An Earache in a child — what to do? Tips Dr. Komarovsky

What to do if an Earache in a child? The recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky

An attentive parent will quickly notice inflammation the baby, as the child manifests a number of warning symptoms. Commonly, in the case of ear pain, the baby refuses to eat, not sleeping, cranky and crying. In addition, the baby may have a fever and there will be shooting pain in the organ of hearing.

In this case, you must quickly go to a medical facility, as these symptoms indicate a cold or other inflammation of the ears. However, if the disease occurred on weekends or holidays, and maybe you just don’t have the possibility to contact the clinic at the moment, see what advice Dr. Eugene Komarovsky about first aid if an Earache in a child.

About the ear pain

Every second child under the age of three is diagnosed with otitis media or other ear inflammations. This is due to the anatomical structure of the organism of children.

Eustachian tube, which connects the nasopharynx and ears of the adult are narrow. Because of this, it does not transmit viruses and infections. And very young children it is wide and long. Because of this, harmful bacteria are in the baby’s body almost without difficulty.

In this regard, kids often catch colds or suffer from otitis external, middle or inner ear. In this article we’ll focus on the advice of Komarovsky, what to do if your child has an Earache?

According to statistics, the children often inflammation occurs in the middle pane.

The causes of this disease are different. These include:

  1. Lack of hygiene or proper cleaning of the ears of the baby.
  2. The formation of cerumen.
  3. Colds.
  4. Inflammation in the ear on.
  5. The ingress of water.
  6. A weak immune system.

One of the most common causes is goes untreated the common cold. So dangerous is not the flu or colds, and their consequences. Therefore, all doctors strongly recommend to carry out inspections and preventive maintenance twice a year, and in the case of the disease not to self-medicate, and immediately contact a qualified doctor.

First and foremost, when visiting a specialist, you must establish the symptoms of inflammation. The Council Komarovsky in ear pain in a child is to analyze the symptoms of inflammation. Thus, in the case of ear pain, pay attention to the following symptoms:

  1. Noise, squeak and crackle in my ears.
  2. Pain not only in ears but also in the temporal part of the head.
  3. Loss of appetite.
  4. The increased body temperature.
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These symptoms characteristic catarrhal otitis media. By the way, this form of inflammation often affects infants. This is due to anatomical features of the skull structure.

If the sore ear, Komarovsky advises to immediately inspect exterior for cracks and damage.

Note the discharge from the ears. If there are purulent or mucous formation of the baby will be present sharp pain and the formation of perforations in the tympanic region.

In addition, the patient experiences severe discomfort and General weakness. In severe cases, there is partial or complete hearing loss.

Very young children diagnosis and treatment problematic. In this case, it is necessary to carefully observe the behavior of the baby.

Dr. Komarovsky recommends a method of determining the disease at any age.

The mother of the child needs to touch the tragus softly and gently click on it.

In case if the baby cried aloud or wept in the ears have formed, the inflammation and you need to undergo otoscopy.

Doctors-otolaryngologists will examine a young patient with the help of special mirrors and Otoscope. If the inflammation at this stage is not established, it is necessary to do a more serious examination in the form of audiometry and computed tomography.

In addition, you must indicate the integrity of the tympanic membrane or the presence of perforations.

It is necessary to diagnose the type of otitis media. After all the tests and examinations, the patient is assigned individual treatment.

Komarovsky tips — what to do in the first place

Once you have been diagnosed with inflammation in the organ of hearing and consulted with a specialist about treatment immediately, start treatment. So, Dr. Komarovsky recommends to first apply of vasoconstrictor nose drops.

Remember that these drops should be specialized in a child’s anatomy. Do not use drops for adults in order to avoid overdose and side effects.

Dr. Komorowski warns that self-medication for diseases of children is unacceptable. Why not use different drops for the ears before the examination with a specialist. However, if the baby is experiencing severe pain in the organ of hearing give your child pain medication.

Don’t forget that in the treatment of otitis media therapy should be comprehensive, according to individual organism. Therefore, Komorowski recalled that the treatment takes a long time. If the disease is not cured until the end, the inflammation can move into the other ear, thereby causing serious complications, until the hearing loss.

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Therefore, after resolution of diagnosis and treatment strictly adhere to the dosages and duration of therapy. Unfortunately, inflammation of the ear and on the list of medications is severely limited. The medication should quickly relieve the pain, to be effective and safe, Dr. Komarovsky recommends the following drugs.

With shooting pains, and inflammation of the ear acting and safe medicine for children is «Drops».

It can be used in relation to just born children and not afraid of the consequences.

«Drops» gently penetrates to the painful part and destroys the inflammation.

The composition includes lidocaine and fenasol. They are not dangerous to health, and when properly applied do not cause inconvenience.

When shooting pains insert in the ear two to four drops. Treatment of children is around 10 days depending on the condition of the patient.

Another effective medication in the treatment of children considered «Otinum».

It’s ear drops with analgesic effects are allowed in the treatment of children of different ages.

It is known that rapidly relieves swelling and pain. In addition, it is prescribed for the presence of fungi and various ear infections that cause itching and burning in the outer ear.

With a strong ear pain Dr. Komarovsky recommends various syrups, which include ibuprofen or paracetamol.

«Ibuprofen is a powerful, but safe and effective remedy for fever and pain. By the way, it relieves inflammation faster than other drugs. And he allowed for use in the treatment of children of different ages.

According to its characteristics similar Ibuprofen with the paracetamol. However, not all children are suitable ibuprofen or paracetamol, although the effects are the same. It is impossible to compare these drugs, as there is no concept which one is better or worse. They are equal,» says Komorowski.

So don’t be afraid to drink syrups with the contents of these medicines. The dosage of the drug following:

  • if the baby is older than ten years drink two small spoons;
  • for a child under the age of twelve and six – one teaspoon;
  • children under the age of six are allowed the use of half a teaspoon once a day.

Don’t forget that taking the syrup needs to be spaced within five to six hours.

It is important to understand that the treatment of ear pain must begin with the root causes. Therefore, Komarovsky advises to use not only medication, but also therapy, heat therapy and other physical therapies.

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The recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky prevention

Dr. Komarovsky warns of inflammation of otitis media and other ear infections, therefore, the appearance of pain in the ears, observe the following rules. This will contribute to the speedy recovery of the baby.

In a room where a sleeping or playing child should always be humid, and the air temperature should be around twenty degrees Celsius.

To do this, you can put a humidifier or hanging wet towels. In the warm time of year, moisten the air with the spray, and in winter try to open Windows only when you leave baby at home.

In addition, ensure that the child took a large amount of water. This rule should be harden in case of illness.

Many mothers in the treatment process to give your baby tea with raspberry. Remember that you have to get child two liters of water. This is necessary in order to replenish stocks, as after tea with berries the baby is sweating heavily.

Another rule from Komarovsky is that you are forced to have the child against his will. This rule applies to both the patient the baby and completely healthy. Remember that in the case of inflammation of lack of appetite is a natural reaction.