identify the degree of organ damage, to determine hearing acuity.

Due to the equipment, it is possible to consider in more detail, external auditory canals, pharynx, take the fabric to the analysis view radiological images and to determine the degree of hearing sensitivity.

The main method of diagnosis is considered to be a visual inspection. In future, if necessary, is taken tissue for biopsy, performed x-rays, audiometry, endoscopic analysis. All these procedures allow to identify the disease, understand why it occurred and how further to treat it.


In addition to the otolaryngologist, there are other professionals involved in the treatment of ears. The patient does not actually need this detail to understand, because what kind of doctor treats ear when a particular disease is difficult to predict, and the consultation after diagnosis, in any case, «sent» where necessary.

So, using a primary specialist, fifteen years ago there was a narrow doctors:

  • otherorg involved in the removal of pathologies surgically;
  • audiologist that verifies the hearing and revitalizing it;
  • otoneurology involved in the treatment of diseases that occur on the background of otolaryngology and neurology;
  • tiatr, who specializes in ear diseases, their treatment.

Help. It often happens that the treatment is made by several specialists. Is diagnosed and once the diagnosis is established definitively, a certain doctor involved in elimination of the disease.

Realizing how serious can be ENT diseases, and now learned, who treats the ears, which the doctor conducts reception of such patients as soon as possible go to the reception! Any minor illness arising in the region of the ear canals and eardrums, if released, would entail very serious consequences.

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Sometimes these diseases are cured much more difficult, and in some cases altogether impossible, there comes a partial or total deafness, than have to live the rest of my life.

In addition, the visible ear pathology can testify about other chronic diseases developing in your body, to determine which in any case will not succeed.

If you are imbued with this problem and felt the strength to help people unable to obtain a medical degree and learn to be a otolaryngologist. This specialty is highly sought after in both normal and private clinics. Moreover, good professionals are highly valued abroad.